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last-mentioned justices) such constables may enter at all times, as well by night as by day, every ship, hoy, barge, lighter, boat, or other vessel, (not being then actually employed in his majesty's service,) lying in the said river or creeks, for the purpose of inspecting the same; and such justices may suspend, or dismiss, the Thames police-surveyors, for neglect of duty, &c. Ibid. s. 5.

A justice of the peace for the county of Middlesex, county of Surrey, city and liberty of Westminster, or liberty of the Tower of London, or any person in his behalf, elsewhere than at the police-offices, directly or indirectly, taking or receiving, any fee, reward, gratuity, or recompence, for any thing done in the execution of his office, as justice of the peace, or clerk as aforesaid, within the limits of the weekly bills of mortality, or within the parishes of St. Mary-le-bone, Paddington, St. Pancras, Kennington, and St. Luke, Chelsea, in the county of Middlesex, P. 100l. for every such offence, with full costs by action. Except fees taken at any general, or quarter-sessions of the peace, or at any meeting of justices for licensing alehouses, or fees taken in the public-office in Bow-street, or by the vestry clerk of any parish, for the purpose of enforcing the payment of any taxes, or assessments, or for the purpose of hearing and determining any offence, cognizable before justices of the peace, by virtue of any statute, made and provided for the special regulation or government, of any such parish. Ibid. s. 7.

Table of fees to be hung up in some conspicuous part, of each of the police-offices, and also of the public office in Bowstreet; and any justice at such offices respectively, may refuse to do any act, for which a fee shall be demandable, unless the fee is first paid; and if the fee due is not paid, such justice may summon the person from whom the fee shall be due, and make order for the payment, with the costs; in default of payment, he may levy the same by distress, with costs. Ibid. s. 8.

A book is to be provided, for keeping an account of all fees taken or received, at each office; together with penalties and forfeitures, recovered, levied, or received, in pursuance of any adjudication, conviction, or order, to which books of account, the receiver is at all times to have free access; and the justices are once in every quarter of a year, to deliver to the receiver such account, verified upon oath, and to pay the amount of the fees, to the receiver. Ibid. s. 9.

All penalties and forfeitures, and shares of penalties and forfeitures, by any act now in force, or by any future act, (unless expressed to the contrary,) made payable to the king, or to any persons, other than the informer, suing for the same, or party aggrieved, and which is recoverable in a summary way, before a justice of the peace, or adjudged before any justice or justices, at either of the said police-offices, or at the said public office in Bow-street, to be accounted for, and paid into the hands of the receiver, by the justice, clerk, constable, officer, or other person or persons levying, or receiving the Ibid. s. 10.


The justices, or any other person, receiving any such fees, at any of the police-offices, neglecting to account for, and pay the same in manner aforesaid; or any justice, justice's clerk, constable, officer, or other person levying, or receiving, penalties, or forfeitures, or shares of penalties or forfeitures, and neglecting to pay the same into the hands of the receiver; or if any person resigning the office of receiver, or removing from the same, neglects, within twenty-one days after notice, to account for, and pay into the hands of the succeeding receiver all money remaining in his hands, applicable to the purposes of this act, the receiver for the time being in his own name, may sue for and recover the same, with double costs of suit, in any of the courts at Westminster, by action of debt. Ibid. s. 11.

In case of the death of the receiver, or of the person resigning, or being removed from such office, or of any of the other

persons, whom the said receiver for the time being, is authorized to sue as aforesaid, in such case the receiver for the time being may, in his own name only, sue for and recover such sum of money, remaining in the hands of such deceased receiver, or other person, his executors or administrators. Ibid. s. 12.

Receiver every three months, and oftener if required, to deliver to the lord-high-treasurer, or the commissioners of the treasury of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland for the time being, an account of all monies received and paid, verified on oath; and he may retain to his own use out of such monies, a sum not exceeding 400l. Ib. s. 13.

