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Absence :
Of a Senator for 2 consecutive Sessions, involves forfeit-

ure of seat, 31 (1)---The same applied to a Member of

the L. Council of Quebec, 74. Of Speaker of H. of Commons, for 48 hours ; a Speaker pro tem. may be elected, 47. - The same applied to L.

Assemblies of Ontario and Quebec, 87. Of a Lieut.-Governor; Governor General may appoint an

Administrator for the time being, 67.

Administration :

Government of Canada :-See Privy Council.

Governments of Ontario and Quebec, 63, 134, 135.

Administration of Justice :-See Justice.

Administrator of the Government :
Canada, 10, 14.- -Provinces ; May be appointed by the

Governor General, for any Province, in absence, &c.,
of the Lieut.-Governor, 67.

Admiralty Courts :
The salaries of Judges thereof are fixed and provided by

Parliament, 100.

Admission of other colonies :
Provision for admission of other colonies into the Union,

146, 147.

Agriculture :
Commissioner of Agriculture and Public Works has a

seat in the Executive Council (Ontario and Quebec), 63.

See Public Works. Laws in relation to Agriculture may be enacted by Parliament, and also by the Provincial Legislatures, if not repugnant to any Act of Parliament, 95.

Algoma Algoma District : Every male householder therein, being a British subject, may vote at Elections for the House of Commons 41.

-And for the Legislative Assembly, 84. Aliens :

Under exclusive control of Parliament, 91 (25).

Allowances to the Provinces : -See Public Revenues.

Amendments to Provisions of this Act :
The places named in the Act, as the Seats of the respec-

tive Governments, may be changed, viz.-Of Canada,
--by Her Majesty, 16. Of any Province, -by the
Executive Government thereof, 68.

The Parliament of Canada may amend the provisions of

the Act (or of the Laws continued in force by authority thereof), in respect to Governor in Council, 12.

Quorum of Senate, 35.--Electoral Districts, 40.

-Elections, Qualification of Members and of Electors, and Trial of Controverted Elections, 41, 42. Absence of Speaker, 47.- -Readjustment of Representation decennially, 51, 52. -Uniformity of laws relative to Property and Civil Rights, 94. -Salary of Governor-General, 105. -Customs and Excise Laws

of the Provinces, 122- -Penitentiary of Canada, 141. The Provincial Legislatures may amend the provisions

of this Act (or of the Laws continued in force by author-
ity thereof), in respect to-Constitution of Executive
Authority in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, 64.
In Ontario and Quebec, 65. -Constitution of the
Provinces generally (except as regards the Lieut.-
Governor), 92 (1). Exclusion of office-holders from the
Legislature, 83- -Provincial Elections, Qualification of
Candidates and voters, and Controverted Elections, 84.

Heads of Departments, and their functions, 134, 135.

The Legislature of Quebec may also amend the same, in

respect to--Term of Office of a Legislative Councillor, 72—Quorum of Legislative Council, 78. — Electoral Divisions (for the L. Assembly) set forth in section 40; but those included in the 2nd Schedule (p. 234) may not be altered without the concurrence of the majority of the Members of those Divisions at 2nd and 3rd readings of the Bill 80.


The Lieut. -Governor in Council may alter the Great Seal

of the Province (Ontario and Quebec), 136.

Annual Sessions :
Of_the Parliament of Canada, 20—-Of the Provincial

Legislatures, 86.
Appeal :
To the Governor in Council, from any Provincial Act or
Borrowing of money :
For the Dominion; Under control of Parliament, 91 (4).

decision affecting the rights of the minority in School

matters, 99 (3, 4). Parliament may provide for the organization of a Court

of Appeal for Canada, 101. Appropriation Bills :-See Money Votes. Assets, Liabilities and Property :

Adjustment thereof, &c., 102 to 126, 142.

Asylums :

Are under Provincial control, 92 (7).

Attorney General : Has a seat in the Executive Council (Ontario and Quebec), 63- -Appointed, during pleasure by the Lieut. -Governor 135.- His functions and duties, 134, 135.

Auctioneers' Licences :

Are under exclusive Provincial control, 92 (9).

Banking :

Under exclusive control of Parliament, 91 (15).

Bankruptcy :

Disqualifies a Senator, 31 (3).
Under exclusive control of Parliament, 91 (21).

Beacons and Buoys :

Under exclusive control of Parliament, 91 (9).

Bills of Exchange :
Legislation thereon is under exclusive control of Parlia-

ment, 91 (18).

Borrowing tals,) 92 (7). Coinage :

-For Provincial purposes; Under the control of the
Provincial Legislature, 92 (3).
British Columbia :

Admission of, into the Union, 146. Canada :

Declared to be the name of the New Dominion, 3, 4. Divided into four Provinces, 5. -Limits of each de

fined, 6, 7. Canals : Such as connect one Province with another, or extend

beyond the limits of a Province, are under control of Parliament, 92 (10, a).--And such, also, as are declared to be for the general advantage of Canada, or of two

or more Provinces, 92 (10, c). Casting Vote : Speaker of House of Commons has a casting vote only, 49.-Of the L. Assembly, 87. -(In the Senate, when the voices are equal, the decision is deemed to be in the Negative, 136.-—

The same also in the Legislative Council. Quebec, 79.)

Census :
To be taken in 1871, and in every tenth year thereafter,

Under exclusive control of Parliament, 91 (6).
A re-adjustment of the Representation to be made after

each Census, 51.


Charitable Institutions :
Are Under Provincial control (excepting Marine Hospi-
Commissioner of Public Works :-See Public Works.
Commons, House of :-See House of Commons.
Companies, Incorporated :
Such as relate to Provincial objects, are under Provincial

Under exclusive control of Parliament, 91 (14). Commissioner of Crown Lands : Has a seat in the Executive Council (Ontario and

Quebec), 63.-Appointed during pleasure, by the Lieut.-Governor, 134.--His functions and duties, 134, 135.


control, 92 (11)--Certain exceptions specified, 92 (10). Consolidated Revenue Fund :--See Public Revenues.


Under exclusive control of Parliament, 91 (23).

Courts :-See Justice, Administration of.

Courts, Procedure of :-See Property.

Criminal Laws :
Under exclusive control of Parliament (except constitution

of Criminal Courts), 91 (27).


Under exclusive control of Parliament, 91 (14).

Customs Laws :
Provincial Customs Laws continue in force, until altered

by Parliament, 122. Importation (from one Province to another) of foreign

dutiable goods, 123. Debts, Public :-See Public Debt.

Defence of the Country :

Under exclusive control of Parliament, 91 (7).
Canada may assume any land required for fortifications,

&c., 117.

Denominational Schools --See Education.

Disallowance of Bills :
Parliament of Canada ; Bills assented to by the Governor

General, may be disallowed by the Queen within two

years, 56. Provincial Legislatures ; Bills assented to by the Lieut.

Governor may be disallowed by the Governor General within one year, 56, 90.

Divorce :

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