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Wild as his land, in native deserts bred,
By lust incited, or by malice led,

The villain Arab, as he prowls for prey,

Oft marks with blood and wasting flames the way : Yet none so cruel as the Tartar foe,

To death inur'd, and nurst in scenes of woe.'

He said; when loud along the vale was heard A shriller shriek; and nearer fires appear'd: Th' affrighted shepherds, through the dews of night, Wide o'er the moon-light hills renew'd their flight.





KORASA's tribe, a frequent wandering train
From Zenan's pastures sought Negiran's plain.
With them Semira left her favourite shades,

The loveliest nymph of Yemen's sportive maids!

Her parting hand her fair companions press'd;
A transient sorrow touch'd each tender breast!
As some thin cloud across the morning ray
Casts one short moment's gloom, and glides away:
Their cares, their sports, they hasted soon to tend,
And lost in them the memory of their friend.

But gallant Zerad ill her absence bore, A wealthy emir from Katara's shore; A warrior he, the bravest of his race; A bard high-honour'd in his native place; Age oft learn'd knowledge from his tuneful tongue, And listening Beauty languish'd while he sung. What time the tribes in camp contiguous lay, Oft with the Fair-one he was wont to stray; There oft for her fresh fruits and flowers he sought, And oft her flocks to crystal fountains brought!

Where the tall palm-grove grac'd Alzobah's green, And sable tents in many a rank were seen; While Evening's steps the setting Sun pursued, And the still fields her balmy tears bedew'd; The pensive Lover, there reclin'd apart, Indulg'd the sorrows of his anxious heart. His graceful head the costly turban dress'd; The crimson sash confin'd his azure vest:

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His hand the sounding arabeb sustain'd;
And thus his voice in melody complain'd-
Soft as the night-bird's amorous music flows,
In Zibet's gardens, when she wooes the rose:

'Bright star of Sora's sky, whose matchless blaze, Gilds thy proud tribe with mild benignant rays! Sweet flower of Azem's vale, whose matchless bloom O'er thy fam'd house spreads exquisite perfume! Blithe fawn of Kosa, at the break of dawn, Midst groves of Cassia, sporting on the lawn! Too charming Beauty! why must I bemoan Thee from my presence thus abruptly flown? Ere the shrill trump to march the signal gave, And banners high in air began to wave;

Ere the tall camel felt his wonted load,

And herds and flocks slow mov'd along the road;
Ere slow behind them march'd the warrior train,
And the struck tents left vacant all the plain ;-
Could no fond plea obtain a longer stay?
Would no kind hand th' intelligence convey?
Ah, hapless me! to Aden's port I stray'd,
Sought gold and gems, but lost my lovely maid!

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My friends, they come my sorrows to allayAzor the wise, and Soliman the gay

One cries, Let reason hold her sober reign,
Nor love's light trifles give thy bosom pain!
For thee kind science all her lore displays,
And Fame awaits thee with the wreath of praise.'
'O why,' cries one, is she alone thy care?
She's fair, indeed, but other maids are fair:
Negima's eyes with dazzling lustre shine,
And her black tresses curl like Zebid's vine;
On Hinda's brow Kushemon's lily blows,
And on her cheek unfolds Nishapor's rose!
With them, the tale, the song, the dance shall please,
When Mirth's free banquet fills the bower of ease.'

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Ah, cease,' said I, of love he little knows,

Who with sage counsel hopes to cure its woes!
Go, bid in air Yamama's lightning stay,

Or Perath's lion quit his trembling prey :
Kind Science' lore with Beauty best we share,
And Beauty's hands Fame's fairest wreaths prepare.
I praise Negima's lovely hair and eyes;
Nor Hinda's lily nor her rose despise :

But Omman's pearls diffuse a brighter beam.
Than the gay pebbles of Kalafa's stream.-

"O lov'd Semira! whither dost thou rove? Tread thy soft steps by Sada's jasmine grove? Dost thou thy flocks on Ocah's mountain keep? Do Ared's olives whisper o'er thy sleep?

Ah, no!—the maid, perhaps, remote from these,
Some hostile troop in ambush laid, may seize :
Too lovely captives! she, in triumph borne,
The proud Pacha's throng'd haram shall adorn.
Vain fear! around her march her valiant friends;
Brave Omar's hand the bow of Ishmael bends;
Strong Hassan's arm Kaaba's spear can wield,
And rear on high El-makin's ponderous shield!
Ah, shame to me! shall Sloth's dishonouring chain,
From love, from glory, Zerad here detain,

Till grief my cheek with sickly saffron spread,
And my eyes, weeping, match th' Argavan's red?
Haste, bring my steed, supreme in strength and grace,
First in the fight, and fleetest in the chase;
His sire renown'd on Gebel's hills was bred,
His beauteous dam in Derar's pastures fed:

Bring my strong lance, that ne'er impell'd in vain,
Pierc'd the fierce tiger on Hegesa's plain.

Across the desert, I her steps pursue ;

Toil at my side, and danger in my view!
There Thirst, fell demon! haunts the sultry air,
And his wild eye-balls roll with horrid glare;
There deadly Samiel, striding o'er the land,
Sweeps his red wing, and whirls the burning sand;
As winds the weary caravan along ;

The fiery storm involves the hapless throng,

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