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For the belief in 'Nature' (supra, p. xxiv) the following verses of Chapman may be quoted, from the address To the Reader prefixed to the Iliads; speaking of Homer

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'Whose right not all those great learn'd men have done,
In some main parts, that were his commentars:

But as the illustration of the sun

Should be attempted by the erring stars,

They fail'd to search his deep and treasurous heart;
The cause was, since they wanted the fit key
Of Nature, in their downright strength of Art
With Poesy to open Poesy.'


1649. Upon the Death of the Lord Hastings in Lachrymæ Musarum, pp. 88-92, signed Johannes Dryden, Schola Westm. Alumnus. 8°. Printed by Tho. Newcomb.

1650. Poem prefixed to John Hoddesdon's Sion and Parnassus (To his friend the Author on his divine Epigrams.) 1659. A Poem upon the Death of his late Highness Oliver, Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland. 4°. (William Wilson.)

Another edition in the same year, Three Poems upon the Death of His late Highnesse, &c. Written by Mr. Edm. Waller, Mr. Jo. Dryden, Mr. Sprat, of Oxford. 4°. (William Wilson.) This was frequently reprinted by Dryden's enemies: in a single folio sheet, 1681 (An Elegy on the Usurper); along with the poems of Waller and Sprat in 1682; in 1687 (A Poem upon the Death of the late Usurper Oliver Cromwel. By the Author of the H- -d and the P -r); et al. 1660. Astræa Redux: a Poem on the happy Restoration and Return of his Sacred Majesty Charles II. fol. (H. Herringman.)

1661. To His Sacred Majesty: a Panegyrick on his Coronation. fol. (Herringman.)

1662. To My Lord Chancellor, presented on New-Years Day. fol.

1664. The Rival Ladies; a Tragi-Comedy. 4°. (Herringman.) Other editions 1669, 1675, 1693.

1667. Annus Mirabilis: the Year of Wonders, MDCLXVI. (Herringman.) Also 1688 with other poems. 4o.


1667. The Indian Emperour, or the Conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards, being the Sequel of the Indian Queen. 4". (Herringman.)

1668. An Essay of Dramatick Poesie. 4o. (Herringman: second edition 1684, third 1693.)

1668. Secret Love, or the Maiden Queen. 4o. (Herringman.) Also 1669, 1679, 1691.

1668. Sir Martin Mar-all, or the Feign'd Innocence; a Comedy. 4o. (Herringman.) Also 1678, 1691, 1697.

1668. The Indian Emperor, second edition, with A Defence of an Essay of Dramatique Poesie, being an Answer to the Preface of The Great Favourite, or the Duke of Lerma. 4o. (Herringman.) The Defence was not reprinted in the later editions (1670, 1686) of The Indian Emperor. 1669. The Wild Gallant. 4o. (Herringman.) Dryden's first play, acted 1663: another edition 1684.

1670. The Tempest, or the Enchanted Island; a Comedy: by John Dryden and Sir Will. Davenant. (Herringman.) Acted 1667; republished 1674, 1676, 1690, 1695.

1670. Tyrannic Love, or the Royal Martyr; a Tragedy. 4°. (Herringman.) Acted 1669; second edition revised 1672, third 'review'd by the Author' 1677; later editions 1686, 1695.

1671. An Evening's Love, or the Mock-Astrologer. 4o. (Herringman.) Acted 1668; republished 1680 and 1691. 1672. The Conquest of Granada by the Spaniards (two parts). Of Heroique Playes; an Essay. Defence of the Epilogue, or an Essay on the Dramatique Poetry of the last Age. 4o. (Herringman.) Second edition 1673, third 1678, fourth 1687, fifth 1695. The Defence was omitted in some copies of the second edition, and in later editions. 1673. Marriage à la Mode; a Comedy. 4. (Herringman.) Republished 1691.

