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changing at first to gravity, soon became dashed forward with his fellows. The most sad and pensive as be glanced his bright obstinate fighting during the engagement eye over the extensive rolling landscape, took place near the centre, which rested now rife with animation. The wide pros- upon the little stone meeting-house of the pect of gentle hill and dale, with forest Quakers, and in the graveyard, walled on and farm-house, the bright waters of the all sides by a thick stone mason-work, Brandywine, just appearing in one little which, with the church, are yet standing winding section, in a low and beautiful as firmly as at the period of which we are valley on the right, formed of itself a pic- writing. This enclosure was long and resoturesque view for the lover of the simple lutely defended by the Americans; and it garniture of nature; all combined to make was near this place, about the middle of the up a scene which it would hardly be sup- | action, that the noble young Perey fell, as pored would have damped the ardor or he believed he had been doomed to do. The clouded with gloom the fine features of a enclosure was at length scaled, and carried young officer whose proud lip would at any by the bayonet. The wounded were taken other moment have curled with scorn and into the meeting-house, built by the peacehis eye kindled with indignation at the makers for the worship of the God of peace, remotest intiination of a want of firmness though now the centre of the bloody in the hour of trial. Yet, with a subdued strife; and the dead were inhumed in one and half-saddened eye, the young Percy, corner of the burying-ground in which who but a moment before was panting to they had many of them been slain. Just play the hero in the contest, paused for a before our visit, a grave had been dug, and moment longer. Then, calling his servant the remains of a British soldier disinto his side, and taking his diamond-studded terred. A part of his shoes remained ; a repeater from his pocket,– Here,' said he few pieces of red cloth, a button likewise, "take this and deliver it to my sister in, marked • 44th Regt.,' and a flattened bulNorthumberland. I have seen this field let.---probably the winged messenger of and this landscape before, in a dream in death to the wearer,-were also found; England. Here I shall fall. And'-draw- ' both of which were given to us by the good ing a heavy purse of gold from bis pocket man near by the meeting-house.” -' take this for yourself.' Saying this, he



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