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should be reproved. But bestereth in by the door, is the that doeth truth cometh to the shepherd of the sheep. To light, that his deeds may be him the porter openeth ; and made manifest, that they are the sheep hear his voice ; and wrought in God.

he calleth his own sheep by

name, and leadeth them out. Tuesday in Whit-gun Week. And when he pulleth forth his The Collect.

own sheep, he goeth before

them, and the sheep follow O ;

didst teach the hearts of and a stranger will they not thy faithful people, by sending follow, but will flee from him ; to them the light of thy Holy for they know not the voice of Spirit ; grant us by the same strangers. This parable spake Spirit to have a right judgment Jesus unto them; but they unin all things, and evermore to derstood not what things they rejoice in his holy comfort, were which he spake unto through the merits of Christ Je-them. Then said Jesus unto sus our Saviour, who liveth and them again, Verily, verily, I reigneth with thee, in the say unto you, I am the door unity of the same Spirit, one of the sheep: All that ever God world without end. Amen. came before me are thieves

and robbers; but the sheep For the Epistle. Acts viii. 14. did not hear them. I am the WHEN the Apostles, who door : by me if any man en

were at Jerusalem, heard ter in, he shall be saved, and that Samaria had received the shall go in and out, and find word of God, they sent unto pasture. The thief cometh them Peter and John ; who, not but for to steal, and to kill, when they were come down, and to destroy: I am come prayed for them, that they that they might have life, and might receive the Holy Ghost: that they might have it more (For as yet he was fallen upon abundantly. none of them ; only they were baptized in the name of the Trinity Sunday. Lord Jesus:) Then laid they their hands on them, and they

The Collect. received the Holy Ghost. ALMIGHTY and everlast

ing God, who hast given The Gospel. St. John X. 1.

unto us thy servants grace, by VERILY, verily, I say unto the confession of a true faith,

you, He that entereth not to acknowledge the glory of by the door into the sheep-the eternal Trinity, and in the fold, but climbeth up some power of the divine Majesty other way, the same is a thief to worship the Unity ; we beand a robber. But he that en-seech thee that thou wouldest


keep us steadfast in this faith, a face as a man, andthe fourth and evermore defend us from beast was like a flying eagle. all adversities, who livest and And the four beasts had each reignest, one God, world with-of them six wings about him ; out end. Amen.

and they were full of eyes For the Epistle. Rev. iv. 1.

within ; and they rest not day

and night, saying, Holy, holy, FTER this I looked, and holy, Lord God Almighty,

. , ed in heaven : and the first come. And when those beasts voice which I heard, was as give glory and honour, and it were of a trumpet, talking thanks to him that sat on the with me ; which said, Come throne, who liveth for ever up hither, and I will show and ever, the four and twenty thee things which must be elders fall down before him that hereafter. And immediately sat on the throne, and worship I was in the Spirit; and behold, him that liveth for ever and a throne was set in heaven, ever, and cast their crowns beand one sat on the throne : fore the throne, saying, Thou and he that sat was to look art worthy, O Lord, to reupon like a jasper and a sar-ceive glory, and honour, and dine-stone ; and there was a power; for thou hast created rain-bow round about the all things, and for thy pleasure throne, in sight like unto an they are, and were created. cmerald. And round about the throne were

The Gospel. St. John iii. 1. four and

a seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white demus, a ruler of the Jews : raiment; and they had on The same came to Jesus by their heads crowns of gold : night, and said unto him, and out of the throne proceed-Rabbi, we know that thou art ed lightnings and thunderings, a teacher come from God: and voices. And there were For no man can do these miseven lamps of fire burning racles that thou doest, except before the throne, which are God be with him. Jesus anthe seven spirits of God. And swered and said unto him, Vebefore the throne, there was rily, verily, I say unto thee, a sea of glass, like unto crys- except a man be born again, tal. And in the midst of the he cannot see the kingdom of throne, and round about the God. Nicodemus saith unto throne, were four beasts full him, How can a man be born of eyes before and behind : when he is old ? can he enter And the first beast was like a the second time into his molion, and the second beast like ther's womb), and be born ? a calf, and the third beast had Jesus answered, Verily, verily.


