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effort of his powers. He never multi- nute detail with enlargement of views; plied bis avocations, nor enlarged his to him Ireland is indebted for the first, spbere, so as to disturb the serenity of or at least, the largest step she has taken bis mind, or entrench upon the sacred towards civilization and religious imhours of prayer and religious study, nor provement, by the establishment of suffered any cares of earth to dim the Sunday Schools. Hiscorrespondence on brigbtness of heavenly truth. Yet, who this subject was amazing, and wherever amongst our countrymen ever effected the least germ of improvement shewed more? For his was the "spirit of power itself, his friendly aid and advice were and of love, and of a sound mind;" by present to cherish and mature it; his inkeeping within his powers of mind, fluence was like that of a ministering body, and estate, his life rolled off like spirit to many a neglected district, to ibe well coiled rope-free, orderly, and infuse strength and zeal in every good usesul- wbile too often a contrary course work, no agent was too obscure to be impedes the usefulness, and makes life overlooked, if only be manifested a sin. like a tangled skein, full of delays and cere desire to do good, and he often called breakages. The friend who writes this forth and gave useful direction to many has often had recourse to bim in seasons admirable men, who have since done of adversity and depression of mind, and good service in the vineyard of the Lord, never did he leave bim without being while with incomparable sweetness be cheered by the infiuence of bis affec- largely replied to many a prolix and tionate heart, elevated and edified by his weak-minded, but well-intentioned corspiritual wisdom. The death of such a respondent-and by these, his labours, man !-hut he could not die-he lives, this noble institution, the Society for and will live in the hearts of his friends, Sunday Schools, bas grown from the in the grateful memory of his country, little fountain which sprung up in the he lives for ever in the bosom of bis God desert-wbence a scanty rill first reand Saviour. Yet, the first intelligence freshed and fertilized a narrow district, to of bis loss caused a wide spread of con- flow as it does now in a wide and masternation, as we pictured to ourselves jestic stream, carrying improvement to bis desolated family, his sorrowing the remotest corners of the land. friends, and imagined it an omen of evil “ In society, he manfully declared to the mourning land; but such chas- against the vain assemblies of worldly tisements recal to the mind in new bright- men, while none enjoyed with a keener ness and energy, those trulbs which mi- relish the charms of true sociability with nister true comfort, and bring health and virtuous friends. May those wbo claimed salvation-as we kiss the rod in the band this privilege and now mourn its loss, of the heavenly Father, one glance of learn to cling closer to those everlasting the All-mighty and Merciful God silences truths, which formed the constant theme every murmur, and forbids to sorrow as of bis converse, and which can give conthose without hope. He who removes sistency to conduct, a new grace to prothe parent, will take bis place to his sperity, and cause light to .spring up to children; he will imprint upon their the righteous, even in adversity--wbich mịnds such a sacred recollection of their endears and confirms every earthly affecloved and venerated fatber, now conse- tion, wbile it forms immortalties, and encrated as it were by death, as shall ac- circling in the golden chain of heavenly company them into life, and endear to love, shall yetform one family in beaven them every truth he loved, and repeat over which Jesus Christ is head with the daily as if he were present, the counsels company of angels, and spirits of just be delighted to give, so that were they men made perfect. ever to join in the feasts of the revellers “ In public life, his example was worof this world, or to profane holy things, thy of all observation—though constantthe sayings of this wise and good man, ly resident in a disturbed and agitated would rise to recollection, like the band- country, yet how truly conciliating was writing on the wall, to disturb and the whole of his conduct; never did one affright them in the midst of unworthy offensive word or irritating act escape pleasures or pursuits; or rather bis words from him, which could wound the feelof wisdom and love, thus burned into the ings or the prejudices of his poorest heart in the furnace of affliction, and by neighbour; his mission upon earth seemthe secret fire of God's Holy Spirit, shall ed to be to diffuse peace and love among not be effaced by the lesser fires of men, to carry knowledge, virtue, and worldly joys. He bas left to his friends religion, amongst the lowest and most the rare example of strict adberence to ignorant, and too long neglected and duty without austerity-of perseverance despised classes of bis countrymen. without obstinacy- of attention to mi. Men who have not done an hundredth part of th: good, u bich, under the bless- virtue, and piety, to their descendants. ing of God, was the fruit of his labours, And when this earth shall be burned up, nor in whom the Christian virtues have and there shall be a new heaven and a ever shone with so useful and so bright a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteouslight, have bad statues erected to their ness;' his praise in the glorious assembly honour ; but his praises will be perpe- of the Saints will be, that he was an tuated in the improvement of the rising humble, faithful, devoted follower of the generation, who we may hope will Lamb of God. transmit increased knowledge, industry,



On Sunday the Lord Bishop of Li- Vernon, A. M. Rector of Carlow, to the merick held an Ordination at the Cathe- prebend of Kilgoghlin in the Diocese of dral, when the following gentlemen Elphin, vacant by the promotion of the were ordained, viz. :-Priests- The Rev. venerable Archdeacon Brinkley, to the John Godfrey Day, the Rev. George Bishopric of Cloyne. Hickson, the Rev. Francis Chute Sandes, The Lord Bishop of Down and Connor and the Rev. Edward Herbert. Dea- has been pleased to promote the followcons—Godfrey Massy, Jobn Langford ing Gentlemen :Locke, and Charles Peter Thomas, The Rev. James Morewood, perpetual Esqrs.

