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The Roads Amendment Act. -1908.

63. From the North-Eastern Road, at Stony Creek, via Mount Pleasant, to Eden Valley.

64. From Pine Hut Creek to south boundary, hundred of North Rhine.

65. From main road, at Mount Pleasant, via Cook's Hill (near section 655, hundred of South Rhine), to the Murray Flats, and thence northwards along the foot of the ranges via Rhine Villa to Sedan.

66. From the main road, at Rhine Villa, to the punt at Walker's Flat.

67. From the Mount Pleasant and Rhine Villa Main Road, at section 283, to Mannum.

68. From Chucka Bend to the south-east corner of the hundred of Bowhill. 69. From Bolt's Landing, River Murray, to section 66, hundred of Forster. 70. From Caurnamont to Purnong Punt.

71. From near Nuriootpa, on the north-eastern branch of the North Road, through Angaston, to North Rhine River, at section 540, hundred of North Rhine, and thence via Sedan to River Murray at Swan Reach.

72. From Smithfield Railway Station to Sampson's Flat.

73. From the North Road, near Gawler, via Templers, Light Bridge, and Forresters, to join main road at Auburn.

74. From main road near Templers to Wasleys Railway Station.
75. From Ford's Railway Station to junction with the North Road.

76. From Freeling Railway Station to the old North Road, between sections 183 and 184, towards Linwood.

77. From Freeling Railway Station, through Greenock and Truro, to cross roads at section 134, hundred of Anna.

78. From Truro Main Road to town of Dutton. 79. From main road, near Williamstown, towards Mount Pleasant to Bonney's Flat.

80. From Bonney's Flat to Blumberg.
81. From Monarto Railway Station, via Summerfield, to Palmer.

82. From Murray Bridge Railway Station, via Bridge Street to railway crossing at section 76; thence between sections 124 and 135 to boundary of hundred of Mobilong, and to the main road at Mannum.

83. From Blanchetown to section 74, hundred of Skurray. 84. From Swan Reach easterly to the north-east corner of the hundred of Mantung.

85. From south-west boundary of Renmark Irrigation District to west boundary of same district, via Renmark and Ral Ral Avenues.

86. From main road at Eden Valley, via Flaxman's Valley, to join the Angaston branch, near Angaston.

87. From Sandy Creek through Lyndoch to Tanunda, to join the main road to Blanchetown near Nuriootpa. (The road from Sandy Creek to Lyndoch to be regarded as off the schedule one year after completion of Angaston railway).

88. From Lyndoch Railway Station to Gawler and Williamstown Main Road.

89. From Gawler Railway Station, across South Para Bridge, via Sandy Creek and Williamstown to Mount Crawford. 90. From Kapunda Railway Station, via Ebenezer, to Stockwell.

91. From Kapunda Railway Station, through Steelton and Waterloo, to north boundary of hundred of Saddleworth.

92. From Kapunda Railway Station to Tarlee Railway Station.

93. From Stockport Railway Station to the junction of the Greenock and Kapunda Roads.

94. From the Greenock-Kapunda Main Road, along corporation boundary of Kapunda, to south-west corner of town.

95. From Eudunda Railway Station, via Government Well, southwards to south boundary of hundred of Neales.

96. From Eudunda to section 456, hundred of Julia Creek.

97. From main road at Eudunda, via Point Pass and Robertstown, to Burra Railway Station.

98. From Eudunda-Burra Road, at section 295, to north boundary hundred of Neales.

99. From Mount Mary Railway Station (Krichauff) to south boundary hundred of Schomburgk. 100. From Krichauff to five miles southwards.

101. From The Roads Amendment Act.—1908.

101. From south boundary hundred of Lindley to the River Murray at Morgan. 102. From Morgan across Burra Creek, to section G, hundred of Stuart. 103. From Kooringa, via Nankivell’s Gully, to join main road at Diprose Creek.

104. From main road at Breakneck Hill, near section 224, hundred of Kooringa, to McNeill's Creek, being part of Baldina Main Road nearest Kooringa.

105. From Burra Railway Station, via section 295, hundred of Kooringa, to Leighton.

106. From Burra corporation boundary to near Shafton Hill.

107. From Mount Bryan Railway Station, via Mount Bryan East, to cross roads near Piltimitiappa.

108. From railway station, Salisbury, to Waterloo Corner.

109. From Murray Street, Gawler, to main road at the Redbanks, via Reeves Plains, with branch to the Experimental Farm.

110. From Willaston, along Gawler River, to section 37, hundred of Mudla Wirra. 111. From Roseworthy Railway Station to allotment 55, Roseworthy. 112. From Wasleys Railway Station io Mallala.

