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Idlenefs deftroys the advantages of retirement, 19; poe-
tical defcription of rural idlenefs, 133.

Idylls, thofe of Geffner defcribed, 131.

Ill-nature, not the cause of fatirifing the vices and follies
of mankind, 20, 21; fubdued by Solitude 207.
Imagination, the cause of thofe pleasures which the heart
derives from Solitude, 102, 106; excited by the fu-
blime scenery of Swifferland, 108, 117; its power-
ful effect, 120; happiness more in imagination than in
reality, 126; how it may be occafionally diverted,
167; its delufive effects, 211; must be filenced before
reafon can operate, 237; moderated by Solitude, 243.
Impatience fubdued by Solitude, 207.

Indolence, a difpofition to it checked and fubdued by
a rational Solitude, 62; Helvetius's opinion of its

effects, 70.

Johnfon fond of romances, 126; a dialogue from the
hiftory of Raffelas, 241; a circumftance under which
he wrote the English Dictionary, 242.

Ifenbourg, the Prince of, his conduct in exile, 281.
Italians, their character, and contented difpofition, 120.
Italy, its depopulation the cause which induced Macenas
to perfuade Virgil to write the Georgics, 54.


Lavater gave credit to the juggles of Geffner, 56; an

invocation o

his memory and merits, 59; his national

fongs, 83, 84.

Leifure, its ufe in retirement, 24.


Laura, defcription of her refidence and character, 191,


Laufanne, its delightful folitude, and the happiness of
its inhabitants, 151.

Library may be the feat of Solitude, 1; the enjoyments
it afforded to Petrarch, 47, 176.

Liberty defined, 11; its use in retirement, 24; the
love of it engenders a love of Solitude, 160; the
true sweetener of life, 163; flies from the thraldom
of fociety, 158.

Love, enervated the youthful mind of Petrarch, 92;

the most precious gift of heaven, 177; unites itself
voluntarily with the aspect of beautiful nature, 177;
inspired by the return of fpring, 179; its fofteft ima
ges revived by Solitude, 181; Wieland's sublime con-
ception of this paffion, 182; its effect on young minds,
183, 204; abfence and tranquillity favourable to the
indulgence of it, 184; frequently becomes highly ro-
mantic in Solitude, 186; Rouffeau's defcription of
its effects, 186, 204; its effects on the mind of Pe-
trarch, 188; Ovid's opinion of the danger of love in
Solitude, 189; Adam Smith's fentiments on this fub-
ject, 190; Petrarch conquers it, 195; the effect of
love in retirement, 202.

Lovers, their enjoyments in Solitude, 180; express
their passion with high ecftafy, 185; Ovid's opinion
that Solitude is dangerous to a lover, 189; their feel-
ings on the death of the object of their affections, 193;
in what manner Solitude heals their afflictions, 204.
Luc, John Andre de, his negociation with the people of
Geneva, 87.

Luxury, a ftory of an old curate's ignorance on this
fubject, 164.


Maintenon, that lady's opinion of the retirement of
Marfhal de Boufflers, 174.

Man of Fashion, miferable amidst his pleasures, 213,
216; his character contrafted with that of a philofo-
pher, 253.

Manual Labour, not to be rejected in Solitude, 227.
Marienwerder, beautiful gardens there defcribed, 104.
Malefherbes, Rouffeau's letter to him on Solitude, 128;
on his love of liberty, 161.

Martial, his opinion of Solitude, 17.

Mæcenas's motives for inducing Virgil to write the
· Georgics, 54.

Meiner's defcription of the beauties of the borders of the
lake Biel, 116.

Milton's addrefs to light, 23; defcription of fallen vir-
tue, 273; delight of rural objects, 280.

Mind, its influence upon the body, 240.


Minifters of State, observations on their difpofitions and
characters, 170, 174; the difgrace of one finely il-
luftrated by Le Sage, in the hiftory of Vanillo Gon-
zales, 171.7
Melancholy fubdued by Solitude, 102; Thomfon's lines
on philofophic melancholy, 103.

Mental Pleafures are in every perfon's reach, 227.
Metellus, his patriotic conduct, 283.

Montaigne's opinion of Solitude, 1.



Moorcock, ftory of one, 164.

Moore's defcription of the character of the Italians,



Nature, the manner in which the performs her operations,

Nemi, the lake of melancholy, defcribed, 117.

Numa, his love of Solitude, 27; a defcription of his
character, 27.

Old Age, the advantage it derives, from Solitude, 289.
Ovid's lines on the danger a lover experiences in Solitude,


Paftoral Poetry, its origin, 130; its influence on the
heart in Solitude, 133.

Parents, the propereft preceptors to teach their children

virtue, 15.

Paffions, in what manner concentrated and fubdued by
Solitude, 63; their use in fociety, 137.

Patriotifm, the effects it produces, 85; a term frequent-
ly mifapplied, 265.

Peace of Mind, in what it confifts, and how obtained,



Pericles, his love of Solitude and character, 88; a cap-

tivating orator, 49.

Petrarch's opinion of the importance of time, and his
recommendation of Solitude to employ it profitably,
35, 42; his love of letters described, 47; the con-
fequences of excluding him from his library, 48; his
retirement at Vaucluse described, 52, 199; the ad-
vantages he derived from Solitude, 90; his happiness
interrupted by the paffion of love, 92; contrives and
fupports the enterprizes of Rienzi, 92; the inconfift-
ency of his conduct, 94; his employments at Vau
clufe, 139; his notion of riches, 155; difgufted by
the mean manners of the papal court, 156; a defcrip-
tion of his perfon and manners, 157; his progrefs in
life, 159; his enjoyments in Solitude, 168; defcribes
the fimplicity and frugality of his life in the country,
166; fubdues his paffions, 168; his books his best
friends, 176; compofed his fineft fonnets at Vauclufe,
185; the effects which love produced in his mind,
188, 190; his conqueft over love, 195; his abilities
and fame, 198; his conduct in old age, 295.
Pfeffel of Colmar defeats the inconveniencies of blind-
nefs by means of Solitude, 22.

Philip of Macedon, an anecdote refpecting the use of
time, 44.

Philanthropist, ftory of one in the character of Dr.

Hotze, 141, 147.

Phyficians, the character of Dr. Hotze defcribed, 141,

147 feelings in vifiting the fick, 249; their motives
for affording charitable affiftance, 264.

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