Curate of Lambeg, collated to the RecHis Grace the Lord Primate held an tory of Duplace, vacant by the death Ordination in the Cathedral Church of of the Rev. Charles M.Daniel Stewart. Armagh, at which the following gen- The Rev. Thomas Cupples, Čurate of tlemen were admitted to Priest's Orders : Lisburn, collated to the Vicarage of BalThe Rev. Mr. Allpress, Curate of Creg- lyrasbane, vacant by the death of the gan; the Rev. Mr. Paul, Curate of Rev. Wm, Hawkey. Ballinderry; and the Rev. Mr. Ashe, The Rev. Wm. Mill, Curate of BalCurate of Tamlaght. And the following lywellan, collated to the Vicarage of to Deacon's Orders:-Mr. King, Second Ballywellan, vacant by the death of Master in Drogbeda School ; Mr, Fer- the Rev. Wm. Hawkey. guson, Curate of Loughgall; and Mr. Donaldson, Curate Assistant of Mulla- Catechetical Examinations in the brack. The candidates were examined Dioceses of Cork and Ross, for in the Library of Armagh, for two days the year 1826. previously io the Ordination, by the Rev.

Cork City,

992 Dr. Phelan, in the presence of his Grace Bandon,

595 the Lord Primate, and the Rev. Mr. Skull,

268 Jackson, who delivered a very impres. Clonakilty,

219 sive Sermon, from Ephesians iv. 11., in Dunnanway, which the offices of the Ministry were Durnus,

136 most emphatically and scripturally set Kinsale,

176 forth and enforced.

Bantry and other Parisbes, 1162 His Grace the Archbishop of Dublin, held an Ordination on Sunday last, at

Total 3766 St. Anne's Church when the following Gentlemen were ordained :-Priest- Children examined in 1825,

3389 Rev. Mr. Moore. Deacons · Messrs.

Increase this year,

377 Nixon, Kerr, Irwin, Maunsell, Hare, Reid, White, Shea. The candidates bad UNIVERSITY INTELLIGENCE. been examined on the preceding Wed- The following gentlemen underwent nesday, Friday, and Saturday, in the the Annual Divinity Examinations, held presence of bis Grace and the Archdea- in Trinity College, Dublin, on the 22d, con of Dublin, by the Rev. Doctors El. and 23d, inst. by the Very Rev. Dean of rington, Sadlier, and Singer. The Rev. Ardagh, and Dr. Wall, S. F. T. C. D. C. Wall preached an eloquent and in- Messrs. Shaw, Nixon, Ashe, Ma. pressive sermon on the occasion, from grath, Mercier, Brett, Prior, Ashe, jun. Ezekiel iii. 17.

Purcell, Hearn, Tyrrell, Sbea, and

Carroll. His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, N. B.- Mr. Shaw, and Mr. Nixon has been pleased to appoint the Rev. G. obtained the first and second premiums



Public attention bas been much occu- shaken off the trammels of superstition ; pied by the threatening of a new war and all the exertions of the Roman Caon the side of the Peninsula. The dis

tholic bierarchy have been unavailing to affected Portuguese, acting, it is said, prevent it. Dr. Curtis and other R. C. under the sanction and with the assist- Prelates have been endeavouring to disance of the Spanish authorities, have cover the cause of the secession from entered Portugal in an hostile mapner, their church, and have ascribed to the inand proceeded to acts of violence. Our fluence of money, what has been the naMinistry, rather as a measure of preven- tural and genuine result of the light tion than as the first act of war, have which beams from the page of reveladeemed it necessary to advise bis Majes- tion. To suppose that any individual ty to interfere ; and 5000 troops have could bribe 300 persons to take such a been sent to Lisbon, under Sir H. Clin- step is absurd, and the Roman Catholic ton. The King's message to both houses public must know it; but the imputaof Parliament, and the statements of tion will serve to adorn inflammatory Mr. Canning explanatory of the reasons harangues, and to increase the odium for interference, were received with en- of conversion. As we had feared, the thusiasm ; and the conduct of ministers arm of ecclesiastical authority has been sanctioned almost unanimously. We

