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holy name may agrec in the truth premembrance of his meritorious of thy holy word, and live in unity Cross and Passion ; wher, by alone and golly love. We beseech thee we obtain remission of our sins, and also, so tu direct and dispose the are made partakers of the ki:grloin lieai'ts of all Christian rulers, that of Heaven. Wherefore it is our they may truly and impartially add- duty to render most humble wid minister justice, to the punishment hearty thanks to Almighty Coxl, of wickedness and vice, and to the our heavenly Father, for that he maintenance of thy true religion and hath given his Son our Saviour Je. virtue. Give grace, O heavenly Fa-, sus Christ, not only to die for LIS, ther, to all Bishops and other Mini- but also to be our spiritual food and ster's; that they may, both by their sustenance in that holy Sacrament. lite and doctrine, set forth thy true Which being so divine and comfort, and lively Woud, and rightly and able a thing to them who receive it duly adininister thy holy Sacra-worthily, and so dangerous to those

And to all thy people give who will presume to receive it un. thy heavenly grace; and especially worthily ; my duty is to exhort you to this congregation here present; in the mean seasoni, lo consider the that with meek heart, and due re. dignity of that holy Mystery, and verence, they may hear, and receive the great peril of the unworthy rethy holy Word; truly serving the ceiving thereof; and so to search in holiness and righteousness all the and examine your own consciences, days of their life. And we most (and that not lightly, and after the kiunıbly beseech thee, of thy good-manner of dissemblers with Gol; ness, O Lord, to comfort and suc- but so that ye may come holy and cour all those who, in this transi- clean to such a heavenly feast, in tory life, are in trouble, sorrow, the marriage-garment required by need, sickness, or any other adver- God in holy scripture; and be resity. And we also bless thy holy ceived as worthy partakers of that name, for all thy servants departed holy l'alle. this life in thy faith and fear; be The way and means thereto is, seeching thee to give us grace so to First, to examine your lives and confollow their good examples, that versations by the rule of God's comwith them we may be partakers of mandments; and wherein soever thy heavenly kingilom : Gra!it this, ye shall perceive yourselves to have O Father, for Jesus Christ's sake, luffenderi, either by will, worl, or our only Mediator and Advocate. deed, there to bewail your own sin. Amen.

fulness, and to confess yourselves to ( When the Minister gireth warning for Almighty God, with full purpose of

the Celebration of the Holy Communion amendment of life. And if ye shall (which he shall always do upon the Sunday, or some Holy day, immediately pre-perceive your offences to be such ceiling) he shall read this Exhortation as are not only against God, but also following; or so much thereof as, in his against your neighbours; then ye discretion, he may think convenient.

shall reconcile yourselves unto DEARLY beloved, on day them; being ready to make resti

next, I purpose, through God's tution and satisfaction, according to assistance, to alminister to all such the uttermost of your powers, for as shall be religiously and devoutly all injuries and wrongs done by you disposed, the naost comfortable Sa- to any other; and being likewise crament of the Borly and Blood of ready to forgive others who have of. Christ; lo ve hy them received, in'tended you, as ye would have fur

giveness of your offences at God's loved in Christ, take ye good heed, hand : For otherwise the receiving lest ye, withdrawing yourselves of the Holy Communion doth no- from this holy Supper, provoke thing else butincrease your condem- God's indignation against you. It nation. Therefore, it any of you be is an easy matter for a man to say, I a blaspoemer of God, an hinderer will not communicate, because I am Ol' slamerer of his Word, an adui-otherwise bindered with woridly (crer, or be in malice or envy, or business. But such excuses are not in any other grievous crime; re- so easily accepted, and ailowed bepent ye of your sins, or else come fore God. If any man say, I am a Hol to that holy Table.

grievous sinner, and therefore am And because it is requisite that no afraid to come : wherefore then do min should come to the holy Com- ye not repent and amend? When Inuwion, but with a full trust in God's God calleth you, are ye not asham. mercy, and with a quiet conscience; ed to say, ye will not conie? When therefore, if there be any of you, ye should return to God, will ye exwho by these means cannot quiet cuse yourselves and say, ye are not fris own conscience herein, but re- ready ? Consider earnestly with quireth further comfort or counsel; yourselves, how little such feigned let him come to me, or to some excuses will avail before God. other minister of God's word, and Those who refused the feast in the open his griet'; that he may receive Gospel, because they had bought a such Godly counsel and advice, as farm, or would try their yokes of niay tend to the quieting of his con- oxen, or because they were married, science, and the removing of all were not so excused, but counted cruple and doubtfulness. unworthy of the heavenly feast. ? Or, in case he shall see the People negli- Wherefore, according to mine

gent to come to the Holy Conmunion, office, I bid you in the name of God, instead of the former, he shall use this I call you in Christ's behalf, I ex. Exlortation.

