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Played on April 21. The masters were represented at first by Messrs. Baxter and Mellor, the former of whom made the only stand in the innings. The Rev. J. Wood was well caught off a large hit by Carter, and the last wicket fell for thirty only. For some time things looked as sickly for the school as for the masters; but when Bradley joined Wise, who had been playing the losing game very carefully, things wore a more favourable aspect, and when the stumps were drawn Wise was left with 55 and Bradley with 42, both good innings.


J. H. C. Baxter, Esq., c. Strachan, b. Loudon..
H. Mellor, Esq., c. Penny, b. Loudon
Rev. J. Wood, c. Carter, b. Strachan..
Scott, Esq., run out
A. Shaw, c. Loudon, b. Strachan..
F. R. Price, Esq., s. Wise, b. Strachan
G. K. Watts, Esq., c. Myers, b. Strachan..
H. M. Draper, Esq., b. Strachan
C. E. Nash, Esq., b. Loudon
Rev. T. Besant, b. Loudon ..
M. Dembski, 1.b. w. Loudon..
C. Wood, Esq., not out..
J. Lillywhite, C. Browne, b. Loudon


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G. E. Hare, b. Shaw
E. Penny, b. Shaw
T. Wise, not out
G. Strachan, b. Shaw
.G. N. Wyatt, b. Shaw
A. Loudon, c. Mellor, b. Wood
G. Browne, Shaw
A. Schuyler, c. Shaw
A. Myers, c. Skipton, b. Shaw
A. C. Bradley, not out
A. Guthrie,

to bat
F. A. Carter,


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Played on April 22. The deadness of the ground was against long scoring, but Wyatt again managed to put together a good score of 45. Four wickets of the next nine' were down without great results when rain put a stop to the play.

G. Hare, c. Guthrie, b. Lillywhite
E. Penny, b. Lillywhite..
G. Strachan, c. Guthrie, b. Lillywhite.
T. Wise, b. Wood ..
G. Wyatt, c. Price, b. Shaw..
A. Bradley, b. Wood
A. Myers, b. Shaw..
G. Browne, run out
A. Schuyler, s. Guthrie, b. Wood..
A. Loudon, b. Shaw
F. Carter, not out


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COLLEGE v. SCRATCH TEAM. This match was played on April 24, and resulted in an easy victory for the foreigners. For the school no one with the exception of Wise made a stand in either innings. The second innings of Mr. Tickell was remarkable for its freedom of hitting; his skiers defying the efforts of the most expert fields. The bowling of the professionals in the first innings was good: but was far eclipsed by the immortal Brice in the second.

Ist Innings.

and Innings. J. Brindley, c. Strachan, b. Carter

7 c. and b. Wood .. J. Baxter, b. Wood

5 b. Wood

9 M. Turner, b. Carter

23 (substitute) not out

5 L. G. P. Filgate, b. Carter..

2 b. Wood

7 F. R. Price, c. Bradley, b. Strachan..

27 b. Carter

28 A. L. Tickell, c. Wyatt, b. Carter

22 s. Wise, b. Strachan

74 F. S. Bullock, c. Wise, b. Strachan o (substitute) not out


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95 COLLEGE ELEVEN. Ist Innings.

2nd Innings. G. Hare, b. Lillywhite

8 b. Brice.. E. Penny, b. Lillywhite

4 b. Shaw.. G. Wyatt, b. Lillywhite

b. Brice .. T. Wise, c. Price, b. Lillywhite

37 b. Brice.. G. Strachan, c. Baxter, b. Shaw

5 c. Baxter, b. Brice A. Bradley, c. and b. Lillywhite

4 b. Brice.. A. Schuyler, b. Lillywhite ..

