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N. B.—THE Figures at the beginning of the line, correspond with the at the
foot of each Bill; and the Figures at the end of the line, refer to the MS. Paging
of the Volumes arranged for The House of Commons.

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278. Bill intituled An Act to abate the Nuisance of Smoke from certain Furnaces and


- p. 89

Spitalfields and Shoreditch New Street: 661. Bill to enlarge and extend the Powers of an Act of the Ninth and Tenth Years of

Her present Majesty, intituled “ An Act to enable the Commissioners of Her
Majesty's Woods to construct a new Street from Spitalfields to Shore-


. 101

Stamp Duties : 167. Bill to repeal certain Stamp Duties, and to grant others in lieu thereof; and to

amend the Laws relating to the Stamp Duties 210. Same (as amended by the Committee]



Stamp Duties (No. 2): 353. Bill to repeal certain Stamp Duties, and to grant others in lieu thereof; and to amend the Laws relating to the Stamp Duties

171 672. Same (as amended by the Committee)


Stock in Trade :

519. Bill to continue the Exemption of Inhabitants from Liability to be rated as such

in respect of Stock in Trade or other Property to the Relief of the Poor 243

Summary Jurisdiction (Ireland): 358. Bill to consolidate and amend the Acts relating to certain Offences and pecuniary

Claims as to which Justices of the Peace exercise a Summary Jurisdiction in

247 529. Same (as amended by the Select Committee]


Sunday Fairs Prevention : 329. Bill to repeal an Exception in an Act of the Twenty-seventh Year of King Henry

the Sixth concerning the Days whereon Fairs and Markets ought not to be kept


Sunday Trading Prevention : 446. Bill intituled An Act to prevent unnecessary Trading on Sunday within the

Metropolitan Police District and City of London and Liberties thereof 309

Technical Objections Restraining : 218. Bill to restrain Technical Objections in the Superior Courts of Law at Westminster


Tenant Right (Ireland): 431. Bill to provide for the better securing and regulating the Custom of “ Tenant

Right” as practised in the Province of Ulster, and to secure Compensation to improving Tenants in Ireland who may not make Claim under the said Custom, and to limit the Power of Eviction in certain Cases


Tenants at Rack Rent Relief: 37. Bill to relieve Occupiers of Lands or Tenements at Rack Rent from a Portion of

the Rate levied for erecting and providing County Lunatic Asylums 335

Tenements Recovery (Ireland): 138. Bill to extend to Ireland an Act of the First and Second Years of Her present

Majesty, for facilitating the Recovery of Possession of Tenements after due
Determination of the Tenancy


Titles of Religious Congregations : 143. Bill to render more simple and effectual the Titles by which Congregations or

Societies for Purposes of Religious Worship or Education in England and
Wales hold Property required for such Purposes


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