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common law. 1 J. P. over and above value of bird, sum not exceeding 21. 7 & 8 G. 4. 3. 29. s. 33.


Driving, or taking by nets, tunnels, &c. any water-fowl in the moulting season,* P. 5s. for each fowl, and nets to be seized and destroyed. R. distress, and in default commitment from fourteen days to one month. J. 1. W. 1. A. half to the informer, half to the poor. 9 An. c. 25. s. 4.

Killing moor, heath game, or grouse, in the night-time, P. 5l. 1 J. 1 W. R. by distress, or house of correction, first offence three months, afterwards four months. half to the informer, half to the poor. 9 An. c. 25.



No person shall keep any common house or place for bowling, coyting, clough, cayls, half-bowl, tennis, &c. for gain. P. 40s. per day. 33 Hen. 8. c. 9. s. 11.

Haunting such places, P. 6s. 8d. Ibid. s. 12.

No artificer, apprentice, servant, &c. shall play at any games out of Christmas, P. 20s.; and at Christmas only in their masters' houses or presence. Ibid. s. 16.

Justices may enter suspected houses or places, and apprehend and detain the keepers of the same, and all persons resorting and playing, till the keepers shall find sureties to be bound in recognizance no longer to use and occupy such place; and the persons found playing, to be bound in their own recognizance not to use such games in future. Ib. s. 14. Any justice finding or knowing persons using any unlawful games contrary to this act, may commit them without

* Defined by 10 G. 2. c. 32. to be between June 1 and Oct. 1.

bail or mainprize, till they become bound to the king in such sum as the justice shall think reasonable, not to offend again. Ibid. s. 16.

Penalties half to the king, half to the prosecutor. Ib.

s. 18.

Any person using any unlawful games contrary to the statute of Hen. 8. the justice shall have power to commit him till he enter into recognizances, with or without sureties at the discretion of the justices, not to use such games in future. 1 J. 2 W. or on view. 2 G. 2. c. 28. s. 9.

A peace-officer, on notice in writing by two inhabitants of any parish paying scot and lot, of any person keeping a bawdy or gaming house, shall go with them to a justice; and on their making oath of the truth of the complaint, and entering into recognizances of 201. each to produce evidence of it; and the peace-officer into a recognizance of 30l. to prosecute with effect at the next assize or sessions, at the discretion of the justice; such justice shall issue his warrant to apprehend the offender, and shall bind him over to appear at the next assize or sessions, and, if he chooses, to be of good behaviour in the mean time. 25 G. 2. c. 30. s. 5. 6.

Constable neglecting or refusing to go before a justice, or to enter into recognizance, or not prosecuting, P. 201. each of the said inhabitants. Ibid. s. 7.

Constable to be paid reasonable expences by the parishofficers, to be ascertained by two justices; and the offender, if convicted, shall pay 10l. to each of the said inhabitants, on pain of forfeiting double the sum. Ibid. s. 5.

Two justices may order any person to be brought before them who they have just cause to suspect subsists only by gaming; and if the person does not prove the contrary to the satisfaction of the justices, they shall require him to find security for his good behaviour, or commit him till he does. 9 An. c. 14. s. 6.

And if, during the time he is bound, he shall play or bet

for any sum above 20s. his recognizance shall be forfeited. Ibid. s. 7.

Any person who shall keep any office or place, under the denomination of sales of houses or any other things, for the improvement of small sums of money, or expose such things to sale by way of lottery, or print schemes for such lotteries, or deliver out tickets, &c. P. 500l. 1J. 1 W. R. by distress, or commitment without bail for one year, and until fine be paid. A. third to the king, third to the informer, third to the poor. Ap. sessions. 8 G. 1. c. 2. s. 36. 37.

Persons offending as above, and determining the lottery by raffling, &c. instead of by tickets, P. 2001. 1 J. 1. W. R. by distress, or commitment not exceeding six months. A. informer one third, poor two thirds. Ap. sessions. 12 G. 2. c. 28. s. 1.

Adventuring in any such games or lotteries, P. 50l. R. A. and Ap. as above. 12 G. 2. c. 28. s. 3.

