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The Metropolitan Abattoirs Act.—1908.


posted in a prepaid envelope addressed to each constituent Corporation and Council. The Board shall, for the purposes of this section, determine the amount of “the outgoings,” which shall include, inter alia, all moneys expended and disposed of under section 40, (a), (b), (c), (d), and such determination shall be final and conclusive for

all purposes.

Sale through agents.

(2) Such contributions may be recovered in the name of the Board in any Court of competent jurisdiction.

44. The Board may appoint agents to negotiate or contract for the sale of any debentures authorised by this Act, and may directly, or through such agents, sell or negotiate for the sale of any such debentures, and may allow such agents such commission as the Board thinks reasonable.

Redemption of debentures.

By lot.

45. Notwithstanding any provisions of this Act or anything contained in any debenture, any debentures may be redeemed by the Board at their face value (or less), with any unpaid interest added, at the expiration of not less than five years from the date of the issue thereof, or at recurring periods of five years thereafter.

46. The debentures to be so redeemed shall be decided by lot, to be made in such manner as the Board shall determine, and public notice of their numbers and values and the place appointed for the payment thereof shall be forthwith given by the Board.

47. The debentures mentioned in such notice shall be redeemed on presentation at the Town Clerk's office, Town Hall, Adelaide, or such other place in Adelaide as the Board may appoint, and from the day fixed by the notice, not being earlier than six months after the date of the giving of the said notice, the debentures therein mentioned shall cease to bear interest.

Debentures drawn cease to carry interest after certain date.

Cancellation of 48. All debentures, when redeemed by the Board, shall be forthredeemed debentures. with cancelled by the Board, and shall not be sold or re-issued. Sinking fund.

49. The Board shall invest the sinking fund and the reserve furd, and any other moneys in its hands which the Board may deem it advisable or expedient to invest, in any Government securities of all or any one or more of the States of the Commonwealth, in the purchase of any debentures issued under the provisions of this Act, and upon fixed deposits in any incorporated bank in the State of South Australia, or in or upon any one or more of such investments. The interest arising from such investments shall respectively be credited to and form part of the respective funds so invested as aforesaid : Provided, however, that any debentures purchased by the Board shall be forth

with cancelled, and shall not be sold or re-issued. Banking account. 50. The Board may pay any of its moneys into any bank in

Adelaide and keep the same there on deposit as may be found convenient, and may, for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this Act, obtain advances from any bank by overdrafts, either



The Metropolitan Abattoirs Act.—1908. without security, or by pledge of its property, or on other security; but the total amount of such overdrafts shall not at any one time exceed Five Thousand Pounds. No funds shall be withdrawn from Overdrafts. any bank except by cheque, signed by the chairman and one other member of the Board, and countersigned by the secretary.



ABATTOIRS. 51. (1)

The Board is hereby authorised to erect and establish Erection of abattoirs. abattoirs on land to be acquired, and in connection therewith make, establish, and erect all such railway sidings, buildings, works, cool storage, plant and machinery, and all other erections, fixtures, fittings, and other works as the Board shall, for the time being, consider necessary, and from time to time alter, remove, and extend the same ; and the Board may, if it think fit, purchase and remove the existing slaughterhouse and buildingsconnected therewith erected on the park lands within the City of Adelaide.

(2) The Board may let, upon lease or otherwise, any portion of its Board may let lands or buildings other than the abattoirs and the markets taken portions of its lands on lease, established, or erected by the Board under Part V. of this hide and skin Act for a hide and skin market, at such rent, for such term, and upon such conditions as it shall think fit.

52. The Board shall not accept or purchase any land for the pur- Site to be selected by pose of erecting abattoirs thereon until a site has been agreed upon Corporations and by a majority of votes of representatives of the constituent Cor- Councils. porations and Councils present at a meeting called for that purpose by the Board.

No site shall be agreed upon which is less than three miles from the nearest boundary of the City of Adelaide.

Each constituent Corporation and Council shall be entitled to appoint one representative to attend such meeting (the members of the Board may act as representatives of their respective Councils, if so appointed, but not otherwise), and every constituent Corporation and Council having an annual assessment of over Fifty Thousand Pounds shall be entitled to appoint one additional representative for each One Hundred Thousand Pounds or portion thereof over the first Fifty Thousand Pounds of its annual assessment. The chairman of such meeting shall be elected by the representatives present thereat, and he shall have a deliberative as well as a casting vote, but each other representative present shall have one vote only. The Board shall give fourteen days' public notice of the time and place of such meeting.

