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13 But within a while they for- and the plague was great among gat his works, and would not abide them. his counsel.

30 Then stood up Phinees, and 14 But lust came upon them in prayed ; and so the plague ceased. the wilderness, and they tempted 31 And that was counted unto God in the desert.

him for righteousness, among all 15 And he gave them their de- posterities for evermore, sire, and sent leanness withal into 32 They angered him also at the their soul.

waters of strite, so that he punish16 They angered Moses also in ed Moses for their sakes ; their tents, and Aaron the saint of 33 Because they provoked his the Lord,

spirit, so that he spake unadvisedly 17 So the earth opened, and with his lips. swallowed up Dathan, and covered 34 Neither destroyed they the the congregation of Abiram. heathen, as the Lord commanded

18 And the fire was kindled in them : their company; the flame burnt up 35 But were mingled among the the ungodly.

heathen, and learned their works. 19 They made a calf in Horeb, 36 Insomuch that they worshipand worshipped the molten image. ped their idols, which turned to

20 Thus they turned their glory their own decay ; yea, they offerinto the siinilitude of a calf that ed their sons and their daughters eateth hay.

unto devils; 21 And they forgat God their 37 And shed innocent blood, Saviour, who bad done so great even the blood of their sons and of things in Egypt;

their daughters, whom they offered 22 Wondrous works in the land unto the idols of Canaan; and the of Ham; and fearful things by the land was defiled with blood. Red Sea.

38 Thus were thcy stained with 23 So he said he would have de- their own works, and went a whor. stroyed them, had not Moses hising with their own inventions. chosen stood before him in the gap, 39 Therefore was the wrath of tu turn away his wrathful indigna- the Lord kindled against his peo. tion, lest he should destroy them, ple, insomuch that lie abhorred his

24 Yea, they thought scorn of own inheritance. that pleasant land, and gave no cre- 40 And he gave them over into dence unto his word ;

the hand of the heathen ; and they 25 But murmured in their tents, that hated them were lords over and hearkened not unto the voice them. of the Lord.

41 Their enemies oppressed 26 Then lift he up his hand against them, and had them in subjection. them, to overthrow them in the 42 Many a time did he deliver wilderness;

them; but they rebelled against 27 To cast out their seed among him with their own inventions, and the nations, and to scatter them in were brought down in their wick. the lar:ds.

Jedness. 28 They joined themselves un- 43 Nevertheless, when he saw to Baal-peor, and ate the offerings their adversity, he heard their of the dead,

complaint. 29 Thus they provoked him to 41 He thought upon his coveanger will their own inventions ; 'nant, and pitied them, according

say, Amen.

anto the multitude of his mercies;, 12 He also broaght down their yca, he made all those that led them heart through heaviness; they tell away captive to pity them.

down, and there was none to help 45 Deliver us, O Lou our God, them: and gather us from among the hea- 13 So when they cried unto the then; that we may give thanks untu Lord in their trouble, he delivered thy holy name, and make our boast them out of their distress. oftly praise.

14 For he brought them out of 40 Blessed be the Lord God of darkness, and out of the shadow of Israei, fiom everlasting, and world death, and brake their bonds in without end; and let all the people sunder:

15 O that men would therefore

praise the Loril for his goodness; The twenty-second Day. and declare the wonders that he

MORNING PRAYER. doeth for the children of men ! Psalmı 107. Confitemini Domino. 16 For he hath broken the gates O

Give thanks unto the Lord; of brass, and smitten the bar's of

for he is gracious, and his mer- iron in sunder. cy enduret! for ever.

17 Foolish men are plagued for 2 Let them give thanks, whom the their offence, and because of their Loul hath redeemed, and delivered wickedness. fioin the land of the enemy;

18 Their soul abhorred all man. 3 And gathered them out of the ner of meat, and they were even lan:ls, from the east, and from the hard at death's door. west ; from the north, and fiom the 19 So when they cried unto the south.

Lord in their trouble, he delivertd 4 They went astray in the wil-them out of their distress. dumess out of the way, and found 20 He sent his worl, and healed nu city to dwell in.

them; and they were saved from 5 Hungry and thirsty, their soul their destruction. fainteil in them.