113. From the Adelaide and Port Wakefield Road, at Two Wells, to southern boundary hundred of Dalkey.

114. From the Port Wakefield Main Road westward to Lorne. 115. From the Port Wakefield Main Road to east boundary hundred of Inkerman.

116. From the cross roads at section 320, hundred of Dalkey, to Balaklava Railway Station; thence via Whitwarta and Mount Templeton, to the south boundary of the hundred of Everard.

117. From Port Wakefield, via Lochiel and Snowtown, to join main road at Redhill.

118. From the main road at Hopner for three miles west on the Barabba Road.

119. From Pinery to Hamley Bridge Railway Station, via Owen and section 98, hundred of Alma.

120. From Tarlee-Rhynie Main Road to section 61, hundred of Alma.

121. From Hamley Bridge Railway Station across the River Light south to cross roads at section 330, hundred of Mudla Wirra.

122. From main road at section 1600, hundred of Gilbert, near Marrabel, via Riverton Railway Station, to join the old North Road at Rhynie.

123. From the Black Springs and Burra Main Road to section 420n, hundred of Apoinga. 124. From main road, near Marrabel, to Saddleworth Railway Station. 125. From Saddleworth Railway Station to Tothill's Belt. 126. From Saddleworth Railway Station, via Auburn, to Clare. 127. From main road at Auburn, via Hurd's Hill, to Halbury Railway Station. 128. From main road at Auburn to Manoora Railway Station. 129. From main road at Waterloo to Manoora Railway Station.

130. From Manoora Railway Station, via Black Springs, to Burra Railway Station.

131. From Mintaro Railway Station, via Mintaro, to main road near Sevenhills 132. From Leasingham to Hoyleton Railway Station. 133. From main road near Clare to Blyth Railway Station.

134. From main road at Clare, via Magpie Creek, Rochester, and section 400, and between sections 391 and 386, hundred of Hart, to Brinkworth ; thence ria section 434, hundred of Hart, and Redhill to Crystal Brook Railway Station.

135. From Farrell's Flat Railway Station to junction with main road to Clare. 136. From Farrell's Flat Railway Station, via Leighton, to Boorborowie.

137. From cross roads, at section 374, hundred of Anne, via Tommy's Gap, to Hallett Railway Station.

138. From Yarcowie Railway Station, via Jamestown and Caltowie, to join main road near the Stone Hut.

139. From Yarcowie Railway Station to western boundary of hundred of Wonna, via blocks D and E, in the hundred of Terowie.

140. From Terowie Railway Station to the north-east corner of section 326. hundred of Terowie.

141. From eastern boundary of section B, hundred of Terowie, via Terowie Railway Station, to western boundary of sections 155 and 123, hundred of Terowie.

142. From Petersburg Railway Station, via Dawson, to Oodla Wirra Railway Station.

143. From

The Roads Amendment Act.-1908.

143. From Petersburg and Oodla Wirra Main Road to the hundred of Cavenagh. 144. From Petersburg Railway Station to Yatina. 145. From Petersburg-Yatina Road to section 45n, hundred of Morgan. 146. From Nackara Railway Station to section 99, hundred of Nackara.

147. From north-east corner of section 57, hundred of Parnaroo, to Ucolta Railway Station.

148. From the western boundary of the hundred of Mannanarie to Yongala, via Mannanarie and the south boundary of section 201.

149. From Yongala Town to Yongala Estate.

150. From Caltowie Railway Station, via Tarcowie, to join main road from Wilmington, near Orroroo.

151. From Jamestown Railway Station to Mannanarie, east of sections 35 and 36, hundred of Mannanarie.

152. From Belalie North Railway Station to Yongala Head Station (section 471.)

153. From Crystal Brook Railway Station for ten miles through Hughes’ Gap towards Beetaloo.

154. From main road at Gulnare South Railway Station to join main road at Crystal Brook. 155. From Narridy to Georgetown. 156. From main road at Spalding to Gulnare South Railway Station. 157. From Jamestown, at section 104, through Spalding, to section 345, hundred of Andrews.

158. From Mundoora Railway Station, via Collinsfield, to join main road at Koolunga.

159. From Port Pirie Railway Station to Port Broughton Railway Station.

160. From Nelshaby towards Port Pirie, to join the Port Pirie and Port Germein Main Road.

161. From Port Pirie to Port Germein. 162. From Port Pirie-Port Germein Road to section 834, hundred of Pirie.

163. From Port Germein Jetty, via Booleroo Centre and White Cliffs, to junction of Caltowie and Orroroo Main Road.

164. From Booleroo Centre to Willowie.

165. From Laura Railway Station, via Appila-Yarrowie, to main road near Tarcowie.

166. From section 172, hundred of Yangya (town of Gladstone), to section 39, hundred of Yangya.

167. From Wirrabara Railway Station, via Melrose and Wilmington, to Port Augusta Wharf (the road from Laura to Wirrabara to be regarded as off the Schedule one year after completion of Booleroo Railway).