hert you, as ye love your own sal. DEARLY beloved brethren, on vation, that ye will be partakers of to celebrate the Lord's Supper; un-Son of God did vouchsafe to yield to which, in God's behalf, I bid you up his soul by death upon the cross, all who are here present; and be- for your salvation ; so it is your seech you for the Lord Jesus duty to receive the Communion in Christ's sake, that ye will not refuse remembrance of the sacrifice of his to come thereto, being so lovingly death, as he himself hach command. called and bilden by God himself. ed : Which if ye shall neglect to Ye know how grievous and unkind do, consider with yourselves, how a thing it is, when a man hath pre-great is your ingratitude to God, pared a rich fcast, decked his table and how sore punishment hangeth with all kinds of provision, so that over your heads for the same, when there lacketh nothing but the guests ye wilfully abstain from the Lord's to sit down; and yet they who are Table, and separate from your bre. called (without any cause) most un-thren who come to feel or the ban. thankfully refuse to come. Which quet of that most heavenly fool. of you in such a case would not be These things if ye earnestly consimored? Who would not think a der, ye will by Gol's grace, return great injury and wrong done unto to a better mind; for the obtaining him? Wherefore, most dearly be whereof we shall not cease to make

l'en, that

our humble petitionsunto Almighty, bounden) continual thanks; submit Gul; our heavenly Father. ting ourselves wholly to his holy 1 A: the time of the celebration of the will and pleasure, and studying to Communion, the Priesi shall say this

serve him in true holiness and righExhortation. D EARLY beloved in the Lori, teousness, all the days of our life.

| Amen. ye who mind to come to the

11 Then shall the Priest say to those who Holy Communion of the Body and

come lo receive the Holy Communion, Blood of our Saviour Christ, must consider how St. Paul exhorteth all YE who do truly and earnestly

repent you of your sins, and persons diligently to try and exa-are in love and charity with your mine themselves, before they pre-neighbours, and intend to lead a sume to eat of that Bread, and drink new life, following the commandof that Cup. For as the benefit is ments of God, atid walking fiom great, if with a truc penitent heart henceforth in his holy ways; draw and lively faith we receive that holy near with faith, and take this holy Sacrament; so is the danger great, Sacrament to your comfort; and if we receive the same unworthily. make your humble confession to Judge therefore yourselves, breth- Almighty God, devoutly kneeling.

ye be not judged of the 4 Then shall this general Confession he Lorl; repent ye truly for your sins made, by the Priest and all those who past; have a lively and steadfast are minded to receive the Holy Com. faith in Christ our Saviour; amend

munion, humbly kneeling your lives, and be in perfect charity ALMIGHTY God, Father of our with all men: so shall ye be meet all things, Judge of all men; we

Lord Jesus Christ, Maker of partakers of those holy Mysteries. acknowledge and bewail our mani. And above all things, ye must give told sins and wickedness, which we most humble and hearty thanks to from time to time most grievously Gol the Father, the Son, and the have committed, by thought, word, Holy Ghost, for the redemption of

and deed, against thy divine Majesthe world by the death and passion of our Saviour Christ, both

God ty, provoking most justly thy and man; who did humble himself

, We do earnestly repent, and are even to the death upon the cross, heartily sorry for these our misolofor us miserable sinners, who lay in ings; the remembrance of them darkness and the shadow of death; that he might make us the children iş grievous unto us ; the burthen of

them is intolerable. Have mercy of Gol, and exalt us to everlasting life. And to the end that we should upon us, have mercy upon us, :nost always remember the exceeding Lord Jesus Christ's sake, forgive

merciful Father; for thy Son our great love of our Master and only Saviour Jesus Christ, thus dying

us all that is past; and grant, what for us, and the innumerable benefits we may ever hereafter serve and which by his precious blood-shed- please thee in newness of life, to ding he hath obtained for us, he the honour and glory of thy name, hath instituted and ordained holy through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Simeri. Mysteries, as pledges of his love, and for a continual remembrance Then shall the Priest (the Bishop, if he

he present) stazad up, and turning to the of his death, to our great and end- People say, less comfort. To him, therefore, ALMIGHTY Gordour heavenly Glast, let us give (as we are most'hath promised forgiveness of sins



en all those we with hearty repent. THEREFORE with Angels and have mercy upon you ; pardon and company of heaven, we laud and deliver you from all your sins; con- magnify thy glorious name; ever. firm and strengthen you in all more praising thee, and saying, Hogoodness; and bring you to ever- ly, huly, holy, Lord Goti of Flosts, lasting life, through Jesus Christ heaven and earth are full of thy our Lou. Amen.

glory : Glory be to thee, () Lord 9 Then shall the Priest say, Most High. Amen. · Hear what comfortable words our Saviour Christ saith unto all

| PROPER PREFACES. who truly turn to liim.

ir Upon Christmas Day, and seven Days unto me, all


that travel and are heavy ladlen, and I will refresh you. St. Mati. xi. 28. BECAUSE thou didst give Jesus

Christ, thine only Son, to be So God loved the world, that he born as at this time for ns; who, by save his only beyotten Son, to the the operation of the Holy Ghost, end that all that believe in him was made very man, of the subshall not perish, but lave ever-stance of the Virgin Mary his Molasting life. St. John iii. 16. ther; and that without spot of sin,

Ilear also what St. Paul saith. to make us clean from all sin : This is a true saying, and worthy Therefore with Angels, &c. of all men to be receivel, that Christ i Upon Easter Day, and seven Days after. Jesus came into the world to save BUT chiefly are webound topraise siwners. 1 Tim, i. 15.

