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JESUS said to his disciples, O ALMIGHTY God, who

in the day of visitation. Sub-lbe sorrowful, but your sorrow mit yourselves to every ordi- shall be turned into joy. A nance of man for the Lord's woman when she is in travail sake : whether it be to the hath sorrow, because her hour king, as supreme; or unto go-is come : but as soon as she is vernors, as unto them that are delivered of the child, she resent by him, for the punishment membereth no more the anof evil-doers, and for the praise guish, for joy that a man is of them that do well. For so born into the world. And ye is the will of God, that with now therefore have sorrow : well-doing ye may put to silence but I will see you again, and the ignorance of foolish men : your heart shall rejoice, and as free, and not using your your joy no man taketh from liberty for a cloak of malici

you. ousness; but as the servants of God. Honour all men : Love The Fourth Sunday after the brotherhood : Fear God :

Honour the king.

The Collect.
The Gospel. St. John xvi. 16.

alone canst order the A little while, and ye


unruly wills and affections of not see me; and again, a little sinful men; grant unto thy while, and ye shall see me ; people, that they may love the because I go to the Father thing which thou commandest, Then said some of his disci- and desire that which thou dost ples among themselves, What

promise ; that so, among the is this that he saith unto us, A little while, and ye shall not of the world, our hearts may

sundry and manifold changes see me; and again, a little

surely there be fixed, where while, and ye shall see me : true joys are to be found, and, Because I go to the Fa

through Jesus Christ our Lord. ther? They said therefore,

Amen. What is this that he saith, A little while ? we cannot tell The Epistle. St. James i. 17.

. Jesus

ciesirous perfect gift is from above, to ask him, and said unto them, and cometh down from the Do ye inquire among your- Father of lights, with whom selves of that I said, A little is no variableness, neither shaa while, and ye shall not see me ; dow of turning. Of his own and again, a little while, and will begat he us with the word ye shall see me? Verily, ve of truth that we should be a rily, I say unto you, that ye kind of first fruits of his creashall weep and lament, but the 'ures. Wherefore, my beloved world shall rejoice: and ye shall brethren, let eyery man be

is expedient for you that I go Band not hearers only, de


swift to hear, slow to speak, that the Father hath, are mine; slow to wrath; for the wrath therefore said I, that he shall of man worketh not the righ- take of mine, and shall show teousness of God. Wherefore it unto you. lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, and

The Fifth Sunday after receive with meekness the en

Easter. grafted word, which is able to

The Collect. save your souls.

O LORD, from whom all The Gospel, St. John xvi. 5 good things do come ; JESUS saith unto his disci-Scrant tous thy humble servants,

ples, Now I go my way to him that sent me, and none of

we may think those things that you asketh me, Whither goest

are good, and by thy merciful

guiding may perform the same, thou? But because I have said

through our Lord Jesus Christ. these things unto you, sorrow

Amen. hath filled your heart. Nevertheless I tell you the truth ; it The Epistle. St. James i. 22.

E if go not away. and , the Comforter will not comeceiving your own selves. For unto you; but if I depart, I if any be a hearer of the will send him unto you. And word, and not a doer, he is when he is come, he will re-liked unto a man beholding his prove the world of sin, and of natural face in a glass. For righteousness, and of judg. be beholdeth himself, and goment; Of sin, because they seth his way, and straightway believe not on me : Of righte-forgetteth what manner of man ousness, because I go to my he was. But whoso looketh Father, and ye see me no into the perfect law of liberty, more : Of judgment, because and continueth therein ; he bethe prince of this world is ing not a forgetful hearer, but judged. I have yet many a doer of the work, this man things to say unto you, but ye shall be blessed in his deed. cannot bear them now. How. If any man among you seem beit, when he, the Spirit of to be religious, and bridleth truth, is come, he will guide not his tongue, but deceiveth you into all truth : for he shall his own heart, this man's relinot speak of himself; but what-gion is vain. Pure religion soever he shall hear, that and undefiled before God and shall he speak; and he will the father, is this, To visit show you things to come. He the fatherless and widow's in shall glorify me : for he sha!! their affliction, and to keep receive of mine, and shall himself unspotted from the show it unto you, All things world,

The Gospel: St. John xvi. 23. The Ascension Day. VERILY, verily, I say unto The Collect. ask the Father in my name. RANT, we beseech thee, he will give it you. "Withert: GR

Almighty God, that like have ye asked nothing in mylus we do believe thy only nanie: Ask, and ye shall

begotten Son our Lord Jesus receive, that your joy may Christ to have ascended into be full. These things have lune heavens ; so we may also spoken unto you in proverbs : in heart and mind thither asthe time cometla, when I shall cend, and with him continually no more speak unto you in well, who liveth and reigneth proverbs ; but I shall show with thee and the Holy Ghost, you plainly of the Father: Alone God, world without end. that day ye shall ask in my men. name : and I say not unto you. that I will pray the Father for

