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Tis time for innocence to fly

And suddenly, or I shall sleep froin such deceitful arts.

in everlasting night. 4 The Lord hath both a temple here, 4 Restore me, lest they proudly boast and righteous throne above;

'twas their own strength o'ercame; Where he surveys the sons of men, Permit not them that vex iny sou! aud how their councils move.

to triumph in my slame. 6 If God the righteous, whoin he loves, 5 Since I have always placed my trust for trial does correct,

beneath thy mercy's wing, What must the sons of violence, Thy saving health will come, and then whom he abhors, expect?

my heart with joy shall spring. 6 Snares, fire, and brimstone, on their heads 6 Then shail my song, with praise inspiredhe shall in one tempest shower;

to thee my God ascend, This dreadful mixture his revenge Who to thy servant in distress into their

shall pour.

such bounty aidst extend. 7 The righteous Lord will righteous deeds

PSALM 14. with signal favour grace, And to the upright man disclose

that God is nothing but a name; the brightness of his face.

Corrupt and lewd their practice grows; PSALM 12.

no breast is warmd with holy fame. SINCE. godly men decay, o Lord, 2 The Lord look'd down from Heaven's

high tower, For scarce these wietched times afford

and all

the sons of men did view, one just and faithfui friend.

To see if any own'd his power; 2 (ne neighbour now can scarce believe what t'other does impart;

if any truth or justice knew, 3 But all, he saw, were gone

aside, With Aattering lips they all deceive,

all were degenerate grown and base ; and with a double heart.

None took religion for their guide, 3 But lips that with deceit abound

not ore of all the sinful race. can never prosper long;

4 But can these workers of deceit God's righteous vengeance will coufound

be all so dull and sensele3s grown, the proud blaspheming tongue. That they, like bread, my people eat, 4 In vain those foolish boasters say,

and God's almighty power disown? “ Our tongues are sure our own; 15 How will they tremble then for fear, h With doubtful words we'll still betray,

wlien his just wrath shall them o'ertako " and be controlld by none." 5 For God, who hears the suffering poor,

For to the righteous, God is near,

and never will their cause forsake. and their oppression knows,

6 Ill men, in vain, with scorn expose Will soon arise and give them rest, those methods which the good pursue, in spite of all their foes.

Since God a refuge is for those 6 The word of God shall still abide,

whom his just eyes with favour view. and void of falsehood be,

7 Would he his saving power employ As is the silver, seven times try'd, to break his people's servile band, from drousy mixture frec.

Then shouts of universal joy 7 The promise of his aiding grace shall reach its purposed end;

should loudly echo through the land. His servants from this faithless race

PSALM 15. he ever shall defend.


ORD, who's the happy man that may Then shall the wicked be perplex'd, to thy blest courts repair, nor know which way to fly;

Not stranger-like, to visit thein, When those whom they despised and ver'd, but te inhabit there? shall be advanced on high.

2 Tis he, whose every thought and decd PSALM 13.

by rules of virtue inoves; Histon or ever mourn? TOW long wilt thou forget me, Lord? Whose generous tongue disdains to speak

the thing his heart disproves. How long wilt thou withdraw from me, 3 Who never did a slauder forge. oh! never to return?

his neighbour's fame to wound; 2 How long shall anxious thoughts my soul, Nor bearken to a salse report, and grief my heart oppress?

by malice whisper'd round. How long my enemies insult,

4 Who vice, in all its pomp and powa, and I have no redress?

can treat with just naglece; 8 Oh! hear, and to my longing eyes And piety, though clothed in ragu, restore thy, wonted light,

religiously respecto


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6 Who to his plighted vows and trust 2 As in thy sight I am approved, has cver firmly stood;

so let my sentence he ; And though he promise to his loss, And with impartial eyes, O Lord, he makes his promise good.

my upright dealing see. 6 Whose soul in usury disdains

3 For thou hast search'd my heart by day. his treasure to employ;

and visited by nightį Whom no rewards can ever bribe And, on the strictest trial, found the guiltless to destroy.

its secret motions right. 7 The man, who by his steady course Nor shall thy justice, Lord, alone has happiness insured,

my heart's designs acquit; When earth's foundation shakes, shall stand, For I have purposed that my tongue by providence secured.

shall no offence commit. PSALM 16.

4 I know what wicked men would do, me from my cruel foes, their safety to maintain; and shield me, Lord, from harm; But me thy just and mild commands Because my trust I still repose

from bloody paths restrain. on thy Almighty arm.

