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And for their publishing of such opinions, or mantaining of fach practices, as are contrary to the light of nature, or to the known principles of Christianity, whether concerning faith, worship or converfation; or to the power of godliness; or fuch erroneous opinions or practices as either in their own nature, or in the manner of publishing or maintaining them, are destructive to the external peace and order which Christ hath established in the church; they may lawfully be called to account, and proceeded against by the censures of the church


and q Rom. i. 32. Who knowing the consent not to wholsom words, everd judgment of God, that they who the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, cominit such things are worthy of and to the doctrine which is accorddeath) not only do the same, but ing to godliness; v. 4. He is proud, have pleasure in them that do them. knowing nothing, but doting about With 1 Cor. v. 1. It is reported questions and strifes of words, wherecominonly that there is fornication of cometh envy, strife, railings, evil among you, and such fornication as furmisings, v. 5. Perverse difputis not so much as named amongst ings of men of corrupt minds, and the Gentiles, that one should have destitute of the truth, fupposing his father's wife. v.5. To deliver that gain is godlinefs: from such such an one unto Satan, for the de- withdraw thyself. And Tit. i. 10. struction of the flesh, that the spirit For there are many unrulyand vain may be faved in the day of the Lord talkers and deceivers, especially Jelus. v. 11. But now I have written they of the circumcision, v. u. unto you, not to keep company, if Whose mouths must be stopped, any man that is called a brother, be who subvert whole houses, teaching a fornicator, or covetous, or an ido- things which they ought not, for later, or a railer, or a drunkard, or filthy lucre's sake. v. 13. This witan extortioner, with such an one, nefs is true: wherefore rebuke them no not to ext. v. 13. But them that Tharply, that they may be found in are without, God judgeth. There. the faith. And Tit. iii, 10. A man fore put away from among your that is an heretick, after the first and selves that wicked person. 2 John second admonition, reject. With 10. If there come any unto you, and Mat. xviii. 15. Moreover, ifthy brobring not this doctrine, receive him ther shall trespass against thee, go not into your house, neither bid him and tell him his fault between thee God speed. v. 11. For he that bid- and him alone: if he shall hear thee, deth him God speed, is partaker of thou hast gained thy brother. v. 16. his evil deeds. And 2 Thess. iii. 14. But if he will not hear thee, then And if any man obey not our word take with thee one or two more, by this epistle, note that man, and that in the mouth of two or three have no company with him, that he witnesses every word may be estamay be ashamed. And 1 Tim. vi. 3. blished. v. 17. And if he shall neglect If any man teach otherwise, and to hear them, tellit unto the church;


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and by the power of the civil magistrater.

CH AP. but if he neglect to hear the church, is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not let him be unto thce as an heathen the sword in vain; for he is the miman and a publican, i Tim. i. 19. nister of God, a revenger to exeHolding faith and a good consci- cute wrath upon him that doth eence: which some having put away, vil. With 2 John 10, 11.

(See in concerning faith have made thip- the letter q.) Ezra vii.23. Whatsowreck. v. 20. Of whom is Hymene- 'ever is commanded by the God of us and Alexander: whom I have de- heaven, let it be diligently done, for livered unto Satan, that they may the house of the God of heaven; for learn not to blaspheme. Rev. ii. 2. why should there be wrath against I know thy works, and thy labour, the realm of the king and his fons? and thy patience, and how thou v. 25. And thou, Ezra, after the canst not bear them who are evil; wisdom of thy God, that is in thine and thou hast tried them, who say hand, fet magistrates and judges, they are apostles, and are not; and who may judge all the people that haft found them liars. v. 14. But I are beyond the river, all luch as have a few things against thee, be- know the laws of thy God; and cause thou hast there them that hold teach ye them that know them not. the doctrine of Balaam, who taught v. 26. And whosoever will not do Balak to cast a stumbling-block be- the law of thy God, and the law of fore the children of Israel, to eat the king, let judgment be executed things facrificed unto idols, and to specdily upon him, whether it bę commit fornication, v. 15. So hast unto death, or to banishment, or to thou also them that hold the doc- confiscation of goods, or to impritrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing fonment. v. 27.