168. From Wilmington and Port Augusta Main Road to the hospital (section 92), town of Davenport.

169. From main road at Stirling North to railway line.

170. From main road near Port Germein, via Limestone Well, towards Port Augusta, to join the Horrocks Pass and Port Augusta Main Road.

171. From Black Rock Siding easterly to the western boundary of the hundred of Morgan.

172. From Black Rock Railway Station westerly for a distance of seven miles towards Pekina. 173. From Orroroo Railway Station to Johnburgh Post Office. 174. From Orroroo Railway Station to Dawlish. 175. From Orroroo-Dawlish Road to section 90, hundred of Erskine. 176. From Orroroo, via Morchard and Willowie, to Wilmington. 177. From Eurelia Railway Station towards Morchard to cross roads at section 99, hundred of Coomooroo.

178. From main road at Carrieton, via Pat's Hole, to north-eastern boundary of hundred of McCulloch.

179. From main road near Carrieton Railway Station, via the junction of the three-chain road, to Cradock.

180. From Johnburgh, via Carrieton, to Carrieton Railway Station. 181. From Hammond towards Wilmington, to join the Wilmington and Bruce Main Road. 182. From main road at Willowie to Hammond Railway Station.

183. From

The Roads Amendment Act.—1908.

183. From Bruce Railway Station, via section 120, to Wilmington.

184. From the south-east boundary of Quorn to south-west corner of section 73, hundred of Kanyaka.

185. From Port Augusta Railway Station, via Western Plains, to south boundary of the hundred of Crozier.

186. From Port Augusta West Jetty to the north boundary of the town.

187. From main road, near Port Augusta West, to the west boundary of the town.

188. From Wilson Railway Station through Cradock to section 19, hundred of Yednalue.

189. From Hawker Railway Station, via Phillips' Gap, to east boundary of hundred of Arkaba, at section 94E.

190. From Hawker Railway Station, via uth corner of ction 129, hundred Arkaba, to north-east boundary of the hundred of Arkaba, Parallana Road.

191. From Hawker and Parallana Main Road, at section 129, hundred of Arkaba, to north boundary, hundred of Arkaba, at section 172.

192. From Hookina Town to Hawker Railway Station, via Yappala Waters. 193. From Hookina Town to Hookina Railway Station.

194. From railway station, Mundoora, via Barunga Reservoir, to Barunga Gap Railway Station.

195. From main road near Port Broughton, through Bute and Ninnes, to south boundary of Ninnes.

196. From Wallaroo Railway Station, via Alford, to Port Broughton Railway Station.

197. From Kadina Railway Station, via Moonta to Maitland. 198. From Digby Street, Kadina, to Wallaroo Jetty.

199. From Kadina Railway Station to the eastern boundary of the hundred of Kadina.

200. From Kadina Railway Station to join main road via Peela Weela, near Alford.

201. From Kadina Railway Station to railway crossing opposite Digby Street. 202. From Kainton, via Kalkabury, to main road near Maitland. 203. From Kainton to Paskeville Railway Station. 204. From Paskeville Railway Station, via section 78, north-easterly to section 91. 205. From Moonta Railway Station, via Kalkabury, to Ardrossan Jetty. 206. From Moonta Railway Station to Moonta Bay Jetty. 207. From north-eastern corner of section 84, Cunliffe, to East Moonta.

208. From Port Clinton Jetty towards Kainton to cross roads at section 432, hundred of Clinton.

209. From Wills Creek Jetty to south-eastern corner of section 451, hundred of Clinton, then to the north-west corner of section 480.

210. From main road at Port Victoria, via Maitland, to Ardrossan Jetty.

211. From sections 55E and 70, hundred of Wauraltee (Urania), to join main road at Port Victoria.

212. From Port Victoria Jetty to junction with the Peninsula Road, west of Mount Rat.

213. From Curramulka to the seacoast at Port Vincent.
214. From Port Rickaby Jetty to Minlaton-Maitland Main Road.

215. From southern boundary of hundred of Wauraltee, via Minlaton and Yorketown, to Edithburgh Jetty.

216. From Edithburgh-Yorketown Main Road to Lake Fowler, at section 174, hundred of Melville.

217. From Curramulka to join the Peninsula Main Road at Minlaton. 218. From the Peninsula Road, at Minlaton, to Stansbury.

