The Antananarvio Annual and Madagascar Magazine, 3. köide,9–12. number

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London Missionary Society Press, 1885

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Page 19 - Modesty, with Seriousness, and with a religious Application of Events to the Uses to which wise Men always apply them, (viz.], to the Instruction of others by this Example, and to justify and honour the Wisdom of Providence in all the variety of our Circumstances, let them happen how they will.
Page 19 - Example, and to justify and honour the Wisdom of Providence in all the Variety of our Circumstances, let them happen how they will. The Editor believes the thing to be a just History of Fact...
Page 198 - A FEW more years shall roll, .£*- A few more seasons come, And we shall be with those that rest Asleep within the tomb.
Page 20 - The just application of every incident, the religious and useful inferences drawn from every part, are so many testimonies to the good design of making it public, and must legitimate all the part that may be called invention or parable in the story.
Page 60 - ... feet ; and there are also numerous extinct volcanic cones and craters. All round the island, but especially developed on the south and west, are plains of a few hundred feet elevation, formed of rocks which are shown by their fossils to be of Jurassic age, or, at all events, to belong to somewhere...
Page 202 - I roved at random thro' the town, And saw the tumult of the halls; And heard once more in college fanes The storm their high-built organs make And thunder-music, rolling, shake The prophets blazon'd on the panes; And caught once more the distant shout, The measured pulse of racing oars Among the willows; paced the shores And many a bridge, and all about The same gray flats again, and felt The same, but not the same; and last Up that long walk...
Page 144 - And if, as is probable, these opposite motions of the earth's crust usually take place in parallel bands, and are to some extent dependent on each other, an elevation of the sea bed could hardly fail to lead to the submergence of large tracts of existing continents ; and this. is the more likely to occur on account of the great disproportion that we have seen exists between the mean height of the land and the mean depth of the ocean. Keeping this principle in view, we may, with some probability,...
Page 18 - Pirates, being an account of the Famous Enterprises of Captain Avery, the Mock King of Madagascar, with His Rambles and Piracies, wherein all the Sham Accounts formerly publish'd of him, are detected.
Page 129 - This insular sub-region is one of the most remarkable zoological districts on the globe, bearing a similar relation to Africa as the Antilles to tropical America, or New Zealand to Australia, but possessing a much richer fauna than either of these, and in some respects a more remarkable one even than New Zealand.

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