c. Price, b. Shaw .. A. Myers, C. Baxter, b Shaw


run out A. Loudon, c. Price, b. Shaw

13 c. Brindley, b. Brice H. Mellor, b. Lillywhite

2 c. Baxter, b. Shaw F. Carter, b. Lillywhite

6 1.b. w. b. Brice Wood, not out

not out

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The Annual Easter Challenge Cup Competition, came off in the usual satisfactory style, the winners of the Challenge Cup being the Bayly's Eight, who ably won their prize from the B. division Day Boys, who held the cup from last year; although the winners of the Cup they were not the highest individual scorers. The greatest number of marks were made by the four following :L. Young, 922; C. Tickell, 909; Collins, senr., 895; H. Porter, 894. L. Young having obtained the greatest score, will receive a 'Silver Challenge Medal.” The prizes were presented with those given for the Races. The Rev. T. W. Jex-Blake complimented the competitors, and read the report, which was received with loud applause; after which the names of L. Young, C. Tickell, and others were called for to amuse the audience with a series of Gymnastics, to which they responded in good style, and we believe gave the greatest satisfaction. The whole of the proceedings were conducted by Mr. T. S. Griffiths, Gym. Master. There were a number of Lady and Gentlemen visitors present.


Those who take an interest in the club will be glad to hear that its numbers greatly exceed those of former years, and that it is in a very flourishing condition.

The most important officers of the club having left, a meeting was held at the commencement of the half, the Rev. T. W. JexBlake, the president, in the chair, at which G. A. Monro was elected captain, in the place of W. G. Lowther; J. D. Sim, secretary; G. Isaac and G. Ramsay, members of the committee. At a subsequent meeting held on Sim's leaving, G. Isaac was elected secretary, and C. Peter member of the committee.

The following have been in regular practice for the Shrewsbury Race, and are progressing very favourably, under the able coaching of the Rev. H. G. Hopkins, Dr. Wilson, and H. Brigstock, Esq.

(Bow) A. Glennie

2. C. Peter

3. G. Ramsay (Stroke) G. Monro

(Cox) W. Crofton



The first heat of the Sculling Races was rowed on Saturday, Ist May. There were eleven entries.


3rd. Dickenson Higgins



Fenwick Campbel

Peter None of these Races were very evenly contested. The following were the winners :-Dickenson, Higgins, Isaac, and Ramsay, who rowed it off on Thursday, the 6th.

Ramsay took the lead at the start, which he maintained to the finish, winning the Silver Sculls by about three lengths. Dickenson and Higgins fouled in the first hundred yards, but the latter quickly made up for lost time by a fine spurt. Isaac and Dickenson had a good race down to the corner, but here the former spoilt his chance of a place by bad steering. Higgins' spurt brought him in a good second, Dickenson third. The sculling on the whole was very fair, the form being pretty good throughout: the time was 5' 30".

The Boarding-house Challenge Cup, now in the possession of Smyth's, will be rowed for on Saturday, the 15th,

The following have received their colours for the Second Boat of the College:- Isaac, Dickenson, Wildig, Fenwick. The fifth man has not yet been decided on,

Occasional Notes.

G. W. Newman has been elected Scholar of Pembroke College, Oxford.

The Midsummer Concert, which will be given this time by the choir, and not by the Musical Society, will take place on the evening of Monday, June 21st.

The band, which gave so much satisfaction last Midsummer, has been re-engaged : Messrs. Blagrove and Waite, of Bristol, being of the number. It is expected that each of these gentlemen will play a solo as well as take part in a trio. The concert will be on the same plan as that of last Midsummer, with the exception that the first part will be of a lighter description. A brisk demand for tickets has already sprung up, so that those who wish to secure good seats had better apply early to the stewards, viz. : B. Gibson.

R. Williams.


We have to record the success of T. W. Holderness and E. M. Money at the late examination for the India Civil Service: Holderness was 32nd, Money 48th. It must be matter of regret to all Cheltonians that E. H. Watts was 56th, only 25 marks behind the last man who got in, viz., the 50th.


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In the Athletic Sports at the R.M.A., Woolwich, May 5th, the following prizes were gained by Cheltonians : H. Hart.... Ist Prize, 440 yds. Hurdles.




Langley.... Ist mile.


2nd Donkey race. Hart also won the Silver Challenge Bugle, held for one year by the winner of the greatest number of games, and the LieutenantGovernor's Prize for the winner of the greatest number of marks.

Hart is the second Cheltonian who has held the Bugle, Crookenden, who held it in 1866, being the other.


In the Athletic Sports between the R.M.A., Woolwich, and the R.M.C., Sandhurst, held at Sandhurst, May 8th, Hart won the 440 yds. flat, the 100 yds flat, and the 250 yds flat, and Langley came in second in the Mile Race.

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