219. From Stansbury New Jetty, via Weaver's Lagoon, towards Brentwood, to join the Peninsula Main Road at cross roads at section 317, hundred of Dalrymple.

220. From main road Yorketown, via Weaver's Flat, to Stansbury and Peninsula Main Road.

221. From the north-east corner of section 35, hundred of Minlacowie, to Port Minlacowie.

222. From

The Roads Amendment Act.-1908.

222. From the Peninsula Road, at Yorketown, via sections 85 and 86, hundred of Melville, to join Point Turton Main Road at section 7, hundred of Para Wurlie.

223. From section 28, hundred of Para Wurlie, south and east of section 75, to the seacoast near Point Turton.

224. From Diamond Lake and section 239, hundred of Melville, to junction with the Peninsula Main Road, at the Edithburgh park lands.

225. From Port Lincoln Railway Jetty, via Hallett Place, to Waratta. 226. From Franklin Harbor (Cowell) to west boundary of hundred of Yadnarie.

227. From landing place, Louth Bay, via sections 282, 210, and 211; and thence in a northerly direction, following Tod River, to within three miles of Kapinka Station (north-west corner of section 218, hundred of Koppio).

228. From Tumby Bay Jetty, via Spencer Street and South Terrace, to join Port Lincoln Main Road at section 44, hundred of Hutchison.

229. From main road, at section 84, hundred of Hutchison, to Tumby Bay Jetty, via Tumby Terrace.

230. From Dutton Bay Landing-place to east boundary, hundred of Moody.

231. From Port Lincoln Main Road, west of Tumby Bay, through Yallunda Flat, to section 79, hundred of Koppio.

232. From Lipson's Cove Jetty to Port Lincoln Main Road.

233. From south-east corner, section 90, hundred Hutchison, via north-west corner of section 140, hundred of Hutchison, thence through block 6 to north-east comer block 1, hundred of Stokes, to Kapinka.

234. From Arno Bay Jetty, through the hundreds of Boothby, Mann, and Yadnarie, to the north boundary of the town of Cleve.

235. From the Arno Bay and Cleve Main Road, at Bligh, to the west boundary of the hundred of Roberts.

236. From jetty, town of Cowell, north-westerly to section 7, hundred of Miltalie.

237. From the Cowell-Cleve main road, hundred of Mann, to the Arno Bay and Cleve main road, hundred of Boothby.

238. From south-east corner of allotment No. 71, Cowell, to south corner of section 7, hundred of Minbrie ; thence along telegraph line to boundary hundred of Warren.

239. From the Cowell and Warren Road easterly along southern boundary of hundred of Minbrie.

240. From main road, at Port Lincoln, via Lake Wangary, Warrow, Elliston, and Flinders, to Streaky Bay.

241. From main road at the south corner of section 524, hundred of Lake Wangary, via Wangary town, to the south corner of section 217.

242. From main road, at the north corner of section 128, hundred of Warrow, in a south-westerly direction, to Mount Dutton Bay Jetty.

243. From Streaky Bay Main Road, at section 8, hundred of Ulipa, to east boundary hundred of Cummins.

244. From main road, at north-west corner of section 70, hundred of Way, to Morley's Well, in the hundred of Pearce.

245. From the seacoast, at Elliston, via Bramfield to Mount Wedge.

246. From Parkin to the Port Lincoln and Streaky Bay Main Road, at section 5, hundred of Wright.

247. From Port Kenny to the Port Lincoln and Streaky Bay Main Road.
248. From Benbarba to Scales Bay.
249. From Streaky Bay and Fowler's Bay road to Parraba Well.

250. From Streaky Bay Jetty via section 19BNE, to north boundary hundred of Scott.

251. From the coast at Queenscliffe, via Cygnet River, west of section 142, hundred of Haines, and via Hog Bay to Lashmar's Lagoon, at the south-west corner of section 58, hundred of Dudley.

252. From Lashmar's Lagoon to the Hog Bay and Kingscote Main Road, at section 116, via Hog Bay River Station.

253. From section 132, hundred of Menzies, to section 172, hundred of Haines. 254. From the south-west corner of section 74, hundred of Menzies, via Smith's Bay, to north-western corner section 88, hundred of Cassini.

255. From main road, near Cygnet River, via section 43, hundred of Menzies, to southern boundary of hundred of Menzies ; thence through hundreds of MacGillivray and Cassini to the west boundary hundred of Cassini.

256. From

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