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and pleasant thing it is to be! He casteth forth bis ice like thankful.

morsels; who is able to abide The Lord doth build up Je- his frost ? rusalem, and gather together He sendeth out his word, the outcasts of Israel. and melteth them ; he bloweth

He healeth those who are with his wind, and the waters broken in heart, and giveth now. medicine to heal theirsickness, He showeth his word unto

He telleth the number of Jacob, bis statutes and ordithe stars, and calleth them all nances unto Israel. by their names.

He hath rot dealt so with Great is our Lord, and any nation ; neither have the great is his power ; yea, and heathen knowledgeof his laws. his wisdom is infinite.

From Psalm lvii. Miserere The Lord setteth up the meek, and bringeth the un

mei, Deus. godly down to the ground.

ET up thyself, O God,

above the heavens; and O sing unto the Lord with thanksgiving; sing praises up

thy glory above all the earth. on the harp unto our God ;

My heart is fixed, O God, Who covereth the heaven my heart is fixed ; I will sing with clouds, and prepareth and give praise. rain for the earth; and maketh

Awake up, my glory; -a

. the grass to grow upon the wake, lute and harp: 1 my

self will awake right early. mountains, and the herb for the use of men ;

I will give thanks unto thee, Who giveth fodderunto the

O Lord, among the people, cattle, and feedeth the young

and I will sing unto thee ravens that call upon him.

among the nations. The Lord's delight is in

For the greatness of thy those who fear him, and put

mercy reacheth unto the heatheir trust in his mercy,

vens, and thy truth unto the

Iclouds. Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem; praise thy God, O Sion.

Set up thyself, O God, above For he hath made fast the

the heavens; and thy glory

above all the earth. bars of thy gates,and hath blessed thy children within thee. SELECTION X.

He maketh peace in thy From Psalm xcvi. Cantate borders, and filleth thee with the flour of wheat.

Domino, He sendeth forth his com. O mandment upon earth, and his new song : sing unto the word runneth very swiftly. Lord, all the whole earth.

He giveth snow like wool, Sing unto the Lord, and and scattereth the hoar-frost praise bis Name; be telling of like ashes.

This salvation from day to day.

Declare his honour unto the his Name only is excellent, heathen, and his wonders unto and his praise above heaven all people.

and earth. For the Lord is great, and He shall exalt the horn of cannot worthily be praised ; his people : all his saints shall he is more to be feared than praise him; even the children all gods.

of Israel, even the people that

serveth him. Psalm cxlviii. Laudate Dominum.

From Psalm cxlix. Cantate

Domino. O PRAISE the Lord of

heaven ; praise him in O SING unto the Lord a the height.

new song; let the congrePraise him, all ye angels of gation of saints praise him. his ; praise him, all his host. Let Israel rejoice in him

Praise him, sun and moon; that made him; and let the praise him, all ye stars and children of Sion' be joyful in light.

their king. Praise him, all ye heavens, Let them praise his Name and ye waters that are above in the dance ; let them sing the heavens.

praises unto him with tabret Let them praise the Name and harp. of the Lord; for he spake the For the Lord hath pleasure word, and they were made ; in his people, and helpeth the he commanded, and they were meek-hearted. created,

He hath made them fast for Psalm cl. Laudate Dominum. ever and ever; he hath given them a law which shall not be O PRAISE God inhis boilie .

the Praise the Lord upon earth, firmament of his power. ye dragons, and all deeps ; Praise him in his noble acts;

Fire and hail, snow and praise him according to his vapours, wind and storm, ful- excellent greatness. filling his word;

Praise him in the sound of Mountains and all hills; fruit- the trumpet; praise him upon ful trees and all cedars ; the lute and harp.

Beasts and all cattle; worms Praise him in the cymbals and feathered fowls ; and dances; praise him upon

Kings of the earth and all the strings and pipe. people ; princes and all judges Praise him upon the wellof the world ;

Luned cymbals; praise him · Young men and maidens, upon the loud cymbals. old men and children, praise Let every thing that hath the Name of the Lord; for breath praise the Lord.


Portions of Psalms, to be Lord, Sit thou on my right sung or said, at Morning hand, until I make thine enePrayer, on certain Feasts mies thy foot-stool. and Fasta, instead of the The Lord shall send the Venite Exultemus,when any rod of thy power out of Sion ; of the foregoing Selections be thou ruler, even in the are to follow instead of the midst among thine enemies. Psalms, as in the Table. In the day of thy power

shall the people offer thee freeCHRISTMAS-DAY. will offerings with an holy From Psalms xlv. lxxxix. cx.

worship : the dew of thy birth

is of the wombof the morning. CHY seat, o God, endur- The Lord sware, and will

eth for ever; the sceptre of not repent, Thou art a priest thy kingdom is a right sceptre for ever, after the order of

Thou hast loved righteous-Melchizedech. ness, and hated iniquity ; wherefore God, even thy God,

ASH WEDNESDAY. bath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fel. From Psalms xxxii. xxxviii. lows.

