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An Act to provide for Advances to Settlers on Crown

Lands, and for other purposes.

[Assented to, December 23rd, 1908.] BE E it Enacted by the Governor of the State of South Australia,

with the advice and consent of the Parliament thereof, as follows:

1. This Act may be cited as “ The Advances to Settlers on Short title. Crown Lands Act, 1908.” 2. In this Act, unless a contrary meaning appears

“ Advance” means an advance made under this Act:
· Agreement” means an agreement containing a covenant to

purchase Crown Lands:
“ Crown lands” does not include any land repurchased under

the provisions of Part X. of “The Crown Lands Act,
1903,” or repurchased for the purposes mentioned in the

said Part X. under any enactment or otherwise :
· Deputy Surveyor-General” means the person for the time

being holding the office of Deputy Surveyor-General:
Holding” means the land held by a settler under his lease

or agreement:
“ Land Board” means the Land Board under “ The Crown

Lands Act, 1903,” and any Act amending that Act, or

any Act substituted therefor:
“Prescribed ” means prescribed by regulations made under
this Act:



The Advances to Settlers on Crown Lands Act.-1908.

“Settler" means the holder of a lease of Crown lands or of an

agreement, whether the original lessee or holder or a suc

cessor in title of the original lessee or holder: “Surveyor-General” means the person for the time being hold

ing the office of Surveyor-General: “The Board” means the Advances to Settlers Board constituted

by this Act: “ The Fund” means the Advances to Settlers Fund constituted

by this Act :
“ The Treasurer” means the Treasurer for the time being of

the State:
“ This Act ”includes regulations made under this Act.

Advances to Settlers

3. A Board is hereby constituted under the name of “The Advances to Settlers Board.”

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4. This Act and the Fund constituted by this Act shall be administered by the Board.

Members of Board.

5. (1) The members for the time being of the Land Board, the Surveyor-General, and the Deputy Surveyor-General shall be the members of the Board.

(2) The Surveyor-General shall be the Chairman of the Board.

Incorporation of 6. The Board shall be a body corporate with perpetual succession Board.

and a common seal, and be capable of suing and being sued, of W.A. 15, 1906, s. 6. holding, leasing, and alienating land, and of doing and suffering all

such other acts and things as bodies corporate may by law do and suffer.

Property held on behalf of Crown.

7. The Board shall hold all property, all estates and interests in property, and all moneys acquired by them under this Act for and on account of the Crown.

Cf. Tas. 8, 1898, s. 6.

Deputy member of

Q. 24, 1901, s. 5.

8. In case of illness, suspension, inability, or absence of any member of the Board the Governor may appoint some other civil servant to act as the deputy of such member during such illness, suspension, inability, or absence; and every such deputy shall

, whilst he acts as such deputy, have all the powers and perform all the duties of such member.

Chairman to preside.

9. (1) The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Board, but when the Chairman is absent from any meeting the members present may by the vote of the majority appoint one of their number to be Acting Chairman, who shall preside over such meeting during the absence of the Chairman.

(2) The Chairman or Acting Chairman shall have a casting as well as a deliberative vote.

10. Two

The Advances to Settlers on Crown Lands Act.–1908.

10. Two members shall form a quorum at any meeting of the Quorum. Board.


11. (1) A Fund is hereby constituted, to be called “The Advances Advances to Settlers to Settlers Fund.”

(2) The Treasurer shall set apart to the credit of the fund such Cf. C.L. Act, 1903, loan moneys as are from time to time provided by Parliament for 8. 136. that purpose, not exceeding Two Hundred Thousand Pounds in any one financial year.

(3) All moneys received by the Board in repayment of advances shall be paid to the Treasurer and be placed to the credit of the fund and form part thereof. Moneys received by way of interest on advances shall be paid to the Treasurer and be applied in aid of the general revenue of the State.

(4) The Fund shall be held by the Treasurer and be applied to the purposes of this Act.

12. The Governor may from time to time, upon the recom- Officers of Board. mendation of the Board, appoint a secretary, an accountant, inspectors, valuers, and such other officers and servants of the Board as may be necessary for carrying out the provisions of this Act.

13. (1) Subject to the provisions of this Act, the Board may Advances to settlers. make advances to any settler on the prescribed security for — W.A. 15, 1906, s. 28. (a) Making improvements on his holding, such as ring-barking,

clearing, grubbing, fencing, draining, erecting or making
permanent water improvements (such as dams, wells,
tanks, watercourses, windmills, and the like), boring for
water, erecting permanent buildings, or such other

improvements as are prescribed ; or
(6) Discharging any mortgage already existing on his holding.

(2) Subject to subsection (4) hereof, advances may be made to a Cf., Q. 13, 1904, s. 3. settler under paragraph (a) of subsection (1) hereof of an amount not exceeding Fifteen Shillings in the Pound of the fair estimated value of the improvements (if any) already made on his holding and those in course of being made thereon.

(3) Subject as aforesaid, advances may be made to a settler under paragraph (6) of subsection (1) hereof of an amount not exceeding Twelve Shillings in the Pound of the fair estimated value of the improvements already made on his holding.

(4) At no time shall the total advances to any one settler exceed the sum of Four Hundred Pounds. 14. Every application for an advance shall

Applications for

advance. 1. Be made to the Board, and in the prescribed form, and shall

contain such particulars as are prescribed : 11. Be supported by such evidence (if any) as is prescribed, or as the Board requires.

15. (1) Any

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