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portation for seven years, or imprisonment not exceeding two years, and if a male whipping in addition. 7&8 G. 4.

c. 30. s. 15.

Drawing any net, engines, &c. in salmon rivers, whereby any spawn of salmon, or any salmon not 18 inches from the eye to the extent of the middle of the tail, shall be taken and killed; setting any bank, &c. across such rivers, whereby the salmon may be hindered from passing up to spawn; taking any salmon of any kind between July 31 and November 12; or fishing at any time with a net less than 24 inches in the mesh; P. 57. and the fish, net, and engines. 1 J. 1 W. A. half to the informer, half to the poor. R. by distress, or commitment from one to three months. Conviction to be within one month. Nets and engines to be destroyed. 1G.

st. 2. c. 18. s. 14.

No salmon to be sent to London under six pounds weight, P. 5l. A. and R. as above. Ibid. s. 15.

Taking or having in possession fry or unsizeable fish, or any smelt not five inches long, any person may apprehend the offender, with the basket and goods, and deliver him to a peace-officer to be taken before a justice; P. forfeiture of the goods, and 20s. besides. R. distress, or in default commitment not exceeding three months, or till paid. A. the goods to the prosecutor and half the forfeiture, the other half to the poor. Power to mitigate, but not to less than half. Ap. sessions. 33 G. 2. c. 27. s, 13. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19.

Injuring or destroying any cordage or other materials belonging to the Free British Fishery, P. treble the value. R. distress, and in default commitment for not exceeding three calendar months, or till satisfaction is made. J. 1. W. 2. A. to the society of the Free British Fishery. Prosecution to be in six calendar months. 28 G. 2. c. 14. s. 9.

All casks in which fish (except fresh fish) is packed, shall have the name of the curer in large and permanent characters burned on them with iron, and the staves of each barrel

shall be half an inch thick at the bulge, and shall be full bound. P. seizure by any officer of excise or customs, and forfeiture. J. 1. 26 G. 3. c. 81. s. 17. 18.

Fresh fish (except turbots and lobsters) bought of any foreigner or out of any foreign bottom, except of protestant strangers inhabiting this kingdom, P. 100l. by the person offending, and 50l. by the master of the vessel: on complaint of an officer to two justices, they may summon the party, either personally or by summons left at his usual place of residence when on shore, or if not on shore, with some person in the vessel to which he belongs; or he may apprehend the person by his warrant. W. 1. R. distress, and in default commitment for one year, or till paid. A. to the informer. Ibid. s. 43. 46.

After conviction, offender may be detained forty-eight hours, to give time for the return of the warrant of distress. Ibid.s. 47.

Before commitment, on finding surety by two sufficient persons for payment of penalty and costs within fourteen days, the justices may accept it; but on non-payment at the appointed time, offender and his sureties shall be committed as above. Ibid. s. 49.

Ap. sessions within three months, giving six days' notice, with two sureties to appear and abide the decision of the Ibid. s. 50.


If the offender shall deposit the amount of the penalty, or shall be and continue imprisoned, he may appeal without finding sureties. Ibid. s. 51.

Witnesses duly summoned, not appearing or refusing to be sworn, or prevaricating in their evidence, P. commitment for one year without bail. Ibid. s. 44.

Persons buying or receiving fresh herrings, using or having in possession any cran or measure of greater contents than required by the regulations of the British herring fishery, he shall forfeit the same and 10l. 1 & 2 G. 4. c. 79. s. 5.

Stealing any oysters or oyster brood from any oyster bed, laying, or fishery; larceny. 7 & 8 G. 4. c. 29. s. 36.

Using any dredge-net, instrument or engine, within limits of oyster fishery, for the purpose of taking oysters or oyster brood, although none be taken; or with any net, &c. dragging upon the ground or soil of any such fishery; misdemeanor ; fine by court not exceeding 201. or imprisonment not exceeding three calendar months. Id. ibid.

