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Small Tene

before Justices of

ing One Calendar Month, at a Rent not exceeding the Rate of One Pound Sterling by the Month; and it is expedient that the said Provision should be extended to Small Tenements situate elsewhere in Ireland : May it therefore please Your Majesty that it may be enacted; and be it enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, 5 by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and

Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and Possession of by the Authority of the same, That when and so soon as the Term ments in the or Interest of any Person or Persons who shall hereafter become the Country may Tenant or Tenants for any Term not exceeding One Calendar 10 be recovered

Month of


House situate in any Part of Ireland, (other than any by Summons

County of a City, or County of a Town, or Borough, or Market the Peace.

Town,) and which House shall be rated for the Relief of the Poor
at any annual Sum not exceeding Four Pounds, or of any Part of any
such House, shall have expired, or shall have been duly determined 15
by a legal Notice to quit, and such Tenant or Tenants, or (if such
Tenant or Tenants do not actually occupy the Premises, or only
occupy a Part thereof,) any Person or Persons by whom the same
or any Part thereof shall be then actually occupied, shall neglect or
refuse to quit and deliver up Possession of the Premises or such 20
Part thereof respectively, it shall be lawful for the Landlord of the
said Premises, or his known Agent or Receiver of Rents, to cause
the Person or Persons so neglecting or refusing to quit and deliver

Possession to be served with a Summons in Writing, to be signed
by a Justice of the Peace of or having Jurisdiction in the District, 25
Division, or Place in which the same Premises shall be situate, to
appear before any Two or more Justices at any Court of Petty
Sessions, Divisional Justice Room, or other Room or Office in which
Justices of the Peace shall then usually meet for the Despatch of
the public Business of such District, Division, or Place, to show 30
cause why Possession of the said Premises should not be delivered
up to such Landlord or his said Agent or Receiver as aforesaid ;
and if the Person or Persons so summoned shall not appear, or, having
appeared, shall not show to the Satisfaction of such Justičes reason-
able Cause why Possession should not be given, and shall still neglect 35
or refuse to deliver up the Possession of the said Premises to the
said Landlord or his said Agent or Receiver, then, upon Proof given
by such Landlord or his Agent or Receiver to the said Justices
of the Creation of the Tenancy, and of the Expiration or Deter-
mination thereof, with the Time and Manner thereof, and (where 40
the Title of the Landlord hath accrued since the letting of the
Premises) of the Right by which he claims such Possession, it shall
be lawful for such Justices or any. Two of them to issue a Warrant
under their Hands and Seals to any Constable of or acting in the
District, Division, or Place within which such Premises shall be situate, 45


requiring and authorizing him, within a Period to be therein named, being not less than Seven or more than Fourteen Days from the Date of such Warrant, to give Possession of the Premises to such

Landlord, Agent, or Receiver, and such Warrant shall be a sufficient 5 Warrant to the said Constable to enter upon the Premises, with such

Assistants as he shall deem necessary, and to give Possession accordingly: Provided always, that no such Entry shall be made upon a Sunday, Good Friday, or Christmas Day, or before the Hour of

Nine o'Clock in the Morning or after the Hour of Four o'Clock in 10 the Afternoon of any Day : Provided also, that nothing herein con

tained shall be deemed to protect any Person by whom any such Warrant shall be sued out as aforesaid from any Action which inay be brought against him by any such Tenant or Tenants,

Occupier or Occupiers, for or in respect of such Entry and taking 15 possession, where such Person had not at the Time of suing out the

same as aforesaid lawful Right to the Possession of the said Premises.

II. And be it enacted, That on Application of the Tenant the On AppliJustices shall direct a Valuation to be made by Valuators, one to be cation of

named by the Lessor and the other by the Tenant, of any Crop Justices may 20 growing on the Land, and the Justices, after deducting for all out- tion of Crop standing Arrears of Rent and Costs, shall order the Amount of such for Amount

to be paid to Valuation to be paid by the Lessor to the Tenant.


III. Provided also, and be it enacted, That nothing in this Act Act not to contained shall extend to any Tenant not holding under an Agree- Tenants 25 ment in Writing, and who, together with the House or Part of a holding more House held by him, shall also hold of the same Landlord, and for than a

Quarter of the same Term or Interest, any Land exceeding in Extent One Statute Acre. Quarter of a Statute Acre.

IV. And be it enacted, That this Act may be amended or Act may be 30 repealed by any Act to be passed in this Session of Parliament.

amended, &c.

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