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Bell's Dictionary and Digest.

Bell's Dictionary and Digest of the Law of Scotland. Adapted to the present state of the Law, and in great part re-written. By GEORGE WATSON, M.A., Advocate. One Vol. royal 8vo. Price 388.

Erskine's Institute of the Law of Scotland.

With the Notes of LORD IVORY and previous Editors and addi-
tional Notes bringing down the Law to the present time. By
JAMES BADENACH NICOLSON, Esq., Advocate. In Two Vols.,
demy 4to.
Price £4, 10s.

no one can look at a page of the edition now before us without seeing evidence of the immense labour bestowed upon it, nor can a page be perused without the reader being satisfied of the capacity and thoughtfulness of the editor. The institutional writer who has held his ground best against all comers has been worthily reproduced; and equally the student and the advanced lawyer will find himself in great security, trusting that by referring to this edition he will be placed thoroughly abreast of the present state of legislatíon and decision."—Journal of Jurisprudence.

Erskine's Principles.

Principles of the Law of Scotland. By Jous ERSKINE of Carnock.
Sixteenth Edition, corrected and revised, with Extracts from the
Lectures of GEORGE MOIR, Esq., lately Professor of Scots Law
in the University of Edinburgh. One Vol., 8vo. Price 21s.

Juridical Styles. Vol. I., Heritable Rights.

Containing-Feus and other Original Grants; Deeds of Alienation; Succession by Settlement; Services; Grants from the Crown and Prince; Grants by Progress and other Writs between Subjects, Superiors, and their Vassals; on the Constitution, Transmission, and Extinction of Heritable Securities and Liferent Rights; Possession and Use of Troperty. With an Appendix of Acts of Parliament, and a copious Index. In one large Vol. royal 8vo. Price 38s.

Hendry's Manual of Conveyancing.

A Manual of Conveyancing in the form of Examinations, em-
bracing both Personal and Heritable Rights. By the late JOHN
HENDRY, W.S., with Notes added to the Second Edition by JOHN
T. MOWBRAY, W.S. Third Edition. Revised by JOHN PHILP
WOOD, W.S. One Vol., 8vo. Price 16s.

Wood's Entail Act 1882.

The Entail (Scotland) Act 1882 (45 and 46 Vict., cap. 53), with
Notes and an Index to the whole Entail Statutes. By JOHN
PHILP WOOD, W.S. Demy 8vo. Price 4s.

Law Books Published by Bell & Bradfute.

Hunter on the Law of Landlord and Tenant.

A Treatise on the Law of Landlord and Tenant, with an Appendix
containing Forms of Leases. By ROBERT HUNTER, Esq., Advocate.
Fourth Edition, carefully Revised. By WILLIAM GUTHRIE, Esq.,
Advocate. In Two large Vols., royal 8vo. Price 60s.

Begg's Conveyancing Code :

The Conveyancing Code: Being The Titles to Lands Consolidation (Scotland) Act, 1868, The Conveyancing (Scotland) Act, 1874, and minor Acts relating to Conveyancing and Registration, printed so as to distinguish the Provisions now operative from those which have been repealed or superseded by later enactments, with very full Notes appended to each Section and Schedule, forming an Explanatory and Practical Commentary thereon, and embodying the Decisions of the Court down to the end of the year 1878. By J. HENDERSON BEGG, Esq., Advocate. Price 20s.

Thoms on Judicial Factors.

Treatise on Judicial Factors, Curators Bonis, and Managers of
Burghs; including Factors in the Sheriff Courts; with an Appen-
dix of Relative Acts of Parliament and Sederunt, and Practical
Forms. By GEORGE HUNTER THOMS, Esq., Advocate. Second
Edition, revised and in part re-written by HUGH J. E. FRASER,
Esq., M.A., Advocate. One Vol., 8vo. Price 21s.

Professor More's Lectures.

Lectures on the Law of Scotland, by the late JoHN S. MORE, LL.D.,
Professor of Scots Law in the University of Edinburgh. Edited by
JOHN M'LAREN, Esq., Advocate. Two Vols., royal 8vo. Price
£2, 58.

Hendry's Styles by Mowbray.

Styles of Deeds and Instruments under the Titles Consolidation, Conveyancing, and Registration of Leases Acts, with Notes on the Completion of Titles and an Appendix of Statutes. Adapted from the Second Edition of the Styles of the late JOHN HENDRY, W.S. By JOHN T. MOWBRAY, LL.D., W.S. In One Vol., 8vo. Price 208.

Thorburn on the Bill of Exchange Act 1882.

The Bill of Exchange Act 1882, with Explanatory Notes and
Appendix, with special reference to the Law of Scotland. By W.
D. THORBURN, Advocate. Will be published shortly.

Handbook of Bankers' Law.

Handbook of Bankers' Law. By the late HENRY ROBERTSON,
N.P. Fourth Edition, carefully revised and enlarged by W. D.
THORBURN, Advocate. Crown 8vo. Price 6s.


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