21 O that men would therefore 6 So they cried unto the Lord praise the Lord for his goodness; in their trouble, and he delivered and declare the wonders that he them firm their distress.

doeth for the children of men! 7 He led them forth by the right 22 That they would offer unto way, that they might go to the city him the sacrifice of thanksgiving, where they dwell.

and tell out his works with glad. 80 that men would therefore ness! praise the Lord for his goolness ; 23 'They that go down to the ser ard declare the wonders that he in ships, and occupy their business doeth for the children of meu! in great waters;

9 For he satisfieth the empty 24 These men see the works of soul, and filleth the hungry soul the Lord, and his wonders in the with goodness;

deep. 13 Sach as sit in darkness and 25 For at his worl the stormy in the shadow of death, being fast wind ariseth, which litteth up the bound in misery and iron; waves thereot.

11 Because they rebelled agninst 26 They are carried up to the the words of the Lord, and lightly heaven, and down again to the deep regarded the counsel of the Most their soul melteth away because all Highest

Ilie trouble.


27 They reel to and fro, and this, and rejoice; and the mouth of stagger like a drunken man, and all wickedness shall be stopped. are at their wit's end.

43 Whoso is wise, will ponder 28 So when they cry unto the these things ; and they shall underLor in their trouble, he delivereth stand the loving-kindness of the them out of their distress.

Lord. 29 For he maketh the storm to EVENING PRAYER. cease, so that the waves thereof Psalm 108. Paratum cor meum. are still.

Gol, my heart is ready, my 30 Then are they glad, because heart is really; I willsia , and they are at rest; anu so he bring-give praise with the best member eth them into the haven where that I have. they would be.

2 Awake, thou lute and harp ; I 31 () that men would therefore myself will awake right early. praise the Lord for his goudness; 3 I will give thanks unto thee, () and declare the wonders that he Lord, among the people; I will sing doeth for the children of men! praises unto thee among the nations.

32 That they would exalt hiin 4 For thy mercy is greater than also in the congregation of the peo- the heavens, and thy truth reacis ple, and praise him in the seat of eth unto the clouds. the elders!

5 Set up thyself, O God, above 33 Who turneth the floods into the heavens, and thy glory above a wilderness, and drieth up the all the earth, water-springs.

6 That thy beloved may be ile. 34 A fruitful land maketh helivered: let thy right hand save barren, for the wickedness of them them, and hear thou me. that dwell therein.

7 God bath spoken in his holi. 35 Again he maketh the wilderness; I will rejoice therefore, and ness at standing water, and water-livide Sichem, and mele out the springs of a dry ground. valley of Succoth.

36 And there he setteth the hun- 8 Giiead is mine, ani Manasses gry, that they may build them ais mine; Ephraim also is the strength city to dwell in;

of my head; 37 That they may sow their land, 9 Juda is my law-giver; Moab and plant vineyards, to yield them is my wash-pot; over Edom will I fruits of increase.

cast out my shoe; upon Philistia 38 He blesseth them, so that they will I triumph. multiply exceedingly; and suffer- 10 Who will lead me into the eth not their cattle to decrease. strong city? and who will bring me

39 And again, when they are into Edlom? minished and brought low through

11 Hast not thou forsaken us, O oppression, though any plague or Gol? and wilt not thou, O liod, trouble ;

go forth with our hosts? 40 Though he suffer them to be 12 O help us against the enemy; evil-entreated through tyrants, and for vain is the help of man. let them wander out of the way in 13 Through God we shalldogreat the wilderness ;

acts; and it is he that shall tread 41 Yet helpeth he the poor outdown our enemies. of misery, and maketh him house- Psalm 109. Denis laudum. holds like a flock of sheep.

of my praise; for the mouth


13 The righteous will consider) HD not thy tongur

, onGod

of the ungodly, yea, the mouth ofping like as with a raiment, and it the deceitful is opened upon me.. shall come into his bowels like wa

2 And they have spoken against ter, and like oil into his bones. me with false tongues; they com 18 Let it be unto him as the passed me about also with words cloak that he hath upon him, and of hatred, and fought against me as the girdle that he is always gird. without a cause.

ed withal. 3 Forthe love that I had unto them, 19 Let it thus happen from the lo, they take now my contrary part; Lord unto mine enemics, and to but I give myself unto prayer. those that speak evil against my soul.

Å Thus have they rewarded me 20 But deal thou with me, o evil for good, and hatred for my Lord God, according unto thy good-will.

name; for sweet is thy mercy. 5 Set thou an ungodly man to be 21 O deliver me, for I am helpruler over him, and let Satan stand less and poor, and my heartis woundat his right hand.

ed within me. 6 When sentence is given upon 22 I go hence like the shadow him, let him be condemned; and that departeth, and am driven away let his prayer be turned into sin. as the grasshopper.

