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Ale bread

3. Eatables, &c.
buns beef fifh milk

beer cheefe cakes lamb fleth cream


crumb pies


wine cruft

tarts veal

beans curds peas whey

4. Apparel.



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Cap coat fan hoop fhoes cloke gloves knot clogstuff, coif frock lace fcarf fhirt.plush gown muff stays shift:


Cup dith

5. Things belonging to a House.
clock bench broom fire

door box bruth pot

knife bar

cheft chair

fork bolt trunk ftool

fpoon latch grate thelf plate lock jack glafs mug key fpit ftairs 6.

Head fcull




bed stone

couch tilesto

quilt late

rug thatch! fheet roof

Parts of the Body.

cheeks back toes heart hair brain throat bones nails lungs face lips arms ribs fhins vein tongue, hands knees thumb blood teeth breaft leg

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Sun eaft cape clay brook moon west rock dirt pool north land bank pond fouth hill fand rain. wind earth ifles chalk hail











8. Trees, Plants, Fruits, &c. Ash fir broom hops oats pears




lime hemp

reeds rye plumbs

wheat grapes

rue crabs leaf


figs roots

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beech oak flax birch pine fern vine grafs yew herbs - fhrub nuts trees 9. Number, Weight, &c. fivenine dram inch drop


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queen earl

King duke peer

knight child niece Luke

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prince. lord

four eight twice fcore ell

10. Titles and Names.

wife aunt Mark


page fon bride John

Rather than break the Order of Number, I have (for the Child's fake) taken the Liberty to fpell the Word SEVEN in one Syllable,


Eafy Leffons in Words* of one Syllable, by which a Child will fooner know both the Sound & Ule of e final. To be read Al, ale, ar, are, &c. Al ale bas bafe cap cape dan dane bid bide col cole dar con cone dat

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Bab babe, bit bite
bal bale Can cane cor core dol


ban bane cam came Dal dale dom bar bare car care dam dame dot dote

I here ufe the Term WORD not in its strict and confined Senfe, as figni fying fomething that has a Meaning, but in its more general and enlarged Senfe, as implying any Thing that has an articulate Sound,



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fir fire mir mire rid for fore mod moderip Gal gale mol mole rit gam game mop mope rob gap gape mor more rod gat gate mut muterop gon gone Nam name rot gor gore nap nape rud Hal hale nil nile rul har hare fuod node Sal bat hate nor nore fam

her here not note fid
hid hide Odd ode

hop hope or ore
Kin kine Pan pane fit
kit kite par pare fol


Leffons in Words of one Syllable, very easy to spell and read, and by which a Child may begin to know his Duty to God and Man.

If any of the following Leffons be too long, they are fo ordered that the Child may spell and read only a Part of them, according to his capacity. or the Direction of the Mafter.

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Do not lie nor swear.
Do not cheat nor steal.
Play not with bad boys.


Serve God, and trust in him.

Use no ill words at play.
Pray to God to bless you..
Take not God's name in


My good Child, walk not in thine own Way, but in the Way of the Lord.

Spend your Time well, and God will blefs,

you; he will love you, and do you Good.


Go not far from me, O Lord; but be with me, and help me, O my God.

I will not play with them that do ill; for if I do, the Lord will not love me.


I will love thee, O Lord; for thou haft made me, and art kind to me in all Things. Day by Day will I praife thee; I will not play with them that take thy Name in vain. Keep me, O Lord, from fuch as love not thy Law, and walk not in thy Ways.


The Eye of the Lord is on them that fear him, and that put their trust in him.

He will blefs them that fear him; he will love them, and do them Good.

As for fuch as love not the way of the Lord, he will hide his Face from them, and will not fave them, but they fhall go down to the Pit.

LESSON VII. Of the Creation

By the Word of the Lord were all Things made. God made the World; he made both

Man and Beast. He made the Fowls of the Air, and the Fifh of the Sea.

He made the Sun to rule the Day, and the Moon and Stars to rule the Night. How great are thy Works, O Lord!

LESSON VIII. Duty to God, &c.

Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy Heart, with all thy Soul, with all thy Mind, and with all thy Strength.

A good Child will love God: he will put his whole Truft in him; he will call on him; he will love his Name and his Word; and he will feive him and fear him all the Days of his life. LESSON IX. Of God, &c.

The Fool fays in his Heart there is no God; but a wife and a good Man knows that there is a God, and that the Lord he is God,

God is our Lord, he is a King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Who is like the Lord our God? There is none like the Lord our God.

LESSON X. Of God's Attributes, &c..

The Lord God will be our judge. God is a true, wife, and juft God; he plants, he builds, and he lifts up; for the Word of the Lord is true, and it fhall come to pafs.

All Things change; but God fays, I change not, I am the fame God, I have no End. There is but one true God. The Lord our God is one Lord the Lord of Hofts is his Name.

LESSON XI. Of Chrift our Redeemer. Chrift is God as well as Man. The Word

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