Blessed be the Lord I hate. V. 20. Notwithstanding, I God of our fathers, who hath put have a few things against thee, be- such a thing as this in the king's cause thou sufferest that woman Je heart, to beautify the house of the zebel, which calleth herself a pro. Lord, which is in Jerusalem: y. 28. phetess, to reach, and seduce my ser- and hath extended mercy unto me, vants to commit fornication, and to before the king, and his counseleat things sacrificed unto idols. Rev. lors, and before all the king's mighin. 9. Behold, I will make them of ty princes : and I was strengthened, the fynagogue of Satan, (who say as the hand of the Lord my God was they are Jews, and are not, but do upon me, and I gathered together lie, Behold, I will make them to out of Israel, chief men to go up with come and worship before thy feet, me. Rev. xvii. 12. And the ten horns and to know that I have loved thee. which thou sawelt, are ten kings,

(Deut. xiii. 6. to the 12.) Rom. which have received no kingdom as xii. 3. For rulers are not a terror to yet; but receive power as kings one good works, but to the evil. Wilt hour with the beast, v. 16. And the thou then not be afraid of the pow

ten horns which thou sawelt

upon ET? do that which is good, and thou the beast, thefe shall hate the whore, thalt have praise of the fame. v. 4. and shall make her desolate, and naFor he is the minister of God to thee ked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn for good. But if thou do that which her with fire. v. 17. For God hath


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put in their hearts to fulfil his will, heaven. v. 6. And he brought out an ito agree, and to give their king, the grove from the house of the don unto the beait, until the words Lord, without Jerusalem, unto the of God ihall be fulfilled. Neh. xiii. brook Kidron, and burnt it at the 15. In those days saw I in Judah brook Kidron, and stampt it small fo ne treading wine-presses on the to powder; and cast the powder fabbath, and bringing in theaves, thereof upon the graves of the chiland lading alles; as also wine, dren of the people. v.9. Neverthegrapes, ană figs, and all manner of less, the priests of the high places

came not up to the altar of the Lord Jerusalem on the fabbath-day: and in Jerusalem, but they did eat of the I teltified agiinit them in the day unleavened bread among their brewherein they fold victuals. v. 17. thren. v. 20. And he flew all the Then I contended with the nobles priests of the high places that were of Jah, and said unto them, What there, upon the altars, and burnt evilthing is this that ye do, and pro. mens bones upon them, and returnfane the labbath day? v. 21. Thened to Jerusalem. v.21. And the king I tertified againt thein, and said un- commanded all the people, saying, to them, Why lodge ye about the Keep the paffover unto the Lord wall? if ye do lo aguin, I will lay your God, as it is written in the hands on you. From that time forth book of this covenant. 2 Chr.xxxiv, came they no more on the fabbath. 33. And Josiah took away all the V. 22. And I tommanded the Le- abominations out of all the counyites, that they ihould cleanse them- tries that pertained to the children selves, and that they Thould come of Israel, and made all that were and keep the gates, to fanctify the present in Israel to serve, even to fabbath-day. Remember me, O my ferve the Lord their God. And all God, concerning this also and spare his days they departed not from folme according to the greatnets of thy lowing the Lord, the God of their mercy. v.25. And I contended with fathers. 2 Chron. xv. 12. And they them, and curled them, and smote entered into a covenant to seek the certain of them, and pluckt off their Lord God of their fathers, with all hair, and made them twear by God, their heart, and with all their soul; taying, Ye thill not give your daugh- V.13.that whosoever would not seek ters unto their fons, nor take their the Lord God of Israel, should be daughters unto your fons, or for put to death,whether smallor great, yourlelves. v. 30. Thus cleansed I whether man or woman, v. 16. And ihem from all ftrangers, and ap- also concerning Maachah the mopointed the wards of the priests, and 'ther of Afa the king, he removed the Levites, every one in his bufi- her from being queen, because the ness. 2 Kings xxiij. 5. And he put kad made an idol in a grove: and down the idolatrous priests, whom Asa cut down her idol, and stampthe kings of Judah had ordained to ed it, and burnt it at the brook Kiburn incense in the high places, in dron. Dan. iii. 29. Therefore I the cities of Judah, and in the pla- make a decree, That every people, ces round about Jerusalem, themal- nation, and language, which speak Jo that burnt incense unto Baal, to any thing amiss against the God of the fun, and to the moon, and to Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nethe planets, and to all the host of go, shall be cut in pieces, and their


Thechi bordilhip and fovereignty over all; is good

, and

CHAP. XXI. Of Religious worship, and the Sabbath Day.