сxxx. BLES

LESSED is he whose unthe loving kindness of the righteousness is forgiven, Lord; with my mouth will I and whose sin is covered. everbe showing thy truth,from Blessed is the man unto one generation to another. whom the Lord imputeth no

For I have said, mercy shall sin, and in whose spirit there be set up for ever; thy truth is no guile. shalt thou establish in the hea- Put me not to rebuke, O vens.

Lord, in thine anger; neither The Lord is our defence ; chasten me in thy heavy disthe holy One of Israel is our pleasure : king.

For thine arrows stick fast Thou spakest some time in in me, and thine hand pressvisions unto thy saints, and eth me sore. saidst, I have laid help upon My wickednesses are gone one that is mighty, I have ex- over my head, and are like a alted one chosen out of the sore burden, too heavy for people.

me to bear. I will set his dominion in the I will confess my wickedsea, and his right hand in the ness, and be sorry for my sin.

Haste thee to help me, O And I will make him my Lord God of my salvation. first born, higher than the Out of the deep have I cal, kings of the earth.

led unto thee, O Lord ; Lord, The Lord said unto my hear my voice.


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Let thine ears be attentive They gave me gall to eat ;
to the voice of my supplica- and when I was thirsty, they

gave me vinegar to drink.
If thou, Lord, shouldest be Sacrifice and meat-offering
extreme to mark what is thou wouldst not ; but mine
done amiss, O Lord, who ears hast thou opened.
shall stand ?

Burnt-offerings and sacri.
But there is forgiveness fice for sin hasť thou not re-
with thee, that thou mayest quired : Then said I, Lo, I
be feared.


In the volume of the book

it is written of me, that I From Psalms xxii. Ixix. xl. should fulfil thy will, O my M

Y God, my God, look God: I am content to do it ;

upon mt; why hast
thou forsaken me? and art so heart.

yea, thy lavy is within my
far from my health, and from
the words of my complaint ?

But thou art holy, O thou ASCENSION-DAY.
that inhabitest the praises of

From Psal.ns xxiv. xlvii.
I am a vorm, and no man;
a reproach of men, and de- gates; and be ye lift up,
spised of the people. ye everlasting doors, and the

All they that see me langh King of glory shall come in. me to scorn; they shoot out Who is the King of glory? the lip, they shake the head, the Lord strong and mighty; saying,

even the Lord mighty in battle He trusted in God, that he Lift up your heads, ( ye would deliver him ; let him gates; and be ye lift up, ye deliver him, if he will have everlasting doors, and the him.

King of glory shall come in. The counsel of the wicked Who is the King of glory! layeth siege against me; thcy even the Lord of hosts he is pierced my hands and iny feet the King of Glory. They part my garments clap your hands together,

O among them, and cast lots all ye people ; shout unto God upon my vesture.

with the voice of triumph. But be thou not far from For the Lord most high is me, O Lord : O my strength, terrible; he is a great King haste thee to help me. over all the earth.

Thy rebuke hath broken God is gone up with a my heart; I am full of heavi-shout; the Lord with the ness; I looked for some to sound of a trumpet. have pity on me, but there! Sing praises to God, sing was no man, neither found I praises ; sing praises unto our any to comfort me.

King, sing praises.

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God reigneth over the hea- The Lord gave the word ; then : God sitteth upon the great was the company of those throne of his holiness, that published it.

The princes of the people. Though ye have lain among are gathered together, even the pots, yet shall ye be as the the people of the God of Abra-wings of a dove, covered with ham ; for the shields of the silver, and her feathers with earth belong unto God : He is yellow gold. greatly exalted.

Thou hast ascended on high;

thou hast led captivity captive ; WHITSUNDAY.

thou hast received gifts for From Psalms ii. Ixviii.

men ; yea, for the rebellious I God might

the Lord hath said unto me, dwell among them. Thou art my son, this day Blessed be the Lord, who ; have I begotten thee. J'aily loadeth us with benefits;

Desire of me, and I shall give even the God of our salvation. thee the heathen for thine in. Sing unto God ye kingdoms heritance, and the utmost parts of the earth : O sing praises of the earth for thy possession. unto the Loril;

Be wise now, therefore, o To him that rideth upon the ye kings; be instructed, ye heaven of heavens, which were judges of the earth.

Jof old: Lo, he doth send out Serve the Lord with fear, his voice, and that a nighty and rejoice with trembling. voice.

Sing unto God, sing praises Ascribe ye strength unto to his name : extol him that God ; his excellency is over rideth upon the heavens by his Israel, and his strength is in name Jah, and rejoice before the clouds. him.

O God, thou art terrible out Thou, O God, sentest a gra-of thy holy places ; the God cious rain upon thine inher-of Israel is he that giveth itance, and refreshedst it when strength and power unto his

Ipeople : Blessed be God.

it was weary.

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