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“ Unions, or Parishes and Unions, so united for the Management of

any Class of Infant Poor, or incidental to the Discharge of the “ Duties of such District Board, shall be paid by such Unions in the “ Proportion of the Averages last declared for every such Union, and

by such Parishes in the Proportion of the average Expenditure of 5

every such Parish for the like Period and Purposes as those to “ which the declared Averages of such Unions shall relate; and the “ said Commissioners shall from Time to Time, by Order under their “ Hands and Seal, ascertain and declare the Proportion and Rates of “ Contribution in the above respects of every such Parish and Union :" 10 And whereas such Provision for the Contributions of the several Unions and Parishes in such Districts is inconvenient, and it is desirable that the same should be repealed, and other Provisions should be enacted for the Purpose aforesaid : Be it therefore enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent 15

of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Repeal of

Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That after 7 & 8 Vict. c. 101. s. 47. the passing of this Act so much of the said first-recited Act as pro

vides for the Contribution of the Unions and Parishes comprised in
any such School District shall be and the same is hereby repealed. 20

The Mode II. And be it enacted, That in respect of any District heretofore in which the

formed or hereafter to be formed under the Provisions of the Statutes Averages of Unions and aforesaid the Poor Law Board shall cause an Inquiry to be made as Parishes combined in

to the average annual Expense incurred by or on account of the Relief School Dis- of the Poor in every Union and Parish forming an integral Part of 25 tricts shall be ascer

such District during the Three Years ending on the Twenty-fifth tained and Day of March next before the Date of the Formation of such District, declared.

such Expense to include the Cost of the Relief of the Poor belonging
to the Parish, or, in the Case of a Union, the Cost of the Relief of
the Poor belonging to the several Parishes thereof, and of those 30
chargeable upon the common Fund thereof, and the Payment of
Salaries and other like Expenses of current and ordinary Nature; and
the said Board shall by an Order declare the respective Averages so
ascertained, and after the Issue of such Order the several Unions and
Parishes comprised in any such District shall contribute to the several 35
Charges set forth in the Clause herein-before cited from the said first-
mentioned Statute according to the Proportion of the Averages
declared in such Order until the same shall be altered by any
subsequent Order of the said Board.

Provision for III. And be it enacted, That the said Board, from Time to Time 40
the Declara- whenever it shall seem proper to them to do so, may cause a fresh
tion of fresh

Inquiry to be made in manner aforesaid, in respect of any such
District, as to the Expense of the Unions and Parishes therein for the


Three Years ending on the Twenty-fifth Day of March next preceding such Inquiry, and declare the same by their Order, and thereupon the Contribution of the several Unions and Parishes in

such District to the Charges aforesaid shall be calculated according 5 to the Averages so last declared.

IV. And be it enacted, That when any Union or Parish shall be Provision for

the Case of added to any previously formed District the said Board shall cause

the Addition the average Expense of such Union or Parish corresponding with the of a Parish Period for which the Averages of such District shall have been or Union to

an existing 10 declared to be ascertained and declared as aforesaid.


When Ac. V. And be it enacted, That in respect of any District heretofore counts in any formed all Charges and Expenses which shall not have been closed such District

not closed and audited at the passing of this Act, and to which the said Clause and audited,

of the said first-recited Statute would have applied, shall be estimated the same to 15 and settled according to the Proportions of the Averages to be according to

the Provi. declared according to the Provisions of this Act.

sions of this

Act. VI. And be it enacted, That this Act may be amended or repealed Act may be by any Act to be passed in this present Session of Parliament. amended, &c.

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Preamble recites Scotch Act of 1696, c. 26., 43 G. 3. c. 54., 1 & 2 Vict.

C. 87., and 3 & 4 Vict. c. 48.
Commissioners of the Treasury may apply for the Purposes of this

Act Part of the Sums granted by Parliament for Education in

Scotland; Sect. 1.
Interpretation of Words ; 2.
Establishment of a General Board for carrying the Act into effect;

Salary of Chairman ; 3.
Place of Meeting of Board, and Expenses ; 4.
Powers of the Board ; 5.
Superintendence and Jurisdiction of Presbyteries to cease; 6.
Meetings of the Board ; 7.
Members of Board not to derive Profit or Emolument, nor to be

personally responsible; 8.
Appointment of Secretary ; 9.
Meetings of Heritors and Electors to consider the Question of

additional Means of Education ; 10.
Election of Parish Committee; 11.
Appointment of District Committee in extensive or populous

Parishes ; 12.
Heritors and Electors of a Parish may join in Application to the

Board for Adoption of the Parochial School or Establishment of

new Schools; 13.
Number of elected Members of Committee equal to Number of

Heritors may be elected ; 14.
Notice to be given to Members elected on Committee; 15.
One Third of elected Members of Committee to go out by Rotation ;

Supply of Vacancies ; 17.
Appointment of Chairman of Committee ; 18.
Appointment of Clerk ; 19.
Committee not to act until they have undertaken to raise the neces-

sary Funds; 20.
Powers of Committee as to building Schools, &c.; 21.
Dwelling Houses and Gardens for Schoolmasters to be provided ; 22.
Property to be vested in Committee, and maintained by them; 23.
Assessing and levying of Rates for defraying Expenses incurred under
this Act ; 24.

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Assessment for Expenses of District School; 25.
Where Parish Committee constituted and additional Means of Edu-

cation provided in any Parish the existing Parochial School to

be deemed a School established under this Act; 26. School established by united Committee to be a School under this

Act; 27. Power to borrow Money ; 28. Sinking Fund for Payment of Sums borrowed ; 29. Committee to fix Branches of Education to be taught, and School

Fees to be charged ; 30. Qualification of Candidates for the Office of Schoolmaster; 31. Regulations of the Board as to Qualification of Schoolmasters to be

approved by Lord Advocate and Committee of Council on Educa

tion ; 32. Election of Schoolmaster by the Committee ; 33. Election of Schoolmaster by Minister and Heritors ; 34. Vacancies how to be supplied ; 35. On Failure of Minister and Heritors or Committee to elect, Board

may appoint Schoolmaster ; 36. Salaries to Schoolmasters appointed under the Act 43 G. 3. and this

Act; 37. Salaries of Schoolmasters not having Certificate of Competency, or

where there are more than One, to be settled by Heritors and

Board ; 38. Schools to be subject to Inspection of Government Inspectors ; 39. Heritors and Committee not to interfere with Schoolmaster, but may

complain to the Board if dissatisfied with his Conduct ; 40. Proceedings against Schoolmasters ; 41. Retiring Allowances to aged and infirm Teachers ; 42. Power to Heritors and Committees to increase their Assessment for

educational Purposes ; 43. Dimensions of School-house under second-recited Act; 44. Minister and Heritors to have Superintendence of Parish Schools

where no Parish Committee appointed; 45. Heritors may vote by Proxy or Letter under their Hands ; 46. Schoolmasters appointed under this Act to be subject to Provisions of

9 & 10 Vict. c. 226.; 47.
Schoolmasters not to be subject to Tests ; 48.
Repeal of Laws inconsistent with this Act; 49.
Act may be amended; 50.

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