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There are many quotations in this volume. They have come unbidden, though not unwelcome. It is believed that they add greatly to the value of the book. Cordial acknowledgment is gladly made.

I wish particularly to express my thanks to the Reverend Doctor Hosea W. Jones and to the Reverend Doctor Louis F. Benson, who have graciously responded to my request for aid; and also to the Reverend George Rogers, who has made successful quest for secondhand books and engravings not easy to procure. I owe, too, most gratefully my obligation to the Reverend Frederic M. Bird, who has read the book in “proof,” and brought to bear upon it the light of his clear intelligence and vast and fruitful study.

Of books, there are many to which I owe, probably, more than I know. Of these there is one that towers high above all others, the Dictionary of Hymnology, by the Reverend Doctor John Julian and a capable corps of contributors. A new edition of this truly monumental work has just been issued. In its special field of knowledge it is impossible to recognize too warmly its exceeding worth.

For all that has to do with the material making of the book, everything is due to my friend and parishioner, Mr. Charles H. Clarke. He has been my "true yoke-fellow.” I cannot thank him enough.

W. B. B.


September, A. D. 1907.

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