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Human science may predict or foretell and interpret natural phenomena, but prophecy, which is the supernatural revelation of the purposes and decrees of the Almighty, recorded in the Scripture of truth, can be interpreted only by the Scriptures.

As fulfilled prophecy has been invariably fulfilled to the very letter of Scripture, a key is thus furnished to the right understanding of unfulfilled prophecies, which will surely come to pass as literally. This is a principle which should not be lost sight of in the study of prophecy. But certain sects or schools have adapted various allegorical meanings to unfulfilled prophecies, and as these cannot be all right, the unfortunate consequence is that many Christians not only conclude them to be all wrong, but are deterred from considering the subject at all, as if it were an unintelligible or impracticable part of the Word of God. Such, however, should not forget that “all Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable,” and that to discard prophecy is to cast aside a very large portion of the Bible. Oriental figures of speech which abound in the Scripture, and are so different from European phraseology, may sometimes occasion difficulties, but the writer of the following


pages adopts the principle that Holy Scripture should always be understood in its literal sense, whenever that will bear a literal meaning. He has made free use of the thoughts of others, with whose general views of prophecy he coincides. The reader is requested to test these by reference to the Scriptures, and to reject whatever is not in accordance with them, and may the Lord in his grace bless everything that is His, and pardon all that is not.




The study of prophecy has been said to be a speculation of dangerous tendency when attempted by an unregenerate mind; truly it is so if undertaken in a spirit of irreverent inquisitiveness; and if the heart has not been touched by the feeling of love and gratitude to Him who gave Himself a ransom for sinners; if it is indifferent about the atoning merits of a crucified Saviour, or has no firm standing on the Rock of Ages, to such the study of prophecy is profitless, for its only purpose is to set forth the work of the Lord Jesus on earth, His judgment in “ the day of the Lord,” and His power and great glory, to be hereafter revealed; to trifle with so sacred a subject is perilous to him whose faith is unsettled. unto you that desire the day of the Lord: to what end is it for you ? the day of the Lord is darkness, and not light.” Amos. v. 18.

But to the sincere believer in the great fundamental truth, “justification by faith” in the merits and work of Jesus Christ, the prayerful study of prophecy may be a means to confirm his faith, as he tests every thought by the letter of Scripture, and observes the exact agreement between the various in

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