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GOVTAVIVS, 1.. Tables of K'oriis in 0:10, uvo.. fials; whici ori 3 cent and exthree, and iour Syidables; with na. mialued ior the better in tri..on of tural and Eafy Lessons in each, ao Youth, and the Inforınacio:1 of fizin da pred to the Capacity of Children Perlons as would know the Mcaurs irom three Years old and upwards, of what they read and write ; being

and yet so full of Sense, that such an useful luftructor for the School, as can already read, may receive Shop, or Co.npting-house. very material Inftrudion from them: IV. Many useful Tnings necesComprehending a variety of Pallages fary to help the young Beginner, both on moral and divine Subje&s, and inform the more grown-up as also Fables and pleafant Stories, in Youth; with a variety of Alpha

order to improve the Mind and the betical Copies and Writing-pieces, Understanding.

both in Profe and Verse, &c. II. A very easy and rational Guide V. Chronological Tables of the to English Grammar, 'by Way of Succession of the Kings of England, Question and Answer, for the Use of and many of the most memorable Schools as well as private Persons, Occurrences in sacred and pro

by which any one may very soon be phane History; with some short come acquainted with the English Remarks upon the seven Stages of Tongue, with very little Trouble Life, which are not only improving and application.

to the Mind and Morals, but may III. A Colle&ion of near 5000 of be of great Service to prevent Youth the moft useful Words of two, three, froin falling a Sacrifice to the comand four Syllables, viz. Nouns Sub- mon Temptations of Life, and their Qantive, Adjeđives & Verbs (placed own unbridled Pallons. alphabetically under their respective

BY DANIEL FENNING, # Late Schoolmaster of Bures, in Suffolk, and Author of ihe Use

of the Globes, Practical Arithinetic, Guide to Alg. bra, Royal English Dictionary, Young Man's Book of Knowledge, anel a New Grammar of the English Language.





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SLINGSBY BETHELL, Esq. Lord Mayor of the City of London, and one of its

Representatives in Parliament.


Do not pretend to follow the common, and ton customary

Fórm of Nidications, by bestowing upon you unnecessary Encomiums; because I am sensib.e it is riot agreeable to your Lordship to be Aattered.

It is a pleasure indeed, that I have met with such Encour ragement by your kind Patronage; and I am highly honoured in having bien permitted to uffix your Lordship's Name io this Work; for which I returii you my sisikere Thanks, and acknowledge the Obligātion of the Liberty of send : ing it into ihe World ui,dur sach Proteciion.

Your Lordship will permit me to say, that though I have laid down Rules suitable to such an Under takisig, yet my Dim sign is to teach Children sonothing more than barely to spell and read; and therefore I have endeavoued, at the same Tigre, io inculcate into the Minds of Youth early Notices of Reigiun and virue, and point out to them their several Du-' tius in the various Srages at 1. fe: and I shal: be very thankfu!, should I prove an Instrun.eng in the hand ot Providence, in preventing but one of the rising Generation from falling a Sacritice to ihe peinicious Doctries, secret Wnispers, and pe: peiuai insi..uutious of Popish Emissäries:

I inake no doubt, therefore, that whatever Defects your Loruship may find in the former Part ct my Plain, your Candour will, excuse them on account of the latttr; since it is ev.dint that you are i. Ways wonding to encourage every Thing that tends to ihe Practice or Pieiy,

and the God of Mankind. Thut the saine kind Provid-aca, wh.c. recininended me to your favour, inay continue to your Lurds..p the Blessings of Heaith, and thai of Prosperity to the City of London, aid to the Kugdom in general, is doubtless the hearty Descie of inaliy, bui ui nulla muie chin uf,


Your Lordship's obliged, cbedient
Alarch 2, 1755.

And most humble Servant,


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