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Ist Innings.

2nd Innings. C. N. Kennedy, run out

4 run out A. Schuyler, b Lillywhite

5 b Lillywhite E. W. Harrison, c Hugonin, b Strachan c Guthrie, b Lillywhite.. A T. Myers, b Francis ..

26 cand b Francis F. R. Price, Esq., c Guthrie, b Strachan 3 b Lillywhite .. F. A. Carter, b Lillywhite

c and b Francis K. Borrowes, c Trevithick, b Francis.. 14 b Lillywhite A. E. Tee, absent

b Penny .. F. Mellor, b Lillywhite .

13 b Lillywhite C Bryden, b Lillywhite..

6 b Penny C. Wood, b Strachan

b Penny J. Torrens, not out ..

IO not out

Leg byes

3 Wides


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7 I 3 I


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Ist Innings.

2nd Innings. G. K. Watts, b Carter

I c Price, b Wood L. Hugonin, c Myers, b Wood

26 cand b Wood A. C. Bradley, c Torrens, b. Wood

4 c Bryden, b Wood.. G. Strachan, c Carter, b Wood

b Carter. A. Guthrie, b Wood

b Wood J. Tyers, b Schuyler

b Schuyler F. H. Trevithick, run out

15 c Kennedy, b Wood F. Strachan, c Harrison, b Wood

b Schuyler F. W. Francis, not out

b Carter .. F. F. Johnson, b Price

not out Lillywhite, b Schuyler

5 not out E. Penny, absent

c Bryden, b Wood.. Byes

8 Leg byes

3 Wides

6 5 2 14

2 23 34 4 I






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BAYLY'S AND BOYCE'S V. THE COLLEGE. The first innings of the College gave 150 runs, pretty equally distributed between Mr. Price, who played in the absence of two eleven representatives, Guthrie, not out, with 22, Smith again to the fore with 21, Skipton, Kennedy, and Mr. Brown also contributing double figures.

The Houses failed to reach their opponents by 54 runs, though their beginning looked hopeful. Carter, once more in the twenties, was top-scorer, backed up by Schuyler, Strachan, and Hugonin. Hamilton got six wickets.

Strachan and Francis did their very best to retrieve their fortunes, and the College got only 76 in their second try, Watts played a very useful innings of 25, and Myers adding 15.

In the last innings Wood, being convalescent, proceeded to get wickets, and Myers helping, the College disposed of their opponents for 99. and won the match. Trevithick stuck to his colours gamely and Francis put together 21. Wood got six wickets. Score:

15 25

Ist Innings.

2nd Innings. A. T. Myers, c and b Carter..

4 b Francis G. K. Watts, c and b Strachan

5 run out J. Smith, c Carter, b Strachan

21 c Carter, b Francis E. A. Tee, c Carter, b Strachan

I b Francis
A. Brown, Esq., c Francis, b Strachan 17 c Schuyler, b Francis
F, R. Price, Esq., run out

25 b Francis C. N. Kennedy, c Tyers, b Schuyler

18 c and b Strachan A. Guthrie, not out.

22 b Strachan T. W. Mallam, cand b Francis

c Borrowes, b Francis C. S. Skipton, c Hugonin, b Carter

19 not out R. Hamilton, c and b Strachan

3 st Borrowes, b.Strachan Byes

9 Leg byes

5 Wides



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150 BAYLEY'S AND BOYCE's. Ist Innings.

2nd Innings. L. Hugonin, run out

14 c Price, b Wood A. Schuyler, c Price, b Hamilton..

19 b Wood G. Strachan, c and b Hamilton

15 b Myers . F. A. Carter, b Hamilton

22 st Guthrie, b Wood J. Tyers, c and b Hamilton

c Smith, b Wood .. F. H. Trevithick, b Hamilton

II c Guthrie b Myers.. K. Borrowes, not out

9 c Tee, b Wood E. W. Harrison, c Watts, b Hamilton..

b Myers .. F. W. Francis, c Brown, b Price ..

3 b Myers F. Strachan, st Guthrie, b Price

not out F. F. Johnson, c and b Price..

I st Guthrie, b Wood
Leg byes


I2 O 8 7 24

I II 21

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The Eleven were defeated by seven wickets.

The Twenty-two won the toss and sent their opponents to the wickets. No start of any sort was made till Guthrie and Hugonin got together and they, running very well, pulled the score up a good deal, but nobody being found to back them up, the winnings closed for 88.

The Eleven made a brilliant start, but Borrowes and Kennedy stopped their progress : with Kennedy's exit came Tyers who also proved troublesome. When Francis bowled Borrowes, the latter had ran up 39 in energetic style, deserving of commendation ; subsequently Johnson got 16 and Browne 18 and Collins showed real form, till Guthrie cut short his career by an unutterable piece of wicket keeping. Total 158.

The second try of the Eleven produced better results: Hugonin as usual scoring, Trevithick adding a 14, and Strachan, at last emerging from obscurity with a rapid 45 not out, including some very hard hits. There ought not to be three run outs on the Eleven side in one innings of this match.

The Twenty-two went in to get 61, and the strenuous efforts of the Eleven especially of Strachan and Francis disposed of half the wickets for less than half the runs. Then Bryden hit up to 17, and F. Strachan and Collins pulled the match off.

The signs of batting talent were plainly discoverable in Borrowes and F. Strachan, and, of the new ones, specially in Collins. We fear no bowling of any great promise was shown. The fielding of Mallam and Tremenheere deserves mention.-Score:

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Ist Innings.

