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NORTH v. SOUTH RETURN. This match proved a second victory for the North. Strachan won the toss for the South, and took innings, but none made much of a stand except Laurence and Bradley. Sixty was all the amount realised. There were no extras. North went in. One wicket for 0, and four for 19. This looked like an even match, but Wyatt's hitting, and the runs of Graham, Steuart, and Guthrie brought the total up to 130. Only one innings a side was finished. Score:

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J. Bramwell, b. Penny
C. Kennedy, c, and b. Penny
Ġ. N. Wyatt, b. Penny ..
T. Wise, b. Penny ..
R. S. Steuart, c. Evans, b. Penny
G. D. Graham, c. Schuyler, b. Hare
A. Guthrie, run out..
M. R. Corbett, b. Watts
H. Mellor, b. Strachan .
T. Tyers, b. Watts..
A. J. Loudon, b. Strachan
F. A. Carter, not out

Byes 4, leg byes 3, Wides 7

18 39 21 9 0

3 5 4 14


ELEVEN y. TWENTY-TWO. The second match of the half. The Eleven proved exactly five wickets too many for the Twenty-Two. The last went in first, and notched something over their century. The chief contributors to this total were Hare, notable for his form, Schuyler, and Bramwell. On the whole, the Twenty-Two were good, and there was in its ranks no man of whom it could with truth be said that he 'might be playing any other game.' In the first part of the ensuing innings, Evans gave to the admiring spectators a brilliant exemplification of the incarnation of the idea of what Eleven play ought not to be. He did his best-a good deal—and succeeded to a miracle. But Watts was wise, and played carefully. As for Strachan and Wyatt, they fairly subordinated the bowling to their own purposes. But they, too, came to an end, and when the innings closed the Eleven were barely ten runs ahead. The second hands of the Twenty-Two were even less productive than the first, although Hare and Schuyler again contributed, and a third score was added in the person of Mellor. The Eleven had not very many (121) to get, yet the match was more than an open affair when Watts, Evans, Strachan and Wyatt were gone for 40. But there is a tide in the affairs of '-matches, as of 'men,' and it was in this case admirably "taken at the flood' by Graham and Bradley, who, after playing a very plucky up-hill game, were left not out with 37 and 20 respectively. Browne got runs in both innings. The bowling of Loudon for the Eleven was decidedly effective, and Carter handled well for the Twenty-Two. Score:

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ist Innings.
E. H. Watts, c. and b. Carter..
J. F. Evans, st Lawrence, b. Penny
G. N. Wyatt, c. Hare, b. Schuyler
G. Strachan, b. Carter
G. D. Graham, b. Schuyler
R. S. Steuart, c. Hamilton, b. Carter
A. C. Bradley, b. Schuyler
T. Wise, b. Carter
A. J. Myers, b. Schuyler ..
G. H. Browne, b. Carter ..
A. T. Loudon, not out

Byes 1, leg byes 1, wides 2, no balls i

2nd Innings.
10 c. Hare, b. Carter

b. Carter
58 c. Torrens, b. Penny
28 c. Bryden, b. Carter
14 not out
7 not out




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Ist Innings.

2nd Innings. J. Bramwell, c. Steuart, b. Loudon

4. b. Loudon H. Brice, b. Steuart ..

b. Loudon W. Lawrence, b. Steuart ..

2 c. T. Wise, b. Steuart G. E. Hare, c. Bradley, b. Loudon

20 c. and b. Loudon A. P. Young, c. Browne, b. Steuart

5 b. Steuart.. M. R. Corbett, thrown out, Bradley

b. Loudon A. Guthrie, thrown out, Myers

II b. Steuart.. H. Mellor, b. Loudon

20 c. Browne, b. Steuart

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E. A. Schuyler, c. Browne, b. Strachan
F. A. Tyers, b. Strachan ..
E. Penny, b. Wyatt ..
F. A. Carter, b. Steuart
F. Beaver, c. Strachan, b. Wyatt
T. Hamilton, b. Wyatt
A. E. Harrison, c. Myers, b. Loudon
C. Kennedy, c. Strachan, b. Wyatt
T. Torrens, b. Wyatt
J. Wise, b. Loudon
W. C. Langley, c. T. Wise, b. Loudon
G. Tippinge, b. Loudon
C. Bryden, c. Browne, b. Wyatt
G. Studdy, b. Loudon
L. Hugonin, not out ..

