The Law and Practice of Elections, and Election Committees: With an Appendix of Statutes and Forms

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H. Sweet, 1857 - 507 pages

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Page cxv - ... intimidation upon or against any person, in order to induce or compel such person to vote or refrain from voting...
Page 93 - ... Every person who shall, directly or indirectly, by himself or by any other person on his behalf, make any such gift, loan, oflvr, promise, procurement, or agreement as aforesaid, to or for any person, in order to induce such person to procure, or endeavour to procure, the return of any person to serve in Parliament, or the vote of any voter at any election.
Page cxxxii - A party producing a Witness shall not be allowed to impeach his credit by general evidence of bad character, but he may, in case the Witness shall in the opinion of the Judge prove adverse, contradict him by other Evidence, or by leave of the Judge prove that he has made at other times a statement inconsistent with his present testimony...
Page 391 - Treating de fined. person on his behalf, receive, agree, or contract for, any money, gift, loan, or valuable consideration, office, place, or employment, for himself or for any other person, for voting or agreeing to vote, or for refraining or agreeing to refrain from roting, at any election : 2.
Page cxiii - Every person who advances or pays, or causes to be paid, any money to or to the use of any other person with the intent that such money, or any part thereof, shall be expended in bribery at any election...
Page cxxxiii - Comparison of a disputed writing with any writing proved to the satisfaction of the judge to be genuine, shall be permitted to be made by witnesses ; and such writings, and the evidence of witnesses respecting the same may be submitted to the court and jury as evidence of the genuineness or otherwise of the writing in dispute.
Page cxiii - ... to or for any voter, or to or for any person on behalf of any voter, or to or for any other person in order to induce any voter to vote, or refrain from voting...
Page cxxxi - If any person called as a witness, or required or desiring to make an affidavit or deposition, shall refuse or be unwilling from alleged conscientious motives to be sworn, it shall be lawful for the court or judge or other presiding officer, or person qualified to take affidavits or depositions, upon being satisfied of the sincerity of such objection, to permit such person, instead of being sworn, to make his or her solemn affirmation or declaration in the words following; videlicet, " I, AB, do...
Page cxiv - Every candidate at an election, who shall corruptly by himself, or by or with any person, or by any other ways or means on his behalf, at any time, either before, during, or after any election, directly or indirectly give or provide, or cause to be given or provided, or shall be accessory to the giving or providing, or shall pay, wholly or in part, any expenses incurred for any meat, drink, entertainment, or provision to or for any person, in order to be elected, or for being elected, or for the...
Page li - ... election, or on account of such person or any other person having voted or refrained from voting, or being about to vote or refrain from voting at such election, shall be guilty of treating.

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