2nd Innings. -G. K. Watts, st Guthrie, b Carter

ob Francis A. Schuyler, b Carter

c Hugonin, b Francis -K. Borrowes, b Francis ..

39 c Wood, b Strachan J. Smith, b Strachan

c & b Strachan -C. N. Kennedy, c Strachan, b Wood

15 run out J. Tyers, st Guthrie, b Strachan

14 c Carter, b Francis A. E. Tee, run out

c Penny, b Strachan -F. Strachan, b Strachan..

4 not out - T. W. Mallam, c & b Strachan

9 c Carter, b Strachan C. Bryden, c & b Strachan

c & b Strachan P. Unsworth, run out

3 » H. Tremenheere, c & b Francis R. Hamilton, c Myers, b Francis..

2 b Francis -F. F. Johnson, c Penny, b Strachan

16 b Francis -F. Mellor, b Francis J. Torrens, run out..

Bradley, b Strachan.. E. Browne, c Penny, b Strachan

c Guthrie, b Strachan * E. Fryer, c Bradley, b Strachan T. Cooke, c Harrison, b Francis . • E. Perrott, not out

5 c Strachan, b Francis .

O 17

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FIRST CLASS v. THE COLLEGE. The intellect was defeated by 23 runs. Carter again played well, and Borrowes as usual shewed hitting power. The First Class had great difficulty in finding a bowler, or at least any one who would pitch them more than half way: wides 17 and three wickets to Bradley!

The indomitable Hugonin was found in the ranks of the talent with double figures in both innings: Kennedy played pluckily for 23 not out in the first try, and Strachan avenged his luck in batting by getting six wickets.

The College began again with 70 to hand. Watts made a careful and praiseworthy 34: Strachan for ten minutes seemed to be in his own form, but the insidious far-darter Hamilton was too much for him. C. Jones Esq. played a merry innings of 32. Only two wides this innings.

The First Class went in with 213 to get. They started well, getting 45 for one wicket, Bradley aud B. Hugonin leading off. The latter got 18: the former began badly but steadied down into form after some run-getting. But there was not enough resistance all round to win. Smith however, after some luck, got his runs well, and he and Torrens stuck manfully towards the end.


Ist Innings.

2nd Innings. L. Hugonin, c Penny, b Carter..

33 c Schuyler, b Francis J. Smith, c Borrowes, b Carter..

3 not out A. C. Bradley, b Strachan..

c Carter, b Strachan.. A. T. Myers, c Carter, b Strachan

2 c Jones, b Carter J. Tyers, c Schuyler, b Strachan

3 b Francis A. E. Tee, st Schuyler, b Strachan

absent .. A. Guthrie, b Strachan

b Jones C. N. Kennedy, not out

23 b Strachan R. Hamilton, c Mallam, b Carter

ob Carter C. _Skipton, b Carter

3 b Strachan J. Torrens, c Carter, b Strachan


b Carter Captain Johnson, absent

ob Strachan .. C. Wood, absent..

st Borrowes, b Strachan

Leg byes
No balls

13 13 3

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Іо Ιο 21

Ist Innings.

2nd Inning's. G. K. Watts, c Tyers, b Hamilton


st Guthrie, b Johnson E. Penny, c Hamilton, b Myers

run out G. Strachan, c and b Hamilton..

b Hamilton F. A. Carter, b Smith..

cWood, b Hamilton F. H. Trevithick, c Myers, c Hamilton

c Myers, b Wood E. W. Harrison, b Smith

c Tee, b Johnson A. Schuyler, b Smith ..

15 b Myers K. Borrowes, c Myers, b Bradley

32 not out T. W. Mallam, cand b Bradley


c and b Myers P. Unsworth, c Guthrie, b Bradley

3 b Johnson F. W. Francis, not out

c Guthrie, b Myers C. Jones, Esq., absent

st Guthrie, b Johnson
Leg byes


2 Ιο

18 15 4 7 1 Ιο O 6 o 32 I 4 2

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THE TOWN V. THE COLLEGE. Our last and worst defeat, whereat the Eleven felt no small chagrin and some shame. The Town began, and all went well for a time, except that catches were missed considerably and inexcusably: Capt. Fennell hit very hard indeed, and Mr. Jessop was not hindered from running up a merry 57. Carter, Strachan, and Francis made an equal division of wickets.

The College made a good start enough: Penny played remarkably well for his 27, and Myers 43 was an invaluable contribution at the right time. Trevithick too stood in the gap, plucky as usual, and Guthrie showing determination hopes of a victory were entertained, but in the end it was just missed by 9 runs.-Score:

A. Abercrombie, b Carter

E. Smith, b Carter..

13 W. Harper, c Bradley, b Carter

1ο G:Halford, c Carter, b Strachan..

Capt. Fennell, c Strachan, b Francis

E. Ensor, 1 bw, Strachan..
F. Jessop, c Wood, b Strachan

J. Dolby, run out

H. Spilling, b Francis

E. W. Lawrence, not out
S. H. Brookes, b Francis



A. C. Bradley, c Fennell, b Halford
E. Penny, c & b Halford
A. T. Myers, b Harper
G. Strachan, b Brookes..
F. A. Carter, b Brookes
L. Hugonin, b Halford.,
F. H. Īrevithick, 1 b w Smith

7 27 43 8

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