5 That I may still, in spite of wrong 2 My soul all help but thine does slight, my

innocence secure, all gods but thee disown;

O guide me in thy righteous ways, Yet can no deeds of mine requite

and make my footsteps sure. the goodness thou hast shown.

6 Since, heretofore, I ne'er in vain S But those that strictly virtuous are, to thee my prayer address'd and love the thing that's right,

0! now, my Gud, incline thine ear To favour always, and prefer,

to this my just request. shall be my chief delight.

7 The wonders of thy truth and love 4 How shall

their sorrows be increased, in my defence engage; whu other gods adore !

Thou, whose right hand preserves thy saints Their bloody offerings I detest,

from their oppressor's rage. their very names alhor.

PART II. 6 My lot is fallin in that blest land where God is truly known;

8, 9 0! keep me in thy tenderest care; He fills my cup with liberal hand, thy sheltering wings stretch out, 'tis le supports my throne.

To guard me safe from savage foes, 6 In nature's most delightful scene that compass me about : my happy portion lies ;

10. O'ergrown with luxury, enclosed The place of my appointed reign

in heir own fat they lie; all other lands outvies.

And, with a proud blaspheming mouth, 7 Therefore my soul shall bless the Lord, both God and man defy. whose precepts give me light;

11 Well may they boast, for they have now And private counsel still afford

my paths encompassid round; in sorrow's dismal night.

Their eyes at watch, their bodies bow'd, 8 I strive each action to approve

and couching on the ground; to his all-seeing eye;

12 In posture of a lion set, No danger shall my hopes remove, when greedy of his prey; because he still is nigh.

Or a young lion, when he lurks 9 Therefore my heart all grief defies,

within a covert way. my glory does rejoice;

18 Arise, O Lord, defeat their plots, My tiesh shall rest, in hope to rise,

their swelling rage control; waked by his powerful voice.

From wicked men, who are thy sword, 10 Thou, Lord, when I resigr my breath, deliver thou my soul:

my soul from hell shalt free; 14 From worldly men, thy sharfest scourge Nor let thy Holy One in death

whose portion's here below; the least corruption see.

Who, filled with earthly stores, aspire 21 Thou shalt the paths of life display, no other bliss to know. which to thy presence lead ;

15 Their race is numerous, that partaku. Where pleasures dwell without allay, their substance while they live; and joys that never fade.

Their heas survive, to whom they may

the vast remainder give.
To my past plea and sad complaint 16 But I, in uprightness, thy face

shall view without control; And to my prayer, as 'tis unfeigu’d, And, waking, shall its image sind & T2C10u3 ear alford.

reflected in my soul


17 God his resistless power employ'd No change of time shall ever shock my strongest fues' attempts to break;

my firm affection, Lord, to thee; Who else with ease had soon destroy'd For thou hast always been my rock, the weak defence that I could make. a fortress and defence to me.

18 Their subtle rage bad near prevaild, Thou, my deliverer art, my God;

when I distress'd and friendless lay; my trust is in thy mighiy power;, But still, when other succours faild, Thou art my shield from foes abroad, God was my firm support and stay.

at home iny safeguard and my towar. 19. From dangers that enclosed me round, 3 To thee I will address my prayer, he brought ine forth and set me free;

to whom all praise we justly owe; For some just cause his goodness found, So shall I, by thy watchiul care,

that moved him to delight in me. be guarded from my greacherous foe. 20 Because in me no guilt remains, 4, 5 By floods of wicked men distress'd, God does his gracious help extend;

with seas of sorrow compass'd round, My hands are free from bloody stains ; With dire infernal pangs oppressid, therefore the Lord is still my friend.

in death's unwieldy fetters bound; 21, 22 For I his judgments keep in sight, 6 To heaven I made my mournful prayer, in his just paths I always trod;

to God address'd my humble moan; I never did his statutes sight, Who graciously inclined his ear,

nor loosely wanderd from my God. and heard me from his lofty throre. 23, 24 But still my soul, sincere and puro, PART II.

did even froip darling sins refrain ;

His favours therefore yet endure, 7 When God arose my part to take, the conscious earth was struck with fear;

becanse my heart and hands are clean The hilis did at his presence shake,

PART IV. nor could his dreadful fury bear. 25, 26 Thou suit'st, O Lord, thy righteous 8 Thick clouds of smoke dispersed abroad, ways

ensigns of wrath before himn came; to various paths of human-kind, Devouring fire around him glow'd, They who for mercy merit praise,

that coals were kindled at its flame. with thee shall wondrous mercy find. 9 He leíl the beauteous realms of light, Thou to the just shalt justice show;

whilst heaven bow'd down its awful head; the pure thy purity shall see: Beneath his feet substantial night Such as perversely choose to go, was like a sable carpet spread.

