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His praise declare,
Ye heav'ns above,
And clouds that move

In liquid air.
5, 6 Let them adore the Lord,

And praise his holy Name,
By whose Almighty word
They all from nothing came;

And all shall last,
From changes free;
His firm decree

Stands ever fast.
7,8 Let earth her tribute pay ;

Praise him ye dreadful whales,
And fish that through the sea
Glide swift with glittring scales ;

Fire, hail, and snow,
And misty air,
And winds that, where

He bids them, blow,
9, 10 By hills and mountains, all

In grateful concert join'd;
By cedars stately tall,
And trees for fruit designd;

By ev'ry beast,
And creeping thing,
And fowl of wing,

His Name be blest. 11, 12 Let all of royal birth,

With those of humbler frame,
And judges of the earth,
His matchless praise proclaim :

In this design,
Let youths with maids,
And hoary heads

With children join.
13 United zeal be shown,

His wondrous fame to raise,
Whose glorious Name alone
Deserves our endless praise :

Earth's utmost ends
His pow'r obey ;
His glorious sway

The sky transcends,

1, 2

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14 His chosen saints to grace,

He sets them up on high,
And favours Israel's race,
Who still to him are nigha :

() therefore raise
Your grateful voice,
And still rejoice
The Lord to praise.


Prepare your glad voice,
His praise in the great

Assembly to sing :
In our great Creator

Let Israel rejoice ;
And children of Sion

Be glad in their King.
3, 4 Let them his great Name

Extol in the dance ;
With timbrel and harp

His praises express ;
Who always takes pleasure

His saints to advance,
And with his salvation

The humble to bless. 5, 6 With glory adorn'd,

His people shall sing
To God, who their beds

With safety does shield ;
Their mouths fill’d with praises

of him, their great King ;
Whilst a two-edged sword

Their right hand shall wield ; 7, 8 Just vengeance to take

For injuries past;
To punish those lands

For ruin design'd;
With chains as their captives,

To tie their kings fast,
With fetters of iron

Their nobles to bind.
9 Thus shall they make good,

When them they destroy,
The dreadful decree

Which God does proclaim:

Such honour and triumph

His saints shall enjoy ; O therefore for ever Exalt his great Name.


PRAISE the Lord in that blest place,

From whence his goodness largely flows; Praise him in heav'n, where he his face,

Unveil'd in perfect glory shows. 2 Praise him for all the mighty acts

Which he in our behalf has done ; His kindness this return exacts,

With which our praise should equal run. 3 Let the shrill trumpet's warlike voice

Make rocks and hills his praise rebound : Praise him with harp's melodious noise,

And gentle psalt'ry's silver sound. 4 Let virgin troops soft timbrels bring,

And some with graceful motion dance ;
Let instruments of various strings,

With organs join'd, his praise advance. 5 Let them who joyful hymns compose,

To cymbals set their songs of praise ;
Cymbals of common use, and those

That loudly sound on solemn days. 6 Let all that vital breath enjoy,

The breath he does to them afford,
In just returns of praise employ :


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As Psalm 100.
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

The God whom earth and heav'n adore,
Be glory, as it was of old,
Is now, and shall be evermore.

As Psalm 37.
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
The God whom heav'n's triumphant host,

And suff'ring saints on earth adore,
Be glory, as in ages past,
As now it is, and so shall last,
When time itself shall be no more.

A: Psalm 148.
To God the Father, Son,
And Spirit ever bless'd,
Eternal Three in One,
All worship be address'd;

As heretofore
It was, is now,
And shall be so
For evermore.

As Psalm 149.
By angels in heav'n

Of ev'ry degree,
And saints upon earth,

All praise be addrest;
To God in Three Persons,

One God ever blest;
As it has been, now is,

And always shall be.


Showing where to find each PSALM by its beginning.


AGAINST all those that strive with me

GAINST all those that strive with me
As pants the hart for cooling streams
At length, by certain proofs, tis plain
Behold, O God, how heathen hosts
Bless God, my soul; thou Lord, alone
Bless God, ye servants that attend
Defend me, Lord, from shame
Deliver me, O Lord, my God
Do thou, O God, in mercy help
For ever bless'd be God the Lord
For thee, O God, our constant fıraise
From lowest depths of woe
From my youth up, may Israel say
Give ear, thou Judge of all the earth
God in the great assembly stands
God is our refuge in distress
God's temple crowns the holy mount
Had not the Lord, may Israel say
Happy the man whose tender care
Have mercy, Lord, on me
Hear, O my people ; to my law
He's blest who's sins have pardon gaind
He that has God his guardian made
How good and pleasant must it be
Hold not thy peace, O Lord our God
How blest are they, who always keep
How blest is he, who ne'er consents
How long wilt thou forget me, Lord
How many, Lord, of late are grown
How vast must their advantage de
T'U celebrate thy praises, Lord
In deep distress I oft have cry'd
In Judah the Almighty's known
In thee I put my stedfast trust
In vain, O man of lawless might
1 waited meekly for the Lord
Jehovah reigns, ket all the earth

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