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Cast. Speak, what said he?

Acast. That thou wert a villain;

Methinks I would not have thee thought a villain.
Cast. Shame on th' ill-manner'd brute !

Your age secur'd him; he durst not else have said so.
Acast. By my sword,

I would not see thee wrong'd, and bear it vilely:
Though I have pass'd my word she shall have justice. 80
Cast. Justice! to give her justice would undo her.
Think you this solitude I now have chosen,
Left joys, just op'ning to my sense, sought here
A place to curse my fate in, measur'd out

My grave at length, wish'd to have grown one piece
With this cold clay, and all without a cause ?


Cha. Where is the hero, famous and renown'd
For wronging innocence and breaking vows,
Whose mighty spirit, and whose stubborn heart,
No woman can appease, nor man provoke ?

Acast. I guess, Chamont, you come to seek Castalio.
Cha. I come to seek the husband of Monimia.
Cast. The slave is here.

Cha. I thought e'er now to've found you
Atoning for the ills you've done Chamont


For you have wrong'd the dearest part of him.
Monimia, young lord, weeps in this heart;

And all the tears thy injuries have drawn

From her poor eyes, are drops of blood from hence. Cast, Then you are Chamont?


Cha. Yes, and I hope no stranger To great Castalio.

Cast. I've heard of such a man

That has been very busy with my honour.
I own, I'm much indebted to you, sir,
And here return the villain back again
You sent me by my father.

Cha. Thus I'll thank you.


Acast. By this good sword, who first presumes to


Makes me his foe

[Draws and interposes.

[To Cast.

"Young man, it once was thought

"I was fit guardian of my house's honour;

"And you might trust your share with me


"you, [To Cha. "Young soldier, I must tell you, you have wrong'd me. "I promis'd you to do Monimia right,

"And thought my word a pledge, I would not forfeit:

But you, I find, would fright us to performance.” Cast. Sir, in my younger years, with care you taught



That brave revenge was due to injur’d honour;
Oppose not then the justice of my sword,
Lest you should make me jealous of your love.
Cha. Into thy father's arms thou fly'st for safety,
Because thou know'st that place is sanctify'd
With the remembrance of an ancient friendship.
Cast. I am a villain, if I will not seek thee,
Till I may be reveng❜d for all the wrongs
Done me by that ungrateful fair thou plead'st for.

Cha. She wrong'd thee! by the fury in my heart,
Thy father's honour's not above Monimia's;
Nor was thy mother's truth and virtue fairer.

Acast. Boy, don't disturb the ashes of the dead
With thy capricious follies. The remembrance
Of the lov'd creature that once fill'd these arms-
Cha. Has not been wrong'd.

Cast. It shall not.

Cha. No, nor shall

Monimia, though a helpless orphan, destitute
Of friends and fortune, though th' unhappy sister
Of poor Chamont, whose sword is all his portion,
B'opprest by thee, thou proud imperious traitor. 140
Cast. Hah set me free.

[blocks in formation]

The cause of these disorders; my Chamont,

Who is't has wrong'd thee?

Cast. Now, where art thou fled

For shelter?

Cha. Come from thine, and see what safeguard Shall then betray my fears.

Ser. Cruel Castalio,

Sheath up thy angry sword, and don't affright me. Chamont, let once Serina calm thy breast:


any of my friends have done thee injuries, I'll be reveng'd, and love thee better for❜t.

Cast. Sir, if you'd have me think you did not take

This opportunity to shew your vanity,

Let's meet some other time, when by ourselves
We fairly may dispute our wrongs together.

Cha. Till then, I am Castalio's friend.

Cast. Serina,

Farewel, I wish much happiness attend you.


Ser. Chamont's the dearest thing I have on earth; Give me Chamont, and let the world forsake me. Cha. Witness the gods, how happy I'm in thee! "No beauteous blossom of the fragrant spring "Though the fair child of nature newly born, "Can be so lovely.” Angry, unkind Castalio, Suppose I should a while lay by my passions, And be a beggar in Monimia's cause, Might I be heard?

Cast. Sir, 'twas my last request,

You would, though I find you will not be satisfy'd; So, in a word, Monimia is my scorn;

She basely sent you here to try my fears;

That was your business;

"No artful prostitute, in falsehoods practis'd,

"To make advantage of her coxcomb's follies, "Could have done more.".

Cha. Farewel.

-Disquiet vex her for't.

[Exit Cha. and Ser.

Cast. Farewel-My father, you seem troubled. 180 Acast. Would I'd been absent when this boisterous

[blocks in formation]

Acast. Don't curse her.

Cast. Did I?

Acast. Yes.

Cast. I'm sorry for't.

Acast. Methinks, as if I guess, the fault's but small,

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Cast. That she's my wife, may Heav'n and you

give me.

Acast. Be reconcil'd then.

Cast. No.

Acast. Go see her.

Cast. No.

Acast. I'll send and bring her hither.

Cast. No.

Acast. For my sake,

Castalio, and the quiet of my age.



Cast. Why will you urge a thing my nature starts at ?

Acast. Pr'ythee forgive her.

Cast. Lightnings first shall blast me.

I tell you, were she prostrate at my feet,
Full of her sex's best dissembled sorrows,
And all that wond'rous beauty of her own,
My heart might break, but it should never soften.


Flor. My lord, where are you? "Oh, Castalio! "Acast. Hark.

"Cast. What's that?"

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