53. Forthwith after the erection and completion of the abattoirs Notice that abattoirs the Board shall give not less than thirty days' public notice that available. such abattoirs will be available for the slaughtering of stock on

New Zealand, 1900, and after a date to be specified in such notice, and it shall be the No. 38, sec. 13. duty of the Board to have such abattoirs then and thereafter available accordingly.

54. After

The Metropolitan Abattoirs Act.—1908.


All stock to be slaughtered at abattoirs. Ibid, secs. 17 and 19. No stock to be slaughtered except at the abattoirs. No meat to be sold, etc., except of stock so slaughtered. Ibid, ss. 17, 19, Vict., No. 1069, 1890, s. 6. Vict., No. 1652, 1900 ss. 12, 30. Unless carcasses inspected. Imp. Law (Germany) of June 3, 1900, 8. 12.

Meat Supervision Act.
36 Vic., No. 1652.
No flesh of any calf
less than twenty-one
days old or under
forty pounds in weight
to be sold.
Vict., No. 1652, 1900,
8. 30 (2).

54. After the date specified in such notice, and while such abattoirs are available for slaughtering stock(1) No person shall, within the metropolitan abattoirs area,

(a) slaughter or allow or cause to be slaughtered any stock for sale for human consumption, or dress or allow or cause to be dressed any carcass for sale, or sell or attempt to sell or expose for sale, or allow or cause to be sold or exposed for sale, any carcass or meat not slaughtered at such abattoirs, or, if slaughtered without the metropolitan abattoirs area, the carcass of which, together with the pleura and the peritoneum, lungs, heart, kidneys, tongue, and such other organs as are prescribed, attached in natural connection, and, in the case of cows, the udder also so attached, has not been first brought to the abattoirs or to some other premises established by the Board for that purpose within Hindmarsh, Gawler, Grey, or Young ward of the City of Adelaide, and inspected and branded by an inspector, as provided in section 70, or (b) slaughter at any slaughterhouse or abattoir exempted under section 55 or 80 any stock, except for export or for meat to be tinned or cured

for export, or for curing as bacon and ham: Penalty-First offence, Ten Pounds ; second offence, Twentyfive Pounds; and for each succeeding offence Fifty Pounds. (2) No person shall sell or attempt to sell, or expose for sale, or

allow or cause to be sold or exposed for sale the flesh of any calf, less than twenty-one days old or of less weight than forty pounds; and in any prosecution under this sub

section the onus of proving age shall be on the defendant: Penalty-First offence, Ten Pounds; second offence, Twentyfive Pounds; and each succeeding offence, Fifty Pounds. (3) Where, in contravention of the provisions of subsection (2) of this

section, any person sells or attempts to sell, or exposes for sale, or allows or causes to be sold or exposed for sale the whole or any part of the carcass of any calf, such carcass or part shall be deemed to be a carcass or meat which is subject to the provisions of section 61 of this Act, and may

he seized and dealt with, as provided in such section : (4) No person shall be liable to any punishment for any offence

against this section in respect of any meat or carcass, or part of a carcass, which he proves to the satisfaction of the Court was not sold or intended to be used for human con

sumption : (5) Nothing in this Act shall protect any person who sells or

attempts to sell or exposes for sale, or allows or causes to be sold or exposed for sale, for human consumption, any carcass or meat which has become unwholesome after the same has been branded, or any imported meat that is unwholesome :

(6) For

The Metropolitan Abattoirs Act.—1908. (6) For the purposes of this section such abattoirs shall be

PART IV. deemed to be available for slaughtering stock at all times except during such times as the Board shall by public notice declare such abattoirs to be closed to the slaughter

ing of stock: (7) It shall not be an offence under this Act to slaughter poultry Nooffence to slaughter

elsewhere than at the abattoirs, or to sell or ex pose or offer poultry elsewhere
for sale within the metropolitan abattoirs area, any poultry
so slaughtered.