Witness summoned and not attending, notwithstanding he has betted at such unlawful game, &c. P. 50l. R. as above. 18 G. 2. c. 34. s. 4. 5.

Keeping a house for playing at any prohibited game with cards and dice, P. 2007. R. A. and Ap. as for adventuring in lotteries. 18 G. 2. c. 34.

The game of the ace of hearts, faro, basset, hazard, and every game with one or more die or dice (except backgammon, &c.), are deemed games or lotteries by cards and dice. 12 G. 2. c. 28. s. 2. 13 G. 2. c. 19. s. 9.

The 34 G. 3. c. 4. is full of references to the repealed act of 27 G. 3; and the 42 G. 3. c. 119. s. 4. commonly called the Little Go Act, refers for process and penalties to the 34 G. 3. c. 4; which refers to the repealed statute.

Persons keeping or being concerned in foreign lotteries, P. 2001. above all penalties imposed by former acts against illegal lotteries; and be, beside, imprisoned for one year, and further till the fine is paid. R. W. 1. J. 2. A. third to the

king, third to informer, third to poor. Ap. sessions. 2 G. 1. c. 19. s. 4. 5. 29. 30.


Ir prison becomes unsafe, or inconvenient, two justices may order repairs, and shall report to sessions. 4 G. 4. c. 64. s. 46.

Justices may commit to house of correction of county, in cases where person is apprehended in any district, &c. mentioned in schedule to this act. Ibid. s. 8.

Penalty for carrying spirituous liquors into prisons (except the King's Bench, Fleet, Marshalsea, and Palace Court) from 10l. to 201. or commitment to county gaol or house of correction for not exceeding three months. Ibid. s. 40.

Gaoler selling or giving away spirituous liquors in any prison, P. 201. R. distress, for want of distress commitment to county gaol or house of correction from one to six months. 1 J. Appeal. Ibid. s. 40. 69. 71.

Any justice may visit prison, and report abuses to sessions. Ibid. s. 17.

Not to extend to authorize justice to converse or hold any intercourse with prisoner committed to close confinement. Ibid. s. 18.

When keeper or other officer shall be removed or resign, &c. two justices may direct sheriff to eject him, &c. from apartments in the prison. Ibid. s. 27.

Debtors committed by courts for recovery of small debts, shall not be committed for more than twenty days, if debt does not exceed 20s.; nor for more than forty days, if it does not exceed 40s.; and all gaolers are required to discharge such persons accordingly, without any fee or gratuity. P. 51. R. distress, or in default commitment for two months, or till paid. J. 2. Information to be within two months. A. half to informer, half to poor. 26 G. 3. c. 38. s. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.



STEALING or cutting, breaking, rooting up, or otherwise destroying or damaging with intent to steal, the whole or any part of any tree, sapling or shrub, or any underwood, respectively growing in any park, pleasure ground, garden, orchard or avenue, or in any ground adjoining or belonging to any dwelling-house if value of article stolen or injury done exceed 17.; felony. 7 & 8 G. 4. c. 29. s. 38.

Stealing or cutting, breaking, rooting up, &c. the whole, &c. respectively growing elsewhere than in any of the situations before mentioned, in case value of article stolen or amount of injury done exceed 5l.; felony. Id. ibid.

Stealing or cutting, &c. the whole, &c. wheresoever the same may be respectively growing, the stealing of such article or injury done being to the amount of 1s. at least; first offence, over and above value, &c. or amount of injury, P. not exceeding 5l. 1 J.; second offence, commitment not exceeding twelve calendar months, and if before 2 J. offender if a male may be once or twice whipped; third, and subsequent offence, felony. Id. s. 39.

Stealing or destroying, &c. with intent to steal any plant, root, fruit, or vegetable production growing in any garden, orchard, &c. commitment not exceeding six months or P. not exceeding 201. over and above value of article stolen or injury done. Second offence, felony. Id. s. 42.


LEATHER GLOVES to be imported into port of London only till after 5th of July, 1827, and not unless in packages, each of which shall contain 100 dozen pair, &c.; and that such restrictions shall be complied with and enforced in like manner as if set forth in the table contained in the 6 Geo. 4. c. 108. 7 G. 4. c. 48. s. 7.

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