Leg byes 1; wides 3

27 c. and b. Strachan
3 b. Steuart ..

b. Loudon
b. Loudon
b. Loudon

c. Steuart, b. Loudon
5 b. Strachan
5 c. Watts, b. Loudon

c. Evans, b. Strachan
b. Loudon
st. Wise, b. Strachan

not out
8 st. Wise, b. Strachan
6 b. Loudon
1 c. Bradley, b. Graham
3 Byes 4, leg byes 4, wides i

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3 6

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3 I

4 9





The great home-match of the half-year has come and gone. The Classical won it by six wickets. On paper the Modern appeared the stronger, but the race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the soldier that hath the longest gun.' (Query, Strachan ?-Printer's Devil.] Modern won the toss, went in, and had bad luck. Five good wickets down for 40 or thereabouts. Classical triumphant. Loudon and Carter then came and made nine. Modern equally triumphant. In this emergency Watts was put on, und secured Carter with his first ball. Nothing more of note in the innings, which exhibited good up-hill play. The Classical began with Evans and Watts. The former went with the score at io. Wise then came, and promptly began to score 60 on the telegraph. Strachan here caught Watts for a very good 36. Some time after Wise was got rid of for 39, equally well got. Steuart played a useful innings. All out for 129, or 19 on.

In their second venture Modern had better luck, and Loudon and Carter kept in for an hour. After dinner, however, the wickets fell fast, and at 3.35 eight were down for 70 Thus the Classical had only 52 to get to win, for Loudon and Carter were unfortunately in the much-anathematised “impot' school, and had to 'retire. This was an unlucky circumstance, for though it can hardly have affected the ultimate issue of the match, it may well make the victory somewhat unsatisfactory to the Classical. Still, if gentlemen in the Modern Eleven will get im. positions, and Modern Masters are not sufficiently patriotic to excuse

them, the contretemps is unavoidable, and will be to the end of time, Four wickets fell while the requisite runs were being obtained. Wise again played well, and Steuart and Bradley carried out their bats. We hail the advent of A. P. Young as a bowler: Score:

Ist Innings.

2nd Innings. E. H. Watts, c. Strachan, b. Wyatt

36 b. Wyatt..

6 J. F. Evans, b. Loudon

9 c. Penny, b. Wyatt .. II T. Wise, c. Penny, b. Wyatt

39 c. and b. Wyatt

13 R. S. Steuart, c. and b. Wyatt

15 not out

8 G. E. Hare, c. and b. Wyatt

6 C. Schuyler, b. Loudon ... 9 A. C. Bradley, b. Strachan A. T. Myers, c. Lawrence, b. Strachan 9 J. Bramwell, thrown out by Wyatt

4 A. Guthrie, c. and b. Wyatt

2 A. P. Young, c. Penny, b. Strachan

3 T. Torrens, not out ..

o Leg Byes




not out


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THE COLLEGE v. R.A.C., CIRENCESTER. In this, the first foreign match, the Captain began well by winning the toss, and, as a not unnatural consequence, 'elected to go in. Evans and Watts came to the wickets. The former played forward to a long hop, and was caught at mid-off. Wyatt came, hit a bumping ball hard, and was caught at mid-on. Two wickets down for o did not look like a good beginning. However, on the advent of Strachan, smiting became the order of the day. The score very rapidly rose to 78, when he went, bowled off his pads for a hard-hitting 35. The run getting still continued. Watts brought the score up to 43, when he unluckily put one up which the wicket keeper secured, and Wise made 39 well. When the roth wicket fell the total was at 190, in spite of the very praiseworthy exertions of the two R.A.C. professionals. In the essays of the Agriculturists, the only noteworthy circumstance was the marvellous rapidity with which the wickets fell. They had to follow, and did somewhat better. Our fielding simply ran to seed this time, and R.A.C. was in luck. We may observe that the R.A.C has not won a match against us since the year of grace '63. Score :

E. H. Watts, c. Dacre, b. Ind
J. F. Evans, c. Turner, b. Dowsett
G. N. Wyatt, c. Raikes, b. Dowsett
G. Strachan, b. Ind

T. Wise, b. Dowsett

32 G. D. Graham, c. Dacre, b. Turner

4 A. C. Bradley, b. Ind

10 R. S. Steuart, not out

18 A. T. Myers, b. Ind

5 G. H. Browne, b. Dowsett

1ο A. J. Loudon, c. Turner, b. Dowsett ..

Byes 15, leg byes 5..


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13 20

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R. A. C.
Ist Innings.
Mr. D. Crossbie, c. Graham, b. Loudon
Mr. F. Lofthouse, b. Loudon..
Mr. M. Bixnell, c. Watts, b. Loudon
Mr. W. Turner, b. Steuart
Mr. C. Dacre, b. Loudon
Mr. H. Littledale, c. Watts, b. Loudon
Ind, b. Steuart
Mr. H. Green, b. Loudon
Dowsett, b. Loudon ..
Mr. A. Wallis, not out
Mr. H. Raikes, 1.b.w., b. Loudon ..

Byes 5, leg byes 1, wides 1 ..

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3 b. Wyatt

not out
ő b. Wyatt
15 st. Wise, b. Loudon
17 b. Wyatt

b. Wyatt
I not out
7 Byes 3, wides


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At the early hour of 10.30, on Friday, Sept. II (the Captain having carefully lost the toss), while the grass still glistened with the dew of early morning, the Eleven went out into the field, and there remained during the scoring of 171 runs. Messrs. M. Turner and Brice were in their old form, and played merry innings, and the

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