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Printed by J. BETTENHAM, for W. Innys, A. Ward,
Meff. 7. and P. Knapton, D. Browne, S. Birt, T. Long-
man, T. Woodward, C. Hitch, J. Ofwald, J.Shuckburgh,
7. Hodges, E. Wicksteed, Meff Ward and Chandler,
G. Hawkins, Meff. 7. and R. Tonfon, M. Cooper,
R, Wellington, and C. Bathurst.

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The Knight, with various Doubts poffeft,
To win the Lady goes in Quest

Of Sidrophel, the Rofy-Crucian,
To know the Deft'nies Refolution;

With whom b'ing met, they both chop Logick,

About the Science Astrologick;

Till falling from Difpute to Fight,
The Conj'rer's worsted by the Knight.


forms us,




OUBTLESS the Pleasure is as great
Of being cheated, as to cheat :

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This whole Canto is defign'd to expose Aftrologers, FortuneTellers, and Conjurers. In Banter of whom, Dr. James Young, (in his Tract, intitled, Sidrophel Vapulans, &c. 1699. p. 35.) in"That in the Pontificate of fome fuch holy Father as Gregory the Seventh, a Lover of the Black Art; one of the "Tribe craved of his Holiness, a Protector, or Patron-Saint for Aftrologers, like as other Arts had: The good Pontiff willing to oblige a Faculty he lov'd well, gave him the Choice of all "in Saint Peter's. The humble Servant of Urania, depending upon the Direction of good Stars, to a good Angel, went to "the choice Hoodwinkt, and groping among the images, the "firft he laid Hand on was that of the Devil in Combat with "Saint Michael; had he chofen with his Eyes open, he could "not have met with a better Protector for fo Diabolical an Art."


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'Twas a Cuftom in Alexandria formerly, for Aftrologers to pay a certain Tribute, which they call'd Fool's-Pence, because it was taken from the Gains which Aftrologers made by their own ingenious Folly, and credulous Dotage of their Admirers. [Turkish Spy, vol. 8. book 4. chap. 1o.] See Judicial Aftrology, exposed by Cervantes, Don Quixote. Vol. 3. chap. 25.




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