55. On the day specified in any such notice given pursuant to Private abattoirs section 53 hereof, all private abattoirs or slaughter-houses within closed. the metropolitan abattoirs area shall be closed by the owner, occupier, or person having the control or management thereof, notwithstanding the fact that licences in respect thereof have been issued by any of the constituent Corporations or Councils or by any Board of Health. And after such day specified as aforesaid no constituent Corporation or Council shall, nor shall any Board of Health, save as is in this section provided, issue any licence or licences for the slaughtering of stock: Provided that this section shall not apply to any slaughter-house or abattoir used or intended to be used only for the purpose of slaughtering stock for export, or for meat to be tinned or canned for export, or for curing bacon and hams.

56. (1) Compensation shall be paid to the owners of all private Compensation to abattoirs and slaughterhouses closed by the operation of the next gwners of slaughterpreceding section, and which were in use as abattoirs or slaughterhouses at the time of the passing of this Act: Provided that no compensation shall be paid in respect of any abattoir or slaughterhouse which is not suitable for use as such ; and that in estimating the compensation to be paid in respect of any abattoir or slaughterhouse a fair deduction shall be made on account of the value of the buildings and equipment thereof for any other purpose, and that nothing shall be allowed for goodwill or loss of business : And provided further that the aggregate of the amounts to be paid by way of compensation shall not exceed the sum of Seven Thousand Pounds.

of its moneys,

(2) Any compensation to be paid in respect of any abattoir or slaughterhouse shall be paid by the Board out of

any including borrowed moneys.

(3) No claim for compensation shall be considered, nor shall any claims for compensaamount be paid in respect thereof, unless within twenty-one days twenty-one days. . after the publication in the Government Gazette of the notice given pursuant to section 53 hereof, the claimant delivers to the secretary of the Board a notice in writing, stating the amount and particulars of his claim and the premises in respect of which such claim is made.


(1) The

The Metropolitan Abattoirs Act.—1908.

PART IV. (4) The Governor shall, as soon as practicable after the publiValuer to be appointed cation of the notice given pursuant to section 53 hereof, appoint by the Gorernment.

a valuer to determine all claims for compensation made in accordance with this section. The fees and expenses of such

valuer shall be fixed by the Governor and paid by the Board. Duties of valuer. (5) The valuer shall consider and inquire into all claims made as

aforesaid, and shall as to each claim determine, by writing under his hand delivered to the Commissioner of Crown Lands, whether any and (if any) what amount is payable under subsection (1) of this section in respect thereof; and in making each determination the valuer shall have regard to the limit of Seven Thousand Pounds

fixed by the said subsection (1). Valuer to determine (6) If any abattoir or slaughterhouse in respect of which the reductions in rent.

valuer determines that compensation is to be paid is let at the time of the determination, the valuer shall also determine, by writing under his hand delivered to the said Commissioner, what reduction ought to be made in the rent; and the rent accrued or to accrue for any period after the closing of the abattoir or slaughterhouse shall be reduced accordingly: Provided that if any reduction is made under this subsection in the rent of any premises, the lessee or his successor in title shall have the option of continuing the

lease at the reduced rent or of cancelling the lease. No appeal from de- (7) Any determination by the valuer under subsection (5) or termination.

subsection (6) of this section shall be absolutely final and not subject

to any appeal or to be questioned in any way whatever. Slaughtermen be 57. No person shall act or be permitted to act as slaughterman, licensed by Board.

or as attendant or assistant to any slaughterman, at the abattoirs, unless and until and so long as he is licensed by the Board. The licence shall be granted for a period of not more than one year, and the fee for a slaughterman's licence shall not exceed Two Pounds Two Shillings, and for an attendant's or assistant's licence Ten Shillings; and no person under the age of seventeen years shall be licensed as a slaughterman's attendant or assistant: Provided that the Board may employ slaughtermen, attendants, and assistants at the abattoirs without licensing them.

Penalty, Ten Pounds. Licence may be 58. (1) Any licence issued under the last preceding section may cancelled by Board.

be cancelled by the Board if the licensee shall omit forth with to report to an inspector any case of disease which manifests itself in any stock slaughtered by such licensee, or for incapacity, misconduct, insobriety, or dirty habits.

(2) The secretary of the Board may at any time suspend the operation of the licence of any licensee alleged to be incapable, or guilty of misconduct, insobriety, or dirty habits, until the next

meeting of the Board. Licensed slaughter- 59. If any licensed slaughterman shall discover any disease in men to report disease

any stock slaughtered by him and shall fail forthwith to report the discovered in stock,



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