7 Let his days be few, and let 23 My knees are weak through another take his office.

fasting; my flesh is dried up for 8 Let his children be fatherless, want of fatness. and his wife a widow.

241 became also a reproach unto 9 Let his children be vagabonds, them : they that looked upon me and beg their bread; let them seek shaked their hearls. it also out of desolate places. 25 Help me, O Lord my God;

10 Let the extortioner consume O save me, according to thy mercy all that he hath ; and let thie stran 26 Audihey shall know how that ger spoil his labour.

this is thy hand, and that thou, 11 Let there be no man to pity Lord, hast done it. him, nor to have compassion upon 27 Though they curse, yet bless his fatherless children.

thou; and let them be confounded 12 Let his posterity be destroy- that rise up against me; but let thy ed; and in the next generation let servant rejoice. his name be clean put out.

28 Let mine adversaries bu 13 Let the wickedness of his fa- clothed with shame; and let them thers be had in remembrance in the cover themselves with their own sight of the Lord, and let not the confusion, as with a cloak. sin of his mother be done away. 29 As for me, I will give great

14 Let them alway be before the thanks unto the Lord with my Lord, that he may root out the me- mouth, and praise him among the morial of them from off the earth; multitude :

15 And that, because his mind 30 For he shall stand at the right was not to do good; but persecuted hand of the poor, to save his soul the poor helpless man, that he might from unrighteous judges. siay him that was vexed at the heart.

16 His delight was in cursing, The twenty-third Day. and it shall happen. unto him ; he MORNING PRAYER. loved not blessing, therefore shall Psalm 110. Dixit Dominus. it be far from him.

THE Lord said unto my Lord, Sit

thou on my right hand, until

be fire feorthbeathimself with ours-T

I make thine enemies tiny footstool. people; he hath commanded his co

2 The Lord shall send the rod venant for ever; holy and reverend of the power out of Sion; be thou is his name. ruler even in the midst among thine 10 The fear of the Lord is the enemies.

beginning of wisdom: a good un3 In the day of thy power shall derstanding have all they that do the people offer thee free-will ofter-thereafter; the praise of it endureth ings with an holy worship: the dew for ever. of thy birth is of the womb of the Psalm 112. Beatus vir. miorring

BY LESSED is the man that fear4 The Lord sware, and will not eth the Lord; he hath great repent, Thou art a Priest for ever delight in his commandments. after the order of Melchisedic. 2 His seed shall be mighty upon

5. The Lord upon thy right hand earth; the generation of the faithfuil shall wound even kinys, in the day shall be blessed. of his wrath.

3 Riches and plenteousness slrall 6 He shall judge among the hea- be in his house ; and his righteousthen; he shall fill the places with ness endureth for ever. the dead bodies, and smite in sunder 4 Unto the goly there ariseth the heads over divers countries. up light in the darkness; he is mer.

7 He shall drink of the brook in citul, loving, and righteous. the way; therefore shall he lift up 5 A good man is merciful, and his head,

lendeth, and will puide his woir's Psalm 111. Confitebor tibi. with discretion ;

Will give thanks unto the Lord 6 For he shall never be moved : among the faithful, and in the con- everlasting remembrance. gregation.

7 He will not be afraid of any evil 2 The works of the Lord are tidings; for his heart standeth fast, great, sought out of all them that and believeth in the Lord. have pleasure therein.

8 His hieart is stablished, and will 3 Flis work is worthy to be praised not shrink, until he see his desire and had in honour, and his righte- upon his enemies. ousness endureth for ever.

9 He hath dispersed abroad, and 4 The merciful and gracious Loru given to the poor, and his righteoushath so done his marvellous works, ness remaineth for ever; his horn that they ought to be had in re-shall be exalted with honour. membrance.

10 The ungodly shall see it, and 5 He hath given meat unto them it shall grieve him; he shall gnash that fear him; he shall ever be with his teeth, and consume away; mindful of his covenant.

the desire of the ungodlyshall perish. 6 He hath showed his people the Psalm 113. Laulate, pueri. powerof his works, that he maygive PRAISE the Lorrl, ye servants :

7 The works of his hands are 2 Blessed be the name ofthe Lord, verity and judgment; all his com- from this time forth for evermore. mandments are true.

3 The Lord's name is praised, 8 They stand fast for ever and from the rising up of the sun, unto ever, and are done in truth and the going down of the same, equity.

4 The Lord is high above all hea. 9 ile sent redemption anto his then and his glory abovethe hcareus.


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