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pily predicted, by this portion of divine truth, the friends of Missions have no doubt. They believe that they will be realized in all their fullness of glory and of joy, and under the influence of this belief, urged by the command, and by the love of Chirst, they have began to cause the gospel to be prcached to every creature. The most unwavering confidence, however, in these predictions, is perfectly consistent with a spirit of concern for the result of effort in behalf of their accomplishment. To gratify this spirit, to excite to continued and increased fidelity in the kingdom of our Lord, and to discharge our duty to our patrons, is the occasion of presenting to the public a report of our operations for the past two years.

The instrumentality which has been employed is the same as has been reported in preceding years — the preaching of the Word; the translation, printing, and distribution of the Scriptures and religious tracts; the superintendance of schools for the instruction of native children both in the Murathee and English languages, togethor with supplication and prayer for the gift of thc Holy Ghost.

As the operations of the Mission are carried on at different stations, it will be important, for the sake of definiteness, to report separately, as far as practicable, with regard to each.

Rev. C. STONE, Missionary, - Mrs. STONE.
Rev. S. B. MUNGER, Vissionary, - Mrs. MUNGER.
Rev. H. BALLANTINE, Missionary, - Mrs. BALLANTINE.
Mr. E. A. WEBSTER, Printer, — Mrs. WEBSTER.
Mr. G. W. HUBBARD, Superintendant of Schools, -

Mrs. Sampson.
Miss. C. FARRAR, Superintendant of Female Schools.
A. F. FONCECA, Assistant.
SEWAJEE, Assistant.

Preaching The preaching of the cross we regard as the grand instrument by which the conversion of men in heathen, not less than in christian lands, is to be effected. To this every thing else is subordinate. The exhibition of Christ, crucified for the sins of the world, has a power to arrest the attention of those who are groping in the darkness of error and superstition, and to lead into the path of truth and holiness, which pertains to no other instrumentality. This properly marks the heinousness of sin, and at the same time provides an adequate ransom. While such are our sentiments, it is a matter of much regret that we have not been able, for the two past years, to manifest a corresponding practice. During this period there has been only one, except for a very short time, who was able to speak to the people in their own tongue. The gospel, however, has been regularly preached. We continue, as heretofore, to have three services in the chapel on the Sabbath. The order and character of one of these is changed. The teachers and scholars in connection with our schools in Bombay, who were formerly in the habit of meeting on Sabbath afternoon, now convene at 8 o'clock in the Dorning. At this time, the children belonging to the first classes are examined, in the presence of their respective teachers, upon those portions of the Scripture which have been the subject of reading, and catechetical instruction, during the previous week. The children of the second classes are, on the same occasion, examined as to their acquaintance with the Catechism, Commandments, Lord's Prayer, &c. This exercise continues for one hour, and immediately after it, follow a sermon, and other appropriate services. We are able by this arrangement to secure the attendance, upon the preaching of the gospel, of the older children of the schools. In addition to these, the congregation consists chiefly of those who are in some way in the employ of the Mission, as pundits, school-teachers, workmen in the printing office, and servants in our families. Beleving that we are not only not to profane the Sabbath by giving work to those in our employ on that day, but that we are required to use our inAvence to induce them to keep boly the Sabbath, we make it an indispensible condition of their coming into our service, that they shall attend the services of the chapel on the Lord's day. The number which at

tends upon preaching, from a desire to know the truth, is, it is believed, quite small; yet it affords us pleasure to be able to say, that the congregation, for 2.. six or eight months past, has been gradually increas- **** ing. It now varies from one hundred and fifty to two 22 hundred persons.

Our third service in the chapel is conducted in the English language. The number of those who assemble with us, on this occasion, for the worship of God, is quite small. We feel no inclination, however, to discontinue it. It affords us sufficient inducement to continue our efforts in this department of labour, that it is a means of spiritual attainment to the members of the Mission families, and others of the church who speak the English language. Themonthly concert, and a weekly prayer-meeting, are continued with usual interest.

In addition to the Sabbath exercises in the chapel **: for the benefit of native hearers, Mr. Stone has been in the habit of instructing, at his own house, on Sabbath afternoon, the teachers of both our boys' and girls' schools, and such other persons as were disposed to attend. The congregation thus convenedig has varied from twenty to fifty or sixty. This exercise partakes of the character of a Bible class, and is often of a very interesting nature.

On Tuesday afternoon, the teachers of the schools are instructed upon those portions of Scripture which were assigned, on the previous Sabbath, as lessons

to be taught the children during the week. A pert of the time of this service is also devoted to singing Christian hymns, which have been adapted to sative music. We feel it to be a matter of very great importance that our teachers should be thoroughly instructed in the doctrines and duties of the gospel, in order that they may be qualified to teach others these great truths. Although special efforts have been made, and repeated from year to year, to advance their improvement in these things, yet we are aften grieved at their exceeding ignorance. The truth is they hate the light, and will not come to the Ight. They love darkness.

During the period designated for this report, preaching in places of public concourse has been continued, though with frequent interruptions. We much fament that, on account of the smallness of our number, we are not able to sustain this department of labour with more constancy and energy.

While so few are rcady to avail themselves of the opportusity of hearing the gospel by going into the house of God, the duty of going into the highways and hedges, and making known the fullness and the frecness of divine love for sinful men, becomes more impeous. Their spiritual ncccssitics demand compulsion - compel them to come in.

Sewajee, our native assistant, is particularly useful A making known, in his simple and affectionate manner, the unsearchable riches of Christ, to the people of the Poor Asylum, and others to whom be

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