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An Act to declare the Main Roads Schedules.

[Assented to, December 23rd, 1908.] E it Enacted by the Governor of the State of South Australia,

with the advice and consent of the Parliament thereof, as follows:


1. This Act may be cited as “ The Roads Amendment Act, 1908.” Short title.

2. This Act, so far as consistent with the tenor thereof, shall be Incorporation. incorporated and read with the “Roads Act, 1884,” as one Act.

3. “ The Roads Amendment Act, 1902,” is hereby repealed.



4. (1) The lines of road mentioned in Schedule A hereto, as the Main lines of road same are particularly set forth in Schedule B hereto, together with all bridges and other public works connected therewith, are hereby declared to be main roads of the said State for the purposes of all Acts relating to or affecting the main roads of the said State.

(2) Schedule A is to be regarded as referring to the said main roads in general terms only, and Schedule B as particularly describing and defining the said main roads.

5. All plans required to be deposited in the office of the Surveyor- Amendments of General under sections 88 and 103 of the “Roads Act, 1884,” for sections 88 and 103

of Roads Act, 1884. opening, closing, or altering roads shall bear the certificate of a licensed surveyor, and if in a District Council District shall be under the seal of the District Council, and be signed by the chairman of the Council and the district clerk, or by two councillors of the Council and the district clerk.

The Roads Amendment Act.—1908.

Not to repeal District
Councils Act, 1887,

6. Subject as herein expressly provided, this Act shall in no way repeal or render less operative any of the provisions of “The District Councils Act, 1887,” or “ The Municipal Corporations Act, 1890,” or any other Act, so far as the said Acts, or any of them, relate to the main roads of the said State.

In the name and on behalf of His Majesty, I hereby assent to this Bill.


SCHEDULES The Roads Amendment Act.-1908.



MAIN ROADS. 1. From Thebarton Bridge, vra the Grand Junction, Smithfield, Gawler, Sheaoak Log, Daveyston, and Greenock, to Kapunda Railway Station.

2. From junction of Mann Terrace, near the Walkerville Road, via Teatree Gully, Gumeracha, and Stony Creek, to the River Murray, at Mannum.

3. From O'Connell Street, North Adelaide, by the Windmill Corner and Gepp's Cross, and north-easterly to the junction of the North Road, at Dry Creek.

4. From junction of North and East Terraces, Adelaide, via MacDonnell Bridge and Houghton Hollow, to join the North-Eastern Road near the 14th milepost near Inglewood.

5. From Teatree Gully and Port Adelaide Road, at Gepp's Cross, to the Upper North Road, at the Cavan Arms.

6. From the North-Eastern Road, at Teatree Gully, via the Lower North-Eastern Road and Hope Valley, westward to join the Main North Road at the Grand Junction.

7. From the post office, Prospect, to junction with the North-Eastern Road, opposite the north-eastern corner of section 460, hundred of Yatala.

8. From the North Road, at Reepham, to Dry Creek Road, at Enfield Park.

9. From Hackney Corner, North Terrace, North-Eastern Road, south branch, to join the Main North-Eastern Road at junction of Mann Terrace and Walkerville Road.

10. From the Cavan Arms, via the Cross Keys, Waterloo Corner, Virginia Bridge, and Two Wells, to Port Wakefield Railway Station.

11. From main road at the Maid and Magpie, via Magill, Lobethal, and Mount Torrens, to the North-Eastern Road, at South Petherton.

12. From Mount Torrens to Blumberg.
13. From the Glynde to the quarries at Fifth Creek.

14. From the junction of South and East Terraces, Adelaide, via the Green Hill to join the Woodside branch, at Balhannah.

15. From Mount Lofty to the Greenhill Road. 16. From the Norton's Summit Road to Montacute, via Marble Hill. 17. From the Greenhill Road to Norton's Summit Road. 18. From South Terrace, Adelaide, via Glen Osmond and Crafers, to Echunga.

19. From the South-Eastern Road, at the new Lunatic Asylum grounds, near the north-west corner of section 265, hundred of Adelaide, along Dequetteville Terrace, Kent Town, to the Payneham Road.

20. From South Terrace, Adelaide, via Unley, the foot of Shepley's Hill (section 1035, hundred of Noarlunga), Coromandel Valley, Clarendon, Meadows, Bull's Creek, and Currency Creek, to River Murray, at Goolwa.

21. From the Black Forest Inn, on the South Road, to the Port Adelaide and Tapley's Hill Road, at Glenelg.

22. From section 200, hundred of Noarlunga, via the Brighton Road and Scarborough Street, to the main road, at Pier Street, Glenelg.