of lordship

and doth good unto all; and is therefore to be feared, loved, praised, called upon, trusted in, and served, with all the heart, and with all the soul, and with all the might a. Bur the acceptable way of worshipping the true God is instituted by him


houses shall be made a dunghil; be- excuse. A&s xvii. 24. God that made cause there is no other god that can the world, and all things therein, deliver after this sort. I Tim. ï.2. seeing that he is Lord of heaven and For kings, and for all that are in earth, dwelleth not in temples made authority; that we may lead a quiet with hands. Pfal. cxix. 68. Thou and peaceable life, in all godliness art good, and doft good; teach me and honesty. Ifa xlix. 23. And kings thy statutes. Jer, x. 7. Who would shall be thy nursing fathers, and not fear thee, O King of nations? their queens thy nursing mothers: for to thee doth it appertain; foras. they shall bow down to thee, with much as among all the wise men of their faces toward the earth, and the nations, and in all their kinglick up the dust of thy feet, and thou doms, there is none like unto thee. fhalt know that I am the Lord: for ' Psal. xxxi. 23. O love the Lord, all they shall not be ashamed that wait ye

his faints: for the Lord preserve for me. Zech. xiii. 2. And it shall eth the faithful, and plentifully recome to pass in that day, faith the wardeth the proud doer. Pfal. xviii. Lord of hosts, that I will cut off 3. I will call upon the Lord who is the names of the idols out of the worthy to be praised; so shall I be land, and they shall no more be re- saved from mine enemies. Rom. x. membred: and also I will cause the 12. For there is no difference beprophets, and the unclean spirit to tween the Jew and the Greck: for pass out of the land. v. 3. And it the same Lord over all, is rich unThall come to pass, that when any to all that call upon him. Pfal.lxii. shall yet prophesy, then his father 8. Trust in him at all times; ye peoand his mother, that begat him, shall ple, pour out your heart before hiin: fay unto him, Thou shalt not live; God is a refuge for us. Joshua xxiv. for thou speakest lies in the name of 14. Now therefore, fear the Lord, the Lord: and his father and his and serve him in sincerity and in mother, that begat him, shall thrust truth, and put away the gods which him through when he prophefieth. your fathers served on the other side

I. a Rome i. 20. For the invisible of the flood, and in Egypt: and serve things of him from the creation of ye the Lord. Mark xii. 33. And to the world are clearly seen, being love him with all the heart, and with understood by the things that are all the understanding, and with all nade, even his eternal

and the soul, and with all the strength, Godhead; fo that they are without and to love his neighbour as bim.


self, and so limited by his own revealed will, that he may not be worshipped according to the imaginations and devices of men, or the suggestions of Satan, under any visible representation, or any other way not prescribed in the holy scriptureb.

II. Religious worship is to be given to God, the Father, Son, and holy Ghost; and to him alonec: not to angels, saints, or any other creatured: and, since the fall, not without a mediator; nor in the mediation of any other but of Christ alone e.

111. Pray

felf, is more than all whole burnt, shew of wisdom in will-worship and offerings and facrifices.

humility, and neglecting of the bob Deut, xii. 32. What thing foe- dy, not in any honour to the fatis. ver I command you, obferve to do fying of the flesh. it: thou shalt not add thereto, nor II. c Mat. iv. 10. (See before in diminilh from it. Mat.xv.9. But in letter b.) With John v.23. That all vain do they worship me, teaching men should honour the Son, even for doctrines the commandments of as they honour the Father. He that men, Acts xvii. 25. Neither is wor- honoureth not the Son, honoureth thipped with mens hands, as though not the Father who hath sent him. he needed any thing, seeing he giv- And 2 Cor. xiii. 24. The grace of eth to all life, and breath, and all the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love things. Mat iv. 9. And faith unto of God, and the communion of the him, All these things will I give holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen. thee, if thou wilt fall down and wor- d Col. ii. 18. Let no man beguile Ship me. y. 10. Then said Jesus un- you of your reward, in a voluntary to him, Get thee hence, Satan: for humility, and worshipping of anit is written, thou shalt worthip the gels, intruding into those things Lord thy God, and him only shalt which he hath not seen, vainly putt thou ferve. (Deut. xv, to the 20. up by his Hethly mind. Rev. xix. 10. verse.) Exod. xx. 4. Thou shalt not And I fell at his feet to worthip him: make unto thee any graven image, and he said unto me, See thou do it or any likeness of any thing that is not: I am thy fellow servant, and of in heaven above, or that is in the thy brethren that have the testimoearth beneath, or that is in the wa- ny of Jesus: worlhip God: for the ter under the earth. v. 5. Thou testimony of Jesus is the spirit of profhalt not bow down thyself to them, phecy. Rom. i. 25. Who changed nor serve them: for I the Lord thy 'the truth of God into a lie, and worGod am a jealous God, visiting the shipped and served the creature more iniquity of the fathers upon the chil- than the Creator, who is blessed for dren, unto the third and fourth

ge- ever. Amen. neration of them that hate me: v. - John xiv. 6. Jesus faith unto 6. and Thewing mercy unto thou- him, I am the way, and the truth, fands of them that love me, and and the life: no man cometh to the !,eep my commandments. Col. ii. Father but by me. 1 Tim. ii. 5. For 23. Which things have indeed a there is one God, and one Mediator


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