shall meet with due returns f1 om thee. 10 The chariot of the King of kings, 27, 28 That lie the huinhle soul will save

which active troops of angels drew, and crush ihe hauglity's boasted might, On a strong tempest's rapid wings, In ine the Lord an instance gave,

with most amazing swifiness flew. whose darkness lie has turu'd to light. 11, 12 Black walery mists and clouds con- 29 On his firm succour, I rely'd, spired,

and did o'er numerous foes prevail ; with thickest shades his face to veil ; Nor fear'd, whilst he was on my side, But at his brightness soon retired,

the best defended walls to scale. and fell in showers of fire and hail. 30 For God's desiga shall still succeedy 13 Through heaven's wide arch a thun his word will bear the utmost test; dering peal

He's a strong shield to all that need, God's angry voice did loudly roar; and on his sure protection rest. While earth's sad face with heaps of hail si Who then deserves to be adored,

and fakes of fire was covered o'er. but God, on whom my hopes dependi 14 His sharpen’d arrows round be threw, Or who, except the mighty Lord,

which made his scatter'd foes retreat; can with resistless power Jefend ? Like darts his nimble lightnings flew,

PART V. and quickly finished their defeat.

32, S3 Tis God that girds my armour on, 15 The deep its secret stures disclosed,

and all my jusi designs fulfils; the world's foundations naked lay ; Through him iny feet can swiftly rum, By lis avenging wrath exposed, which fiercely raged that dreadful day. 34 Lessons of war from him I take,

and nimbly climb the steepest hills. PART III.

and manly weapons learn to wield; 16 The Lord did on my side engage; Stroug bows of steel with ease I break,

from heaven, his throne,my cause upheld; forced by my stronger arms to yielch And snatch'd me from the furious rage 35 The huckler of his saving health

of threatening waves, that proudly swellid.) protects me from assaulting foes ;

llis hand sustains me still; my wealth “ His mercy evermore extends

and greatness from his bounty Hows. "to David and his promised race." 36 My goings he enlarged abroad,

PSALM 19. till then to narrow paths confined; And, when in slippery ways I trod, THE heavens declare thy glory, Lorih the method of my steps design'd.


which that alone can hill; S7 Through him I numerous hosts defeat, The firmanent and stars express

and flying squadrons captive take; their great Creator's skill.
Nor from my fierce pursuit retreat, 2 The dawn of each returning day
till I a final conquest make.

fresh beams of knowledge brings; 88 Cover'd with wounds, in vain they try And from the dark returns of night

their vanquish'd heads again to rear; divine instruction springs. Spite of their boasted strength, they lie 3 Their powerful language to no realm

beneath my feet, and grovel there. or region is confined;
39 God, when fresh armies take the field, 'Tis nature's voice, and understood

recruits my strength, my courage warms; alike by all mankind. He makes my strong opposers yield, 4 Their doctrine does its sacred sense

subdued by my prevailing arnus. through earth's extent display; 40 Through him the necks of prostrate foes Whose bright contents the circling sun

my conquering feet in triumph press; does round the world convey: Aided by him, I root out those 5 No bridegroom on his nuptial day who hate and envy my success.

has such a cheerful face; 41 With loud complaints all friends they No giant does like him rejoice try'd;

to run his glorious race. but none was able to defend; 6 From east to west, from west to east, At length to God for help they cry'd; his restless course he goes; but God would no assistance lend.

And, through his progress, cheerful light 12 Like flying dust, which winds pursue, and vital warmth bestows. their broken troops I scatter'd round;

PART II. Their slaughter'd bodies forth I threw, Ske luathsome dirt, that clogs the ground. 7 God's perfect law converts the soul; PART VI.

reclaims from false desires; 43 Our factious tribes, at strife till now, With sacred wisdom his sure word

by God's appointment me obey; the ignorant inspires. The heathen to my sceptre bow, 8 The statutes of the Lord are just,

and foreign nations own my sway. and bring sincere delight; 44 Remotest realms their homage send, His pure comman is in search of truth

when my successful nome they hear; assist the feeblest sight. Strangers for my commands attend, 9 His perfect worship here is fix'd,

charm'd with respect, or awed by fear. on sure foundations laid; 45 All to my summons tamely yield, His equal laws are in the scales or soon in battle are dismay'd;

of truth and justice weigh'd; For stronger holds they quit the field, 10 Of more esteem than golden mines,

and still in strongest holds afraid or gold refined with skill;
46 Let the eternal Lord be praised, More sweet than honey, or the drops
the rock on whose defence I rest!

tliat from the comb distil.
To highest heavens his name he raised, 11 My trusty counsellors they are,
who me with his salvation blest!

and friendly warnings give; 47 'Tis God that still supports my right; Divine rewards attend on those

his just revenge my foes pursues ; who by thy precepts live. Tis he, that, with resistless might, 12 But what trail man observes how oft

fierce nations to my yoke subdues. he does from virtue fall? 48 My universal safeguard he!