Not to prevent any person from catching or fishing for any floating fish within the limits of any oyster fishery. Id. ibid.

Setting up any new wear along the sea-shore, or in any haven, harbour or creek, or within five miles of the mouth of any haven or creek, P. 10l. 1 J. R. by distress. A. half to the king, half to the informer. 3 J. 1. c. 12. s. 2.

Fishing in any such haven, &c. (as above), with an unlawful net, P. forfeiture of the net and 10s. A. half to the poor, half to the informer. Ibid. s. 3.

Using at sea, on the English coast, unlawful nets, P. 201. R. distress, or commitment for twelve months. 1 J. 2 W. A. half to the informer, half to the poor. Prosecution to be within one month; nets to be destroyed. Ap. sessions. 1 G. 1. st. 2. c. 18.

Exposing to sale fish of an unlawful size, P. and A. forfeiture of fish to the poor, and 20s. half to the informer, and half to the poor. J. 1. W. 2. R. by distress, or kept to hard labour from six to fourteen days, and whipped. Ap. sessions. Ibid.

Master of a vessel belonging to the whale fishery may make affidavit required by stat. 26 G. 3. c. 41. s. 1. before one justice of the peace, if he be unable from illness or unavoidable circumstances to attend the officers of the customs. 26 G. 3. c. 41. s. 4.


STEALING or ripping, cutting or breaking, with intent to steal, any glass or woodwork belonging to any building; or any lead, iron, copper, brass, or other metal; or any utensil or fixture, whether made of metal or other material, fixed in or to any building; or any thing made of metal fixed in any land being private property, or for a fence to any dwellinghouse, garden or area, or in any square, street, or other place dedicated to public use or ornament; felony; transportation for seven years, or imprisonment not exceeding two years, if a male whipping in addition. 7 & 8 G. 4. c. 29. s. 44.


UPON Complaint being made to a justice, by the party grieved, of a forcible entry made into lands or other possessions, he shall, within a convenient time, at the costs of the party grieved, take sufficient power of the county and go to the place where the force is made; and, if he shall find such force, shall cause the offenders to be arrested, and make a record of such force by him viewed, and put the said offenders in the next gaol, there to abide convict by the record of the same justice, until they have made fine and ransom to the king. 15 R. 2. c. 2.

The fine is to be set by the justice, and must be set upon each offender separately; but he cannot arrest or remove the parties if they make no resistance or show of force when he come to the house. Dalt. c. 44. 1 Haw. c. 64. s. 8.


SUBJECTS enlisting, or engaging to enlist or serve in foreign service, military or naval, guilty of misdemeanor. 59 G. 3.

c. 69. s. 2.



Justices to issue warrants for the apprehension of offenders. Ibid. s. 4.

Masters of ships, &c. taking on board persons enlisted contrary to this act, P. 50l. for each person. Ship may be detained by one justice till penalty paid, &c.


MAKING or selling any frame-work goods not properly marked, P. forfeiture of the goods, and 57. for every piece or pair of stockings. R. distress, and in default commitment not exceeding three months, or till paid. J. 1. not being a frame-work knitter, or concerned in the trade. A. half to the informer, half to the poor.

6 G. 3. c. 29.

Ap. sessions.

This act does not extend to abridge or take away any of the privileges of the Company of Frame-work Knitters.


In those societies whose regulations have been registered and approved by the sessions, members who think themselves aggrieved, may complain to two justices upon oath, who may summon the stewards or other officers, and hear and determine according to the specific regulations of each society. 33 G. 3. c. 54. s. 15.

Except where provision is made by the rules of the society for a decision by arbitration, and then such decision is conclusive, and no appeal to justices is allowed. Ibid. s. 16.

Members of benefit societies offending against the rules thereof, may be summoned by two justices, upon complaint on oath; and such justices may hear and determine the complaint according to the rules of such society, and make

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