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schools, or governors of hospitals, during seven years next before the said 5th June—and all charitable allowances usually paid to the inmates of almshouses, by the corporate bodies named in schedules A. and B., shall be secured to such persons by bonds under the corporate seal. (i)

County Rates.] Boroughs, to which a separate court of quarter sessions shall be granted, shall not be assessed to the county rate. (k) But such boroughs shall pay their proportion of the county expenditure (not including the costs of prosecuting, maintaining and punishing offenders, and the expense of coroners' inquests), an account of which shall be sent twice a-year by the treasurer of the county to the council of the borough, who shall order the same to be paid by the treasurer of the borough, out of the borough fund. (i)

Boroughs to which a separate court of quarter sessions shall not be granted, shall still be liable to the county rate, as formerly.

(i) Sect. 68.

(k) Sect. 112.

(1) Sect. 117.


The reader's attention is directed to the 142d section, post, which gives the interpretation and meaning of the following terms, which occur in the act :

Body Corporate.
Overseers of the Poor.


5 & 6 WILLIAM IV. Cap. 76.

An Act to provide for the Regulation of Municipal Corporations in England and Wales.

[9th September, 1835.] WHEREAS divers bodies corporate at sundry times have been constituted within the cities, towns, and boroughs of England and Wales, to the intent that the same might for ever be and remain well and quietly governed ; and it is expedient that the charters by which the said bodies corporate are constituted should be altered in the manner herein-after mentioned ; be it therefore enacted by the King's most excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal, and commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, that so much Repeal of all of all laws, statutes, and usages, and so much ters, and cusof all royal and other charters, grants, and tent with this letters patent now in force relating to the several boroughs named in the schedules (A.) and (B.) to this act annexed, or to the inhabitants thereof,

acts, char

toms inconsis

or to the several bodies or reputed bodies cor-
porate named in the said schedules, or any of
them, as are inconsistent with or contrary to the
provisions of this act, shall be and the same are
hereby repealed and annulled. (1)

porate pro

be entitled to the same, as hitherto.

Persons who, II. And whereas in divers cities, towns, and
as freemen,
dies are sentia boroughs the common lands and public stock
of the profits of such cities, towns, and boroughs, and the
perty, still to rents and profits thereof, have been held and

applied for the particular benefit of the citizens,
freemen, and burgesses of the said cities, towns,
and boroughs respectively, or of certain of them,

of the widows or kindred of them, or
certain of them, and have not been applied
to public purposes; be it therefore enacted, that
every person who now is or hereafter may be an
inhabitant of any borough, and also every per-
son who has been admitted, or who might here-


(1) This, of course, necessarily implies that such parts of statutes, charters, &c., relating to these corporations, as are not inconsistent with or contrary to the provisions of this act, are still to be deemed in force, and as applicable now to these corporations as they were before the passing of the act. So that all the corporate bodies named in sch. A. & B. are now regulated in common by the provisions of this act, as far as they go; and each of these corporate bodies is regulated in other respects by the charter or statute, &c. applicable to it, as far as such charter or statute is consistent with and not contrary to the provisions of this act.

Besides the corporations mentioned in sch. A. & B., it is provided by sect. 141, that, upon petition of the inhabitaut householders of any other town or borough, in England or Wales, the king, by advice of his council, may grant them a charter of incorporation, and extend to them all the powers and provisions contained in this act.


after have been admitted (2) a freeman or burgess of any borough if this act had not been passed, or who now is or hereafter may be the wife or widow or son or daughter of any freeman or burgess, or who may have espoused or may hereafter espouse the daughter or widow of any freeman or burgess, or who has been or may hereafter be bound an apprentice, shall have and enjoy and be entitled to acquire and enjoy the same share and benefit of the lands, tenements, and hereditaments, and of the rents and profits thereof, and of the common lands and public stock of any borough or body corporate, and of any lands, tenements, and hereditaments, and any sum or sums of money, chattels, securities for money, or other personal estate, of which any person or any body corporate may be seised or possessed in whole or in part for any charitable uses or trusts, as fully and effectually, and for such time and in such manner, as he or she by any statute, charter, bye law, or custom, in force at the time of passing this act, might or could have had, acquired, or enjoyed, in case this act had not been passed : Provided always, that the total amount to be

(2) For the purpose of ascertaining who are freemen, and entitled to the privileges here and in the 4th section mentioned, a list shall be made out of the present freemen in each borough, to be called the “ Freemen's Roll,” to which shall afterwards, from time to time, be added the names of those who may be entitled to their frcedom by birth, servitude, and marriage, upon being admitted thereto by the mayor. (s. 5.) No person, however, shall hereafter be admitted a freeman by gift or purchase. (s. 3.)

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