O cleanse me from my secret faults, from whom my lasting honours flow; thou God that know'st them all! He made me great, and set me free 13 Let no presumptuous sin, O Lord,

from my remorseless bloody soe. dominion have o'er me; 49 Therefore, to celebrate his fame, That, hy thy grace preserved, I may

my grateful voice to heaven I'll raise; the great transgression flce. And nations, strangers to his name, 14 So shall my prayer and praises be

shall thus be taught to sing his praise: with thy acceptance blest; 50 “ God to his king deliverance sends; And I secure on thy defence,

"shows his anointed sigral grace; my strength and Saviour, rest.



His mercy still supports his throne, THE Lord to thy request attend,

and all his wants supplies. and bear thee in distress;

8 But, righteous Lord, thy stubborn foes The name of Jacob's God defend, shall feel thy heavy hand; and grant thy arms success :

Thy vengeful arm shall find out those 2 To aid thee from on high repair, that hate thy mild command.

and strength from Sion give; 9 When thou against then dost engage, 3 Remember all thy offerings there, thy just but dreadful doumn thy sacrifice receive:

Shall, like a glowing oven's rage, 4 To compass thy own heart's desire, their hopes and them consume. thy counsels stíll direct;

10 Nor shall thy furious anger cease, Make kindly all events conspire

or with their ruin end; to bring them to effect.

But root out all their guilty race, 5 To thy salvation, Lord, for aid

and to their seed extend. we cheerfully repair,

11 For all their thoughts were set on ill, With banners in thy name display'd; their hearts on malice bent; " the Lord accept thy prayer.”

But thou with watchsul care didst still 6 Our hopes are fix'd, that now the Lord,

the ill effects prevent. our sovereign, will defend;

12 While they their swift retreat shall make From heaven resistless aid afford,

Lo 'scape thy dreadful migil, and to his prayer attend.

Thy swifter arrows shall o'erlake, 7 Some trust in steeds for war design'd; and gall them in their flight. on chariots some rely;

13 Thus, Lord, thy wowvirous strength disAgainst them all we'll call to mind

close, the power of God inost high.

and thus exalt thy fame; 8 But from their steeds and chariots thrown, Whilst we glace songs of praise compose behold them through the plain,

to thy Almighty name. Disorderd, broke, and trampled down,

PSALM 22. whilst firm our troops remaili. 9 Still save us, Lord, and still proceed My God, my God, why lear’st thou me

our rightful cause to bless; Hear, King of heaven, in times of need,

O! why so far from me removed

and from my loud complaint? the prayers that we address.

2 All day, but all the day unheard, PSALM 21.

to thce do I complain ; THEaking O Lord with some of praise Withe cries implore

relief all night, With thy salvation crown'd, shall raise 3 Yet thou art still the righteous judge to heaven his cheerful voice.

of innocence oppressed; 2 For thou, whate'er his lips request, And therefore Israel's praises are not only dost impart;

of right to thee addressed. But hast, with thy acceptance, blest 4, 5 On thee our ancestors rely'd, the wishes of his heart.

and thy deliverance found; 3 Thy goodness and thy tender care With pious confidence they pray'd, have all his hopes outgone;

and with success were crown'd. A crown of gold thou mad'st him wear, 6 But I ain treated like a worm; and sett'st it firmly on.

like none of human birth; 4 He pray'd for life; and thou, O Lord, Not only by the great reviled, didst to his prayer attend,,

but made the rabule's mirth. And graciously to him afford

7 With laughter all the gazing crowd a life that ne'er shall end.

my agunies survey; 5 Thy sure defence through nations round They shoot the lip, they shake the head, has spread his glorious name;

and thus deriding say: And his successful actions crown'd 8 " In Gud he trusted, boasting oft with majesty and faine.

" that he was heaven's delighi; 6 Eternal blessings thou bestow'st, “Let God come down to save him now, and makest hio joys increase;.

6 and own his favourite." Whilst thou to him unclouded show'st

PART II. the brightness of thy face.

9 Thcu mad'st my teening mother's womb PART II.

a living offspring hear; 7 Because the king on God alone When but a suckling at the breast, for timely aid relies ;

I was thy early care.

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