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jected ***

1. Of the Beautiful ***

Page 30 II. Of Theory and Practice **

33 III. Of the Subject *

34 Invention, the first part of Painting** 35 IV. Disposition, or economy of the whole 35 V. The Subject to be treated faithfully 36 VI. Every foreign Ornament to be re

36 VII. Design, or POSITION, the second part of Painting **

38 VIII. Variety in the Figures . IX. Conformity of the Limbs and Drapery to the Head *

41 X. Action of Mutes to be imitated*

41 XI. The principal Figure *

4* XII. Groups of Figures ,

42 XIII. Diversity of Attitude in Groups * 43

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XXXIV. Of White and Black ...
XXXV. The Reflection of Colours

65 XXXVI. The Union of Colours *

65 XXXVII. Of the Interposition of Air 67 XXXVIII. The Relation of Distances 67 XXXIX. Of Bodies which are distanced 68 XL. Of contiguous and separated Bodies 68 XLI. Colours very opposite to each other never to be joined

68 XLII. Diversity of Tints and Colours 69 XLIII. The Choice of Light .

69 XLIV. Of certain Things relating to the practical part

70 XLV. The Field of the Picture *

71 XLVI. Of the Vivacity of Colours * 71 XLVII. Of Shadows..

71 XLVIII. The Picture to be of one Piece 72 XLIX. The Looking-glass the Painter's best Master

72 L. An half Figure, or a whole one before others *

72 LI. A Portrait

73 LII. The Place of the Picture

73 LIII. Large Lights

74 LIV. The Quantity of Light and Shade to

be adapted to the Place of the Picture 74





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LV. Things which are disagreeable in
Painting to be avoided

p. 74 LVI. The prudential part of a Painter 75 LVII. The idea of a beautiful Picture . 75 LVIII. Advice to a young Painter** 76 LIX. Art must be subservient to the Painter77 LX. Diversity and Facility are pleasing * 77 LXI. The Original must be in the Head,

and the Copy on the Cloth . 78 LXII. The Compass to be in the Eyes * 79 LXIII. Pride, an Enemy to good Painting * 79 LXIV. Know thyself

80 LXV. Perpetually practise, and do easily what you have conceived .

81 LXVI. The Morning most proper for Work81 LXVII. Every Day do something

82 LXVIII. The Method of catching natural Passions

82 LXIX. Of the Table-Book **

83 LXX. The method of Studies for a young Painter ****

87 LXXI. Nature and Experience perfect Art *



A P P E N D I X.

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