English Reports Annotated, 1866-1900, 1. köide

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Maxwell Alexander Robertson
Reports and Digest Syndicate, 1866
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Page 117 - of the said ship has signed four bills of lading, all of this tenor and date, one of which being accomplished, the others to stand void. Dated this 28th day of September, 1864." On the 30th of September Messrs. Delafosse, in consequence of certain reports they had heard concerning J. Fort
Page 316 - either alone or together with loss or damage to ships, boats, goods, merchandise or other things, to an aggregate amount exceeding 151. for each ton of their ship's tonnage; nor in respect of loss or damage to ships, goods, merchandise, or other things, whether there be in addition loss of life
Page 413 - in writing may be registered; and, unless they be so registered, that the conveyance or devise by will shall be adjudged fraudulent and void against any subsequent purchaser or mortgagee for valuable consideration. It is clear, therefore, that wills were regarded in the act as secret transfers and conveyances, and the purpose of the act was to prevent
Page 241 - the Court thinks just, or to contribute such sums of money to the assets of the company by way of compensation in respect of such misapplication, retainer, misfeasance or breach of trust, as the Court thinks just." The other sections chiefly referred to were the
Page 82 - person shall die seised of any estate in land which shall, at the time of his death, be charged with the payment of money by way of mortgage, and such person shall not have signified any contrary intention, the heir or devisee shall not be entitled to have the
Page 566 - them to carry out their agreement with the railway company. The property proposed to be taken by the corporation consisted of two blocks of land and buildings, one block on the north and the other on the south side of the street
Page 445 - 2 Viet. c. 110. s. 13), and that an account might be taken of what was due to the plaintiff on his judgment debts and for costs; that consequential inquiries might be directed as to such hereditaments and
Page 286 - December. 1833. no arrears of rent or of interest in respect of any sum of money charged upon or payable out of any land or rent, or in respect of any legacy, or any
Page 690 - creditor. A deed of assignment for the benefit of creditors, dated the 12th of March, 1864, was made between Nevil Simmonds of the first part, the trustees of the second part, and the several other persons whose names and seals were thereunto subscribed and set, being creditors of
Page 338 - under or by virtue of which any hereditaments of any tenure, or any estates or interests in any such hereditaments stand limited to or in trust for any persons by way of succession,

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