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1.. Tables of Words in one, two.. three, and four Syllables; with na tural and Eafy Leffons in each, adapted to the Capacity of Children from three Years old and upwards, and yet fo full of Senfe, that fuch as can already read, may receive very material Inftrudion from them: Comprehending a variety of Pallages both on moral and divine Subjects, as alfo Fables and pleafant Stories, in order to improve the Mind and the Understanding.

II. A very easy and rational Guide to English Grammar, by Way of Question and Anfwer, for the Ufe of Schools as well as private Perfons, by which any one may very foon become acquainted with the English Tongue, with very little Trouble and Application.

III. A Collection of near 5000 of the moft ufeful Words of two, three, and four Syllables, viz. Nouns Subantive, Adje&ives & Verbs (placed alphabetically under their refpe&tive

If ads) which are accented and explained for the Letter la tru..on off Youth, and the Information of fash Perfons as would know the Mcaug of what they read and write; being an useful Inftructor for the School, Shop, or Co.npting-house.

IV. Many useful Tnings neceffary to help the young Beginner, and inform the more grown-up Youth; with a Variety of Alphabetical Copies and Writing-pieces, both in Profe and Verfe, &c.

V. Chronological Tables of the Succeffion of the Kings of England. and many of the most memorable Occurrences in facred and prophane Hiftory; with fome fhort Remarks upon the feven Stages of Life, which are not only improving to the Mind and Morals, but may be of great Service to prevent Youth froin falling a Sacrifice to the common Temptations of Life, and their own unbridled Paffions.


Late Schoolmaster of Bures, in Suffolk, and Author of the Ufe of the Globes, Practical Arithmetic, Guide to Alg bra, Royal English Dictionary, Young Man's Book of Knowledge, and a New Grammar of the English Language.


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Lord Mayor of the City of London, and one of its
Reprefentatives in Parliament.



Do not pretend to follow the common, and too customary Form of Dedications, by bestowing upon you unnecessary Encomiums; because I am sensible it is not agreeable to your Lordship to be flattered.

It is a Pleasure indeed, that I have met with such Encou, ragement by your kind Patronage; and I am highly honoured in having been permitted to affix your Lordship's Name to this Work; for which I return you my sincere Thanks, and acknowledge the Obligation of having the Liberty of send ing it into the World under such Protection.

Your Lordship will permit me to say,, that though I havelaid down Rules suitable to such an Undertaking, yet my Design is to teach Children something more than barely to spell and read; and therefore I have endeavoured, at the same Time, to inculcate into the Minds of Youth early Notices of Religion and virtue, and point out to them their several Duties in the various Stages of I. fe: and shal: be very thankful, should I prove an instrument in the hand of Providence, in preventing but one of the rising Generation from falling a Sacrifice to the pernicious Doctrines, secret Whispers, and perpetual Insinuations of Popish Emissaries:

I make no douot, therefore, that whatever Defects your Lordship may find in the tormer Part of my Plan, your Candour will excuse them on account of the latter; since it is evident that you are always willing to encourage every Thing that tends to the Practice of Piety, and the Good of Mankind. That the same kind Providence, whc recommended me to your Favour, may continue to your Loids.p the Blessings of Health, and that of Prosperity to the City of London, and to the Kingdom in general, is doubtless the hearty Desne of many, but of none more than of,

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