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The Metropolitan Abattoirs Act.–1908.


spector or officer shall be sufficient evidence of the boundaries of the metropolitan abattoirs area until the contrary be proved, and any Proclamation or notice thereof in the Government Gazette shall, unless shown to have been repealed, be conclusive evidence.

95. Copies of or extracts from any book sealed with the seal of Contents of books the Board and certified by the secretary to be true copies of or may be proved by

certified copies. extracts from such book, shall be received as sufficient evidence in

Cf. Act 913, 1906. all Courts and before all Justices and tribunals of the contents of such book, or of so much thereof as such extracts contain.

8. 101.

96. Any notice, summons, writ, or legal process whatsoever, Service of notices, civil or criminal, may be served upon the Board, or upon any of the etc., upon the Board. constituent Corporations and Councils, by leaving the same at the Ibid, s. 111. principal office of the Board, Corporation, or Council with some officer or servant of the Board, Corporation, or Council.

97. (1) Every notice by this Act required to be given by or to Service of notices. the Board shall be in writing, and signed by some duly authorised Ibid, 8. 112. person; and such notice shall be deemed to have been duly given if left at the office or principal office of the Board, authority, or person to whom the same is intended to be given, or the last known place of abode in South Australia of such person, or if posted in a prepaid registered letter, addressed to the Board, authority, or person, at its or his office or principal office, or at the last known place of abode in South Australia of such person.

(2) If such notice is so posted, it shall be deemed to have been Time of service. given at the last moment of the day on which the same ought to be delivered at such office, or principal office, or such place of abode, in the ordinary course of post.

98. Whenever it is necessary, on the hearing of any informa- Proof of service. tion for any offence against the provisions of this Act, or against Ibid, s. 113. any regulation hereunder, to prove service of any notice, an affidavit of the service of such notice, sworn before a Commissioner for taking affidavits in the Supreme Court, or a declaration of such service made before a Justice of the Peace shall be sufficient proof of such service.

certain documents.

99. Every order, summons, notice, or other such documeni Authentication of requiring to be authenticated by the Board, or by any of the constituent Corporations and Councils, may, except when otherwise Ibid. s. 114. provided, be sufficiently authenticated without the common seal of the Board, Corporation, or Council if signed by a member of the Board in the one case, or by two Councillors or the Town Clerk or District Clerk in the other.

100. There shall be an appeal from any decision of any Special Appeals. Magistrate or Justices to the Local Court of Adelaide of Full Ibid, s. 162. Jurisdiction.

101. Such

The Metropolitan Abattoirs Act.—1908.

Procedure on ap-
Ibid, c. 163.
Ibid, s. 164.

101. Such appeal shall be regulated by Ordinance No. 6 of 1850, and “ The Justices Procedure Amendment Act, 1883-4,' or any other Acts consolidating or amending the same.

102. Such Local Court may make any order as to costs as it shall think fit.

Case for opinion of
Supreme Court.
Ibid, s.165.

103. Such Local Court may state a special case for the opinion of the Supreme Court.

Procedure on special


Ibid., sec. 166.

104. The Supreme Court shall deal with such special case according to the practice of the Supreme Court on special cases, and may make any order as to the costs of the proceedings in the Courts below.

In the name and on behalf of His Majesty, I hereby assent to this Bill.



The Metropolitan Abattoirs Act.—1908.


THE FIRST SCHEDULE. The whole of the area of jurisdiction of the District Council of Mitcham except the portion thereof lying to the south of a line drawn due east and west at a distance of five miles in a direct line due south of the General Post Office, Adelaide, the western end of such line being on the Southern Railway line, and from that point lying to the east of the said railway line to its most southerly point in the said area of jurisdiction, and thence lying to the east of a line drawn due south to the boundary of the said area of jurisdiction.



Reference to Acts.


Extent of Repeal.

No. 5 of 1840 . An Act to regulate the Slaughtering and Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, prevent the Stealing of Cattle

7, 8, 15, and 16 No. 2 of 1844 . An Ordinance to authorise the levying The whole

of Fees on the Slaughtering of Cattle

in South Australia No. 419 of 1887 The District Councils Act, 1887 ... Sections 258 and 259 No. 863 of 1904 The District Councils Amendment Act, Sections 29 and 30

No. 497 of 1890 The Municipal Corporations Act, 1890 . Sections 182 and 183,

section 184 as regards
the word “slaughter-
house” only, and sec-
tion 314 as regards
all the words from
and including “For
the regulation of
slaughter-houses” to
and including "there-
for, or for slaughter-

ing cattle"
No. 833 of 1903 The Municipal Corporations Amendment Subdivision X111. of sec-
Act, 1903

tion 14, and section 15 No. 711 of 1898 | The Health Act, 1898

Sections 95, 96, 97, 98,

99, 100, 101, 102, and

[blocks in formation]


“ The Metropolitan Abattoirs Act, 1908." The Metropolitan Abattoirs Board in consideration of the sum of pounds paid to the Board hereby binds itself to pay to the bearer for the time being of this debenture the sum of

pounds, and to the bearer or bearers for the time being of the coupons annexed hereto interest upon the said sum at the rate of

per centum per annum, such interest to be payable on the day of

and the
day of

in every year, and the principal
to be paid on the
on such sooner day as shall be specified in notice given in pursuance of the above-
mentioned Act for the redemption of this debenfure.


day of

in the year


The Metropolitan Abattoirs Act.—1908.

The general rates of the constituent Corporations and Councils declared or hereafter to be declared under the authority of “The Municipal Corporations Act, 1890," and “ The District Councils Act, 1887," and any other revenues received or to be received by such Corporations and Councils (except such as are exempted in clause 37 of “ The Metropolitan Abattoirs Act, 1908,") and all the real and personal property of the Board, shall be a security to the bearer for the time being of this debenture until the said principal sum be satisfied, and to the bearer or bearers for the time being of the coupons annexed hereto until the interest upon the said principal as represented by such coupons by him or them held shall be satisfied.

This debenture is issued subject to the provisions of the last-mentioned Act, and in particular to the sections contained in Part III. of the Act.

Given under the seal of the Metropolitan Abattoirs Board this
day of
The seal of the Metropolitan Abattoirs
Board was hereto fixed on the

date hereof in the presence of

Chairman. Countersigned

Secretary Note. Interest and principal payable at the office of the Board in Adelaide, or at such bank or other place as may be appointed by notice to be given in The South Australian Government Gazette.

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An Act to regulate the Keeping, Conveying, and Sale of

Inflammable Oils.

[Assented to, December 2nd, 1908.] E it Enacted by the Governor of the State of South Australia,

with the advice and consent of the Parliament thereof, as follows:



Preliminary. 1. This Act may be cited as the “ Inflamınable Oils Act, 1908.”

Short title.

2. This Act shall commence on a day to be fixed by Proclama- Commencement of tion.


Division of Act.

3. This Act is divided into parts as follows:

PART 1.—Preliminary and Interpretation.
PART 11.—Keeping of Inflammable Oil.
Part III.- Marking of Packages.
Part 1V.—Conveyance of Inflammable Oil.
PART V.-Government Control and Inspection
Part VI.—Testing.
PART VII.—Legal Proceedings.
Part VII.—General Provisions.

4. The

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