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Country, Place, and
Year of their Death.


Principal Works are at

History Bologna 1654 64 Bologna, &c.
History Viterbo; Rome 1662 45 France, &c. Rome, &c.
Portraits Spain

1660 66 Rome, Pal. Pamfili; France,

History Verona 1670 70 France, Versailles, &c.
5 Flowers Rome 1656
Flowers (Rome

1670 60
& Fruits
Landscs. Naples ; Rome 1673 59 Rome, Pal.Palavicini; Paris,

the King's Collection,&c.

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History Andilly ; Rome 1665 71 France, Versailles, Palais Landsc.

Royal, &c. Rome, Cav. Pozzo's Collection, and in many more elsewhere.

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Excelled in

historical figo

uresintermixed Gaspar du Ghet, called Nicoles, his brother- a mixture of NiGasper Poussin in-law

colas & Claude

Lorraine's style Eustache Le Sueur Simon Vouët - simplicity, digni.

ty, and correctness of style, he is called the

French Rafaëlle Michelangelo delle Bat-Mozzo of Antwerp

taglie Jaques Stella

his father

painted upon mar

ble frequently 5 Carlo Maratti Andrea Sacchi

Luca Giordano Lo Spagnuoletto
Charles Le Brun Simon Vouët; Ni-

colas Poussin
Cav. Giacinto Brandi Lanfranco
Ciro Ferri

- Pietro Cortona

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1705 176

History Lyons; Paris 1647 51 Lyons; Paris, &c.

Min. 5 History Ancona ; Rome 1713 88 Rome; many Chruches and

Palaces, &c.
History Naples
History Paris

1690171 Versailles. History Poli; Rome

1713190 Rome, &c. History Rome

1689 55 Romne,St. Agnes,.Pal. Monte

Cavallo, St. Ambrogio, &c. Florence, Pal. Pitii.


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Albani, Francesco
Albert Durer. See D.
Alberti, Cherubino
Albertinelli, Mariotto.
Allori, Angelo, Il Bronzino
Allori, Alessandro
Andrea del Castagno. See C.
Andrea Mantegua. See M.
Andrea del Sarto. See S.
Angeli, Filippo d'
Angelo Michael, il Caravaggio

Antonella da Messina.
Antonio da Correggio. See C.
Aristotile, Bastiano
Arpino, Cavalier'. See Pini.
Asselyn, John .

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