seats ; and upon the TPharisees, named Nico

I say unto thee, except a ma prayers ; and because, through be born of water, and of the the weakness of our mortal naSpirit, he cannot enter inte ture, we can do no good thing the kingdom of God. That without thee, grant us the help which is born of the flesh, is of thy grace, that in keeping flesh; and that which is born thy commandments we may of the Spirit, is spirit. Mar- please thee, both in will and vel not that I said unto thee, ceed, through Jesus Christ our ye must be born again. The Lord. Amen. wind bloweth where it listeth, The Epistle. 1 St. John iv. 7. and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell ELOVED, let us love one whence it cometh, and whither it goeth ; so is every one that God, and every one that lovis born of the Spirit. Nicode. eth is born of God, and knowmus answered and said untoleth God. He that loveth not, him, How can these things be knoweth not God; for God is Jesus answered and said unto 'ove. In this was manifested him, Art thou a master of Is- the love of God towards us, rael, and knowest not these because that God sent his only things ? Verily, verily, I say begotten Son into the world, unto thee, we speak that we that we might live through do know, and testify that we him. Herein is love ; not that have seen ; and ye receive not we loved God, but that he our witness. If I have told loved us, and sent his Son to you earthly things, and ye be-be the propitiation for our sins. lieve not ; how shall ye believe, Beloved, if God so loved us, if I tell you of heavenly things we ought also to love one anAnd no man hath ascended up other. No man hath seen God to heaven, but he that came at any time. If we love one down from heaven, even the another, God dwelleth in us, Son of man, who is in heaven. and his love is perfected in us. And as Moses listed up the Hereby know we that we dwell serpent in the wilderness, even in him, and he in us : because 90 must the Son of man be he hath given us of his Spirit. lifted up; that whosoever be- And we have seen and do teslieveth in him should not pe-tify, that the Father sent the rish, but have eternal life. Son to be the Saviour of the

world. Whosoever shall conThe First Sunday after

fess that Jesus is the Son of Trinity.

God, God dwelleth in him,

and he in God. And we have The Collect. known and believed the love

God is those who put their trust love ; and he that dwelleth in in thee, mercifully accept our love, dwelleth in God, and

OGOD, the strength of all that God hath to us.

God in him. Herein is our in water, and cool my tongue; love made perfect, that we for I am tormented in this may have boldness in the day flame. But Abraham said, of judgment; because as he is, Son, remember that thou in so are we in this world. There thy life-time receivedst thy is no fear in love; but perfect good things, and likewise Lalove casteth out fear; because zarus evil things; but now he fear hath torment: He that is comforted, and thou art torfeareth, is not made perfect mented. And besides all this, in love. We love him, be-between us and you there is a cause he first loved us. If a great gulph fixed : so that man say, I love God, and ha-they who would pass from teth his brother, he is a liar : hence to you cannot; neither for he that loveth not his can they pass to us that would brother, whom he hath scen, come from thence. Then he how can he love God, who said, I pray thee therefore, he hath not seen? And this father, that thou wouldest send commandment have we from him to my father's house : for him, that he who loveth God, I have five brethren : that he love his brother also.

may testify unto them, lest The Gospel. St. Luke svi. 19. they also come into this place

of torment. Abraham saith THERE THERE was a certain rich unto him, They have Moses

man, who was cloilieu and the Prophets ; let them in purple and fine linen, and hear them. And he said, Nay, fared sumptuously every day. father Abraham ; but if one And there was a certain beg- went unto them from the dead, gar, named Lazarus, who was they will repent. And he said laid at his gate, full of sores ; unto him, If they hear not Moand desiring to be fed with theses and the Prophets, neither crumbs which fell from the will they be persuaded, though rich man's table : morcover one rose from the dead. the dogs came and licked his sores. And it came to pass

The Second Sunday after that the beggar died, and was

Trinity. carried by the angels into The Collect. Abraham's bosom: the rich O LORD, who never fail

est to help and govern and in hell he lifted up his those whom thou dost bring up eyes, being in torments, and in thy steadfast fear and love ; seeth Abraham afar off, and keep us, we beseech thee, unLazarus in his bosom. And der the protection of thy good le cried, and said, Father providence, and make us to Abraham, have mercy on me, have a perpetual fear and love and send Lazurus, that he of thy Holy Name, through Jemay dip the tip of his finger sus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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