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“ In vain Cephisus sighs to save

“The swain that loves his watry mead, “And weeps to see his reddening wave,

“And mourns for his perverted Reed:

“In vain my violated groves

“Must I with equal grief bewail, “ While desolation sternly roves,

“And bids the sanguine hand assail.

“ God of the genial stream, behold

“My laurel shades of leaves so bare! “Those leaves no poet's brows enfold,

“Nor bind APOLLO's golden hair.

" Like thy fair offspring, misapplied,

“ Far other purpose they supply; “The murderer's burning cheek to hide,

“And on his frownful temples die.

“ Yet deem not these of Pluto's race,

« Whom wounded NATURE sues in vain; “ Pluto disclaims the dire disgrace,

“ And cries, indignant, “ They are men.”



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As Dee, whose current free from stain,
Glides fair o'er MERIONETH's plain,
By mountains forced his way to steer
Along the lake of PIMBLE MERE,

Darts swiftly through the stagnant mass,
His waters trembling as they pass,
And leads his lucid waves below,
Unmixed, unsullied as they flow-
So clear through life's tumultuous tide,
So free could Thought and Fancy glide;'
Could Hope as sprightly hold her course,
As first she left her native source,
Unsought in her romantic cell
The keeper of her dreams might dwell.

But ah! they will not, will not last
When life's first fairy stage is past,
The glowing hand of Hope is cold;
And Fancy lives not to be old.
Darker, and darker all before;
We turn the former prospect o'er;
And find in Memory's faithful eye
Our little stock of pleasures lie..

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