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Page 142 - And it was so, that after the Lord had spoken these words unto Job, the Lord said to Eliphaz the Temanite; My wrath is kindled against thee, and against thy two friends: for ye have not spoken of me the thing that is right, as my servant Job hath.
Page 183 - ... came only out of the hole to our left, while the liquid stuff in the other mouth wrought and overflowed, as hath been already described.
Page 178 - Betinœ, but many others in distress, as the shore was interspersed with a variety of pleasant villages. He sailed immediately to places which were abandoned by other people .... He now found that the ashes beat into the ships much hotter, and in greater quantities; and as he drew nearer, pumice-stones, with black flints, burnt and torn up by the flames, broke in upon them : and now, the hasty ebb of the sea, and ruins tumbling from the mountain, hindered their nearer approach to the shore. Pausing...
Page 135 - Mark iii. 5; Luke vi: 10. And hence it is applied to the preparation orfltness for the coming of the Messiah which was to attend the preaching of John in the character of Elias. Matt. xvii: 11 ; Mark ix: l2.
Page 191 - If these could lengthen Fate's tremendous doom, And snatch one moment from the gaping tomb. Death had, relenting, thrown his dart aside, And Harriet, oh, my Harriet I had not died.
Page 168 - Orrery for rural sequesterment and home-born, happiness, as we gather from his own reiterated expressions. In presenting his translation of Pliny to his eldest son, he says, " I esteem it but as a trifle, the amusement of my leisure hours ; the offspring of winter...
Page 189 - I have been accustomed to see you, my feet carry me spontaneously to your apartment, whence I constantly return out of humour and dejected, as if you had refused to admit me. There is one part of the day only that affords relief to my disquiet; the time dedicated to pleading the causes of my friends.
Page 159 - ... and that Gravity had been altered suitably thereto, so that the same Pendulum had always completed the same Number of Vibrations in a Day; it would nevertheless be still impossible for us to perceive this Inequality, were it ever so great. And yet I have some Reasons, deduced from Jupiter's Action on the Earth, to think, that the Earth's Revolution round its Axis continually becomes more and more rapid. For the Force of Jupiter so accelerates the Earth's Motion in its Orbit round the Sun, that...
Page 180 - His lungs, as he was narrow chefted, were naturally weak, and fubjeft to inflammations. When the light returned, which was not till the third day after his death, his body was difcovered untouched by the fire, without any...
Page 183 - Safety was owing, in a great Meafure, to the favourable Difpofition of the Wind. His Words are, " Had the Wind •' driven in our Face, we had been in no fmall danger of...

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