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a collection of poems are entirely expunged. Besides a vast number of modern songs of real merit, inserted in this Collection, will be found the new songs sung at the Public Gardens fince the first publication; likewise a few favourite cantatas, catches and glees; to which is added a number of original toasts and sentiments not to be met with in any other book. As there have been frequent complaints, that publications of this kind often abound with ribaldry and indecency, the greatest care has been paid in felecting, totally to exclude every thing that would have the finallest tendency to corrupt the morals or offend the ear of the most delicate reader.

How far the Editors'endeavours have been successful, in rendering this Collection an agreeable companion to the social mind, they must leave to the determination of the Public.



100 III


Page S Damon and Phillis were feeding their sheep, 10 All you is singing here,

40 Al hail to the day that merits more praise,

41 At the brow of the hill a fair shepherdess dwelt, As how

bloom comes on apace,

70 Attend all ye shepherds and nymphs to my lay, 72 As thro' the green meadow I chanced to pass, 74 Awake my love with genial ray,

81 A dawn of hope my soul revives,

95 Adicu ye streams that smoothly glide, Alas! when charming Sylvia's gone, At noon-tide as Colin and Sylvia lay,

114 Amidst a rosy bank of flowers,

115 As bringing home the other day A term full as long as the fiege of old Troy, 129 As Jamie gay gang'd blitbe his way,

135 A friend of mine came here yeftreen,

137 Ak if yon damalk rose be sweet,

141 As thro' the grove the other day,

149 Away to the field, see the morning looks gray, 15€ Alas, my son, you little know, As Hebe was 'tending her theep t'other day, 180 Alexis Thun'd his fellow [wains,

187 As on the banks of Tweed I lay reclin'd,

204 As Patie came up frae the glen,

211 As down on the cowflip dale I Aray'd,

228 Ah! sure a pair was never seen,

239 At Totterdown hill there dwelt an old pair,

253 As I was ganging o'er the lee,

258 As down on Banna's banks I stray'd,

259 A Parson who had a remarkable foible,

269 A plague of those musty old lubbers,



Busy humble bee am I,
By the fide of a fream at the foot of a hill,


46 98

Page Blithe young Bess to Jean did say,

49 Beneath a green shade a lovely young swain,

73 Britons, loyal and bold,

77 Bright Sol is return'd, the winter is o'er, By Pinky house oft let me walk,

106 By the gayly circling glass,

115 Behold this fair goblet, 'twas carv'd from the tree, 145 Behold from many a hostile shore,

160 But are you sure the news is true,

167 Braw, braw lads of Galla water,

178 By smooth winding Tay a swain was reclining,

216 Beneath a beech's grateful shade,

239 Behold from far what tidings are brought, Blitheft lads and lasses gay,

256 268

Come live with me, and be my love,

5 Come hear me, my boy, haft a mind to live long, 26 Contented all day I will fit by your side,

27 Come, gie's a fang the lady cries,

42 Come hastetothe wedding yefriends and ye neighbours, 47 Come cheer up my lads, 'tis to glory we steer,

60 Cease, rude Boreas, blustring railer,

66 Coming home with my milk the young '[quire I met, 74 Come all ye young lovers who wan with despair, 79 Come, jolly Bacchus, god of wine, Come, come my good shepherds,

88 Come Colin, pride of rural swains,

96 Come, Amanda, charming creature,

157 Come gentle god of soft repose, Cupid god of ebon bow,

257 Come

lads who wish to shine,




83 134

Down by yon fhady grove,
De'il tak’ the wars that hurried Billy from me,
Dear Chloe come give me sweet kisses,
Do you hear, brother sportsman,
Down top gallant fails, stand by your lee braces,
Donald's a shentleman, an' evermore shall,

138 Page Down the burn and thro' the mead,

146 154 175

195 Dear Tom, this brown jug that now foams with mild ale,


E. Ere Phoebus shall peep on the fresh-budding flow'r, 113 Encompass’d in an angel's frame,


F. Fill me a bowl, a mighty bowl, From Roslin Castle's

echoing walls, For ever, Fortune, wilt thou prove, For the lack of gold she has left me, From sweet bewitching tricks of love,


57 105

ib. 127

Guardian angels hov'ring near me,
Gay Damon long study'd my heart to obtain,
Guardian angels now protect me,
Gin I had a wee house, and a canty wee fire,
Go patter to lubbers, and swabs d'ye fee,

36 141 158 175 277

How hard is the fortune of all womenkind,

55 How happy a lover's life passes,

65 How happy were my days till now,

68 How dare you, bold Strephon, presume thus to prate, 80 How bleft has my time been,

125 How happy is he, whoe'er he be,

130 How little do the landsmen know,

139 Hopeless still, in filent anguish,

159 Hersell pe Highland fhentleman,

171 How pleasing glides our morn of youth,

183 How imperfect is exprefsion,

203 How sweet is the woodland with fleet hound and horn,

204 Here each morn and every eve,

206 Hark, hark the joy inspiring horn,

208 Happy's the love that meets return,

214 Her sheep had in clutters crept close to the grove,


Hark the trumpet sounds to arms,



Love and Folly were at play,
Love's a tempest, life's the ocean,
Love's a gentle, generous passion,


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