A justice appointed as aforesaid, cannot during his continuance in office be elected, or sit as a member of the house of commons; and a justice, receiver, surveyor, or constable, appointed by virtue of this act, during the time he is in office, or within six months, voting for the election of a member, for the counties of Middlesex or Surrey, or for the city and liberty of Westminster, or the borough of Southwark, respectively; or by word, message, writing, or in any other manner endeavouring to persuade any elector to give, or dissuade any elector from giving his vote, for the choice of any person to be a member of parliament, for the said counties, city, or borough, P. 100/. A. half to the informer, half to the poor, to be recovered by action, in any of the courts of record, at Westminster; (except for any act done at, or concerning any such elections, in the discharge of his duty.) Ibid. s. 14.

Where any act is directed or authorized to be done, by any justice or justices of the peace, residing in or near, or next the parish or place where any offence, or other matter cognizable before them is committed, or shall arise, the same jurisdiction may be exercised by a justice or justices, acting in such of the said police-offices, as may be situated next or near such parish or place. Ibid, s. 15.

The king may make such alterations in the places where the police-offices shall be situated, and in the hours of attendance, or such other regulations, as he may think proper. Ibid. s. 16.

Fairs. In fairs held within ten miles of Temple Bar, all business and amusements shall cease at the hour of eleven in the evening, and not recommence earlier than the hour of six in the morning; and if any house, shop, room, booth, standing, tent, caravan, waggon, or other place, shall, during the continuance of any such fair, be open within the said hours for any purpose of business or amusement, in the place where such fair shall be held, or within 300 yards thereof, any constable or other peace-officer may take into custody the master or mistress, or other person having the care, government, or management of any such house, &c. and every person being therein, (who shall not quit on being bidden by any such constable or peace-officer,) and convey them, as soon as conveniently may be, before a justice of the peace, who shall proceed to hear the complaint in a summary way; and every person convicted before such justice, as the master, mistress, or person having the care, government, management of any such house, &c. P. 57.; and every person convicted as having been therein, and not quitting on being bidden by the constable or peace-officer so to do, P. 40s. ; and if the party convicted shall not immediately pay the penalty, commitment to hard labour in the house of correction for (not exceeding) three months, nor less than six days, unless the penalty sooner paid: and if it shall appear to any two justices that any fair usually held within the distance aforesaid, has been held without charter, prescription, or other lawful authority, or that any fair lawfully held within the said distance, has been held for a longer period than is warranted by charter, &c. they may summon the owner or occupier of the ground upon which such fair is usually held, to appear before such justices as may be present at some

petty sessions, to be held at the time and place specified in the summons, not less than eight days after the service of the summons, to shew his right and title to hold such fair, or to hold such fair beyond a given period (as the case may be); the owner or occupier not attending in pursuance of such summons, or not shewing to the justices sufficient cause to believe that such fair has been held by lawful right and title for the whole period during which the same has been usually held, the justices may declare such fair to be unlawful, either altogether or beyond a stated period (as the case may be), and may give notice of such their declaration, by affixing copies thereof on the parish-church, and on the most public places in and near the ground where such fair had been usually held; and after such notices shall have been affixed for the space of six days, any attempt is made to hold such fair, if it shall be declared altogether unlawful, or to hold it beyond the prescribed period, if it shall be declared unlawful beyond a certain period, any justice of the peace within his jurisdiction, may by his warrant direct any constable or other peace-officer to remove every booth, standing, and tent, and every carriage of whatsoever kind, conveyed to, or being upon such ground for the purpose of holding, or continuing such fair; and to take into custody every person erecting, pitching, or fixing, or assisting to erect, pitch, or fix, any such booth, standing, or tent; and every person driving, accompanying, or conveyed in every such carriage; and every person resorting to such ground with any exhibitions, shows, swings, roundabouts, whirligigs, or other instruments of gambling or

amusement; and to carry every such person before a justice, who may proceed to hear the complaint in a summary way; and every person convicted of any such offences, P. not exceeding 107. nor less than 20s.; if not immediately paid, commitment to hard labour in the house of correction, for (not exceeding) three months, nor less than six days, unless penalty sooner paid. If the owner or occupier of the ground on

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