23. From the junction of South and West Terraces, Adelaide, via the Black Forest Inn, Mudge's Corner (section 39, hundred of Noarlunga), Noarlunga, Aldinga, Grant's Comer (section 704, hundred of Myponga), and Yankalilla, to the seacoast at Cape Jervis. 24. From West Terrace, Adelaide, to Henley Beach.

25. From

The Roads Amendment Act.—1908.

25. From Henley Beach Road, for one mile (over Fulham Bridge). 26. From the Port Road, at Hindmarsh, to the Kirkcaldy beach. 27. From King William Street, along North Terrace, Adelaide, to the Port River. 28. From Port Adelaide Railway Station to Government Produce Depot.

29. From Port Adelaide Road to Henley Beach Road, along East Terrace, Thebarton.

30. From the western end of Jervois Bridge to the seacoast, at Semaphore.

31. From the Grand Junction (near the western corner of section 97), on the North Road, to the northeast angle of Alberton, and thence to the Causeway on the Port Road.

32. From the Black Forest Inn, across Taylor's Bridge, to join the Port Adelaide Road.

33. From Kensington, at north-east corner of section 275, hundred of Adelaide, to Cross Roads, at Glen Osmond.

34. From the South Road, at the foot of Tapley's Hill, to the Adelaide and Glenelg Road at Glenelg.

35. From the Bull's Creek Road, north of Clarendon, to junction with the South Road, at O'Halloran Hill.

36. From the South Road, near Noarlunga, to Willunga, Hindmarsh Valley, and via section 22, hundred of Goolwa, to Port Victor Jetty.

37. From the Willunga branch, at the town of Willunga, to Port Willunga Jetty. 38. From the South Road, at Yankalilla, to Port Victor Jetty.

39. From the Yankalilla and Port Victor Main Road, at Cockatoo Flat, to the south-west corner of section 1603 on the Dairy Flat Road, hundred of Yankalilla.

40. From the South Road, at Bryant's Corner (east corner of section 1014, hundred of Yankalilla), to the Yankalilla Jetty.

41. From the South Road, at Second Valley town, to the jetty, at Second Valley. 42. From South-Eastern Road, at Stirling, to the Mount Lofty Railway Station.

43. From the South-Eastern Road, at Echunga, to join the Mount Barker branch at Mount Barker.

44. From Echunga to Hahndorf.
15. From main road at Meadows to main road at Echunga.

46. From Aldgate Railway Station, on the South-Eastern Road, via Hahndorf, Littlehampton, Blakiston, Naime, Kanmantoo, Callington, and the new bridge to Watts'.

47. From the Nairne branch, at Nairne, to the Woodside branch, at Woodside.

48. From near the 15th milepost, on the Nairne branch, via Balhannah, Oakbank, and Woodside, to join the Eastern Road at or near South Petherton.

49. From Millbrook, via Lobethal, to join the Woodside branch near Charleston. 50. From main road, near Forest Range, to Greenhill Road, near Carey's Gully. 51. From Ambleside Railway Station to main road at Hahndorf. 52. From main road at Balhannah to Balhannah Railway Station.

53. From a point near the 20th milepost, on the Nairne branch, via Mount Barker, Bugle Ranges, and Red Creek (section 1266, hundred of Strathalbyn), to Hartley, with a branch through Gawler Street, in Mount Barker, to the Mount Barker Railway Station.

54. From near the 29th milepost, on the Mount Barker branch, to join the SouthEastern Road, at Langhorne's Bridge.

55. From post office, Strathalbyn, via Langhorne's Bridge and Wellington, to the River Murray.

56. From Strathalbyn to join the Nairne branch, at Callington.

57. From the Bull's Creek Road, at the Meadows, via Macclesfield, to the Bugle Ranges Railway Station.

58. From the Bull's Creek Road, at section 3450, hundred of Kuitpo, to the Willunga branch, at the top of Willunga Hill.

59. From Bull's Creek Main Road, at or near Ashbourne, to Strathalbyn Railway Station.

60. From the North-Eastern Road, near Modbury, via Golden Grove and Snake Gully, to join the Smithfield branch, at Sampson's Flat.

61. From main road at Williamstown, via Maidstone, to join the North-Eastern Road near Chain of Ponds.

62. From the North-Eastern Road, at Mannum, via block 6, hundred of Ridley, to the punt at Walker's Flat.

63. From

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