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Appropriation Act.-1908.

Northern Territory
Estimates, 1909-9.

FOURTHLY.-For defraying the charge of the Northern Territory for the year ending the thirtieth day of June, one thousand nine hundred and nine, there shall be paid out of the Northern Territory Revenues the sum of One Hundred and Five Thousand Six Hundred and Fourteen Pounds, the said amount being appropriated as follows, viz.:

S. d.

Office of the Minister Controlling the Northern Territory ..
Government Resident
Charitable Institutions
Board of Health
Law Officers
Stock and Brands
Botanic Garden
Goldfields and Mining
Railways and Tramways
Public Works ..

740) 0 0 2,646 0

0 8,081 0 0 1,419 0 0 3,715 0 0

40 0 0 420 0 0 3,325 0 0

430 0 0 860

0 0 1,226 0 0 20,981 0 0

580 0 0 14,755 0 0

9,722 0 0 36,674 0 0

Total as shown by Estimates

.£105,614 0 0

Treasurer to pay the orders of Governor, and discharge by receipt of party.

2. The Treasurer shall issue and pay, from time to time, any sum or sums of money for the purposes hereinbefore mentioned, not exceeding in the whole the sums respectively in that behalf hereinbefore specified, to such persons and in such portions as the Governor for the time being shall, by any order or orders in writing signed by him and countersigned by the Chief Secretary, from time to time direct; and the said Treasurer shall, in his accounts, be allowed credit for all sums paid by him in pursuance of such orders accordingly; and the receipts of the persons to whom such sums shall have been so paid shall be to him a full discharge for the sum or sums for which the same receipts shall have been respectively given, and the amounts thereof shall be passed to his credit in account accordingly.

In the name and on behalf of His Majesty, I hereby assent to this Bill.


Adelaide : By authority, C. E. BRISTOW, Government Printer, North Terrace.

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