put forth to rescue the Roman Catholic trust that war is still distante : although clergy from the danger of discussion and it is dangerous to calculate on the wis- the disgrace of defeat The Roman Cadom of Ferdinand, we do not think that tholic Bishop has forbidden the meeting even his fatuity would involve his weak at Derry, and left his clergy to carry and divided country in a war with Eng- on the controversy by writing : we hope land, except supported by France; and this fact will not be lost on our countrythat he would not be so in that event, men; they have seen tbe Roman Cawe bave the assertions of Mr. Canning, tholic clergy insult the Protestant, chalthe public declaration of the French mi- lenge them to a meeting, demand the nistry, and the critical situation of the most unreasonable terms, fill the newsFrench government. The war between papers for months with eulogiums on the Jesuits and the Liberals is carried their champions, and anticipation of on with great vigour; and so unpopular triumph ; for so long engage the attenis the former party, that the support re- tion and employ the time of their oppoceived from the throne, instead of serve nents, and then, Deus ex machina, the ing the Jesuits, involves the government 9th of January presented a dignus vindice and the King personally in the odium nodus, and on the 23d of December the which justly attaches to that dangerous Roman Catholic prelate kindly extends body.t We wish that opposition to a shield, hebind which his clergy may their measures could be traced rather to retire. We trust it will not be lost on a spirit of scriptural religion, than to our countrymen, but that the conviction motives so nearly allied to political prin- that the Roman Catholic religion cannot ciples, and the spirit of infidelity. Pro- , meet free and candid examination, will testantism is, we have good reason to remain and be effective. We must rebelieve, much on the increase.

mark that Cavan has not been the only At home, the contest between the scene of Reformation. Clones, Ballyspirit of religious enquiry and the as- baise, Ardbraccan, Waterford, have sumptions of Popery is progressive. In bad their confessors. Cavan, above 300 persons have now

* Information received through France states, that the Spanish Cabinet has resolved on peace.

† Charles Butler has asserted, that the use of the Scriptures is unrestrained in France; we have good reason to know the reverse : Popery, in all its modifications, is hostile to the Bible.

Dr Curtis, in bis manifesto, declares that the converts at Cavan are persons of the worst character. Now we know that none but persons who brought authenticated characters were received, and many, wanting such, were dismissed. A mecting is being called in Cavan, to deny the Prelate's statement.


“ Man is born to trouble, as the sparks fly upwards."

As sure as from the fire ascends,

Each spark in quick succession,
Trouble our earthly course attends,

And blights each sweet possession.
But as the ethereal flame we view,

Mount up with rapid flight;
Its moral, beautiful as true,

Illumes our mental sight.
For our souls more bright and pure

By every trial given,
Should find affliction's pathway sure,

To speed our thoughts to heaven.
Oh may our hearts each woe improve,

And daily learn to rise
In mild and holy flames of love,
To mingle with the skies !

C.H. L.

A SABBATH HYMN. Adapted to the solemn air of Jubilate in the 1st vol. of Moore's National Melodies.

Hark! those Sabbath bells delighting,

Bid the Christian's heart prepare ;
With their welcome sounds inviting,

To the House of praise and prayer.
May our footsteps thither bending,

Haste the summons to obey ;
May our hearts to heaven ascending,

Fly from sin and care sway.
Israel's King with praise and blessing,

Met the sacred Ark of God,
Every earthly good possessing,

Most he prized its sweet abode.
Oh may we with joyful greeting,

Christ our glorious ark embrace ;
May our souls his spirit meeting,

Find him in his holy place.
Hark! that sound again is chiding

Lingering Christians who delay;
Speed we to their faithful guiding,

Who will show “the living way.”
There we now may taste communion,

With our Lord, our best beloved ;
Sin, the veil that barred our union,

By his sacred death removed.
If those Sabbath bells proclaiming

One short day of heavenly rest,
Yield such joy, our spirits aiming

To the mansions of the blest,
Oh! with what a thrill of pleasure

Saints shall hear their Saviour's voice
Call to share immortal treasure,
With him ever to rejoice.

C. H. L.

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We had prepared some remarks in continuation of a former article, when our attention was so arrested by the tidings of the great work going on in Ireland, that we relinquished the notion of addressing our readers on any other topic, and resolved on pursuing the reflections to which a review of the last year's events had given birth. Short as is the interval that has elapsed since the last month's article was sent to press, enough has occurred to confirm all our expectations, to enspirit all our hopes, to give room to a well-grounded confidence that the period of Ireland's ignorance, and therefore degradation, is passing rapidly away; and that her population, free from the blasting influence of the dominion of a false religion, and standing fast in the liberty with which “ Christ has made them free,” would take their place among the noblest portion of the members of our favoured empire. We ventured to say, that similar arts to those used at Cavan would produce similar success — namely, assured security from persecution, toleration, scriptural instruction, and free access to the word of God: we ventured to say that the feeling which prompted the then three hundred converts at Cavan was not peculiar to that county, but extended its influence over the land ; that there was an under-current communicating from one part of Ireland to the other; and though here and there it might manifest its presence by appearing, that its existence elsewhere was not the less certain, because its course was concealed. Events have justified our conjectures, and the same good work which has shed so much glory on Cavan, has commenced elsewhere. In one town, on Christmas day, forty individuals came forward, in another twelve, in a third eight; while in various unconnected parts of the country, the numbers who, in small parcels, have conformed, is such as to swell the list, even in



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