For the Epistle. Acts i. 1. You can forudbefather himsels The former treatise bave loved me, and have believed all that Jesus began both to do that I came out from God. and teach,until the day in which I came forth from the Father he was taken up, after that and am come into the world : he, through the Holy Ghost, Again, I leave the world, and had given commandmentsunto go to the Father. His disci the apostles whom he had choples said unto him, Lo, nowaen: To whom also he showed speakest thou plainly, and himself alive after his passion, speakest no proverb. Now y many infallible proofs, be are we sure that thou knowesting seen of them forty days, . all things, and needest not and speaking of the things that any man should ask thee : pertaining to the kingdom of by this we believe that thou God : and being assembled to.. camest forth from God. Jesus gether with them, commanded anwered them, Do ye now them that they should not de-believe? Behold, the hour com-part from Jerusalem, but wait eth, yea, is now come, that for the promise of the Father, ye shall be scattered every which, saith he, ye have heard man to his own, and shall leave of me. For John truly bapme alone : and yet I am not tized with water; but ye shall alone, because the Father is be baptized with the Holy with me. These things I have Ghost, not many days hence. spoken unto you, that in me When they therefore were ye might have peace. In the come together, they asked of world ye shall have tribulation; im, saying, Lord, wilt thou but be of good cheer, I have it this time restore again the Qyercome the world.

kingdom to Israel ? And he


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said unto them, It is not for drink any deadly thing, it shall
you to know the times or the not hurt them; they shall lay
seasons, which the Father hath hands on the sick, and they
put in his own power. But ye shall recover. So then, after
shall receive power, after that the Lord had spoken unto
the Holy Ghost is come upon them, he was received up into
you : and ye shall be witnesses heaven, and sat on the right
unto me both in Jerusalem, hand of God. And they went
and in all Judea, and in Sama- forth, and preached every
ta, and unto the uttermost where, the Lord working with
past ef the earth. And when them, and confirming the word
he had spoken these things with signs following:
while they beheld, he was
taken up, and a cloud received Sunday after Ascension-Day,
him out of their sight. And

The Collect.
while they looked steadfastly
toward heaven, as he went up.

GOD, the king of glory, behold, two men, stood by

who hast exalted thinc them in white apparel; which only Son Jesus Christ with also said, Ye men of Galilee, great triumph unto thy kingwhy stand ye gazing up inio dom in heačeñ; we beseecă heaven? This same Jesus, thee leave us not comfortless ; which is taken up from you in-but send to us thine Holy to heaven, shall so come in like Ghost to comfort us, and exmanner as ye have seen him alt us unto the same place go into heaven.

whither our Saviour Christ is

gone before ; who liveth and
The Gospel. St. Mark xvi. 14. reigneth with thee and the
TESUS appeared unto the Holy Ghost, one God, world

eleven, as they sat at meat, without end. Amen.
and upbraided them with their
unbelief and hardness of heart,

The Epistle. i St. Peter iv. 7. because they believed not them The end of all things is at

: was risen. And he said unto sober, and watch unto prayer. them, Go ye into all the world, And above all things have ferand preach the Gospel to every vent charity among yourselves: creature. He that believeth, for charity shall cover the and is baptized, shall be saved ; multitude of sins. Use hospibut he that believeth not, shall tality one to another without be damned. And these signs grudging. As every man hath shall follow them that believe : received the gift, even so miIn my name shall they cast nister the same one to another, out devils ; they shall speak as good stewards of the mani. with new tongues; they shall fold grace of God. wake up serpents; and if they man speak, let him speak as

If any

sus our Saviour, who liveth and shall receive remission of sins: reigneth with thee, in the unity While Peter yet spake these of the same Spirit, one God, words, the Holy Givost fell on world without end. Amen. all them who heard the word.

For the Epistle. Acts x. 34. And they of the circumcision TIF THEN Peter opened his who believed, were astonisi.ed,

mouth, and said, Of a as many as came with Peter, truth I perceive that God is no because that on the Gentiles respecter of persons ; but in also was poured out the gift every nation, he that feareth of the Holy Ghost. For they him, and worketh righteous heard them speak with tongues, ness, is accepted with him.and magnify God. Then an

The word which God sent un-swered Peter, Can any man to the clildren of Israel, preach-forbid water, that these should ing peace by Jesus Christ, (he not be baptized, who have reis Lord of all ;) that word, Iceived the Holy Ghost as well say, ye know, which was pub-as we? And he commanded lished throughout all Judea, them to be baptized in the and began from Galilee, after name of the Lord. Then the baptism which John preach-prayed they him to tarry cered: How God anointed Jesus tain days. of Nazareth with the Holy The Gospiel. St. John iii. 16. Ghost, and with power ; who went about doing good, and Go

OD so loved the world, healing all that were oppress that he gave his only be ed of the devil; for God was gotten Son, that whosoever with him. And we are wit-believeth in him should not nesses of all things which he perish, but have everlasting did, both in the land of the life. For God sent not his Son Jews, and in Jerusalem ;into the world to condemn the whom they slew, and hanged world, but that the world on a tree: Him God raised through him might be saved. up the third day, and showed He that believeth on him is him openly; not to all the not condemned: but he that people, but unto witnesses believeth not is condemned al. chosen before of God; even ready, because he hath not to us, who did eat and drink believed in the name of the with him after he rose from only begotten Son of God. the dead. And he command-And this is the condemnation, ed us to preach unto the peo-that light is come into the ple, and to testify that it is he world, and men loved darkwhich was ordained of God to ness rather than light, because be the judge of quick and dead. their deeds were evil. For To him give all the prophets every one that doeth evil hawitness, that through his name, teth the light, neither cometh whosoever believeth in him to the light lest his deeds

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