Hear also what St. John saith. tion of thy Son Jesus Christ our

If any man sin, we have an Ad-Lord: For he is the very Paschal vocate with the Father, Jesus Christ Lamb, which was offered for us, and the righteous; and he is the propi- hath taken away the sin of the worlu; Caroli for our sins. 1 John ii. 1, 2 who by his death hath destroyei 9 Allier which the Priest shall proceed, death, and, by his rising to life again, saying,

hath restored to us everlasting lite : Lift up your hearts.

Therefore with Angels, &c. Answer. We lift them up unto T Upon Ascension Day,and seven Days after. the 101.

THROUGH thy most dearly Priest. Let us give thanks unto

, our Lord God,

Lord; who, after liis most glorions Allswer. It is meet and right so resurrectioni, manifestly appeared to do.

to all his Apostles, and in their sight 9 Then shall the Priest turn to the Lord's ascended up into heaven, to pre

Table, and say, IT is very neet, right, and our pare a place for us ; that where he brunden duty, that we should at and reig with in glory: There

is, thither we might also ascend, all times, and in all places, sive fore with Angels, &c. danks unto thee, O Lori, (* Holy lo l'pou

Whitsunday, ar.d six Davs after. Father,] Almighty, everlasting God. THROUGH Jesus Christ our llere shall follow the


Lord; according to whose most according to the time, if there be any true promise, the Holy Ghost came ly shall be said or sung by the Priest and down as at this tinie fiom heaven, People,

with a sudden great sound, as it haul • These words (Holy Father) must be omitied on Trinity Suruluy.

proper Preface,

gels, &c.


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been a mighty wind, in the likeness and that we may evermore dwe!! of fiery tongues, lighting upon the in him, and he in us. Amen. Apostles, to teach them, and to When the Priest, standing before the lead them to all truth ; giving them

Table, hath so ordered the Bread and both the gift of divers languages,

Wine, that he may with the more readi

ness and decency break the Bread heand also boldness with fervent zeal,

fore the People, and take the Cup into constantly to preach the gospel unto his hands; he shall say the Prayer of all nations; whereby we have been Consecration, as followeth: brought out of darkness and error

, ALL. glory be to thee, Almighty ledge of thee, and of thy Son Je- that thoui, of thy tender mercy, sus Christ: Therefore with An- didst give thine only Son Jesus

Christ to suffer death upon the Upou the Feast of Trinity only, may be cross for our redemption; who made

ihere (by his one oblation of him. WHO art one Gordon

but three and sufficient sacrifice, oblation, persons in one substance: For that and satisfaction, for the sins of the which we believe of the glory of whole world; and did institute, and the Father, the same we believe of in his holy gospel command us to the Sun, and of the Holy Ghost, continue a perpetual memory of witho:1t'any difference or inequali- that his precious death and sacrifice ty: Therefore with Angels, &c. until his coming again : For in the ľ or else this may be said, the words night in which he (Holy Father! being retained in the

was betrayed ra) (a) Here the introductory Adulress.

he tok bread; and Priest is to take For the precious death and me

the Paten into sits of thy Son Jesus Christ when he had given his hands. our Lord, and for the sending to us

thanks, roj he

(h). And here

brake it, and gave to of the Holy Ghost the Comforter;

break who are one with thee in thy eter

it to his disciples, Breado nal Galhead: Therefore with An- saying, Take, eat,

(c) this is my Bos

(c) And here lity, which is given

to lay his hund I Then shall the Priest, kneeling down at

upon all the the Lord's Table, say, in the name of all for you; Do this bread. those who shall receive the Communion, in remembrance of this Prayer following:

me. Likewise, at do not presume to come to ter supper (d) he (d) Here he is

this thy Table, () merciful took the cup; and !o take the Cup Lord, trusting in our own righteous when he had given

into his hand. ness, but in thy manifold and great thanks, he gave it mercies. We are not worthy so in them, saying much as to gather up the crumbs Drink ye all of this, umber thy lable. But thou art for (e) this is my he is to lay his

( the same Lord, whose property is Blood, of the New

hand always to have mercy: Grant us Testament, which

upon eve

ry Vessel, in therefore, gracious Lor, so to eat is shed for you, and which there is the flesh of thy dear Son Jesus for many,forthe re- any Wine to be Christ, and to drink his blood, that mission of sins; Do consecratech our sinful bodies may be made clean this as oft as ye by his body, and vur souls washed shall drink it, in re. through his most precious blood, membrance of me


gels, &c.


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