1673. The Assignation, or Love in a Nunnery. 4o. (Herringman.) Second edition 1678, third 1692.

1673. Amboyna; a Tragedy. 4°. (Herringman.) Republished 1691.

1674. Notes and Observations on the Empress of Morocco. 4". 1676. Aureng-zebe; a Tragedy. 4°. (Herringman.) Other editions 1685, 1692, 1694, 1699.

1677. The State of Innocence and Fall of Man; an Opera in Heroique Verse. With the Author's Apology for Heroique Poetry and Poetique Licence. 4°. (Herringman.) Other editions 1684, 1690, 1692. Entered at Stationers' Hall April 17, 1674, as The Fall of Angels and of Man in Innocence.

1678. All for Love, or the World Well Lost; a Tragedy. 4°. (Herringman.) Other editions 1692, 1696.

1678. The Kind Keeper, or Mr. Limberham. (For R. Bentley and M. Magnes.) Other editions 1680, 1690.

1679. Edipus, a Tragedy: the Authors, Mr. Dryden and Mr. Lee. 4°. (For R. Bentley and M. Magnes.) Other editions 1682, 1687, 1692, 1696.

1679. Troilus and Cressida, or Truth found too late; a Tragedy: with a Preface containing the Grounds of Criticism in Tragedy. 4°. (Jacob Tonson and Abel Small.) Another edition 1695.

1680. Ovid's Epistles Translated.

1681. The Spanish Friar or the Double Discovery. 4o. (Richard and Jacob Tonson.) Other editions 1686, 1690, 1695. 1681. (November 17.) Absalom and Achitophel. Printed for J. T., and are to be sold by W. Davies in Amen Corner. fol. Second and third editions Dec. 1681, 4o. Fourth 1682, 4°.

1682. (March.) The Medall; a Satyre against Sedition. 4'. (Jacob Tonson.) Reprinted at Edinburgh 1682, 4o.

1682. (October.) Mac Flecknoe, or a Satyr upon the True-Blew Protestant Poet, T. S. 4o. (Printed for D. Green.)

1682. (November 11.) Absalom and Achitophel, Part II. fol. By Dryden and Tate. (Jacob Tonson.)

1682. (November 30.) Religio Laici, or a Layman's Faith; a Poem. 4°. (Tonson.) Second edition 1682; third 1683.

1683. (Feb.) The Duke of Guise; a Tragedy: by Mr. Dryden and Mr. Lee. (For R. Bentley and J. Tonson.) Other editions 1687, 1699.

1683. The Vindication: or the Parallel of the French Holy League, and the English League and Covenant, turn'd into a seditious Libell against the King and Duke of York by Tho. Hunt and the Authors of the Reflections upon the Pretended Parallel in the Play called the Duke of Guise. 4°. (Jacob Tonson.)

1683. Life of Plutarch.

1684. Miscellany Poems. 8°. (Tonson.)

N.B.-There was no Preface to this volume.

1684. (April.)


Translation of Maimbourg's History of the

1685. Sylvæ: or the second Part of Poetical Miscellanies. 8o. 1685. (March 14.) Threnodia Augustalis; a Funeral Pindarique Poem, sacred to the happy Memory of King Charles II. 4°. (Jacob Tonson.) Second edition March 25, 1685.

1685. (June.) Albion and Albanius; an Opera. fol. (Jacob Tonson.) Other editions 1687 fol., 1691 4o.

1686. To the Pious Memory of the Accomplisht Young Lady, Mrs. Anne Killigrew, excellent in the two Sister-Arts of Poësie and Painting. An Ode. In Poems by Mrs. Anne Killigrew. 4°.

1686. Defence of Papers written by the late King and the Duchess of York. 4°.

1687. A Song for St. Cecilia's Day, 1687. Written by John Dryden, Esq., and compos'd by Mr. John Baptist Draghi, fol. single sheet. (Printed for T. Dring.)

1687. The Hind and the Panther; a Poem in three Parts. 4o. (Jacob Tonson.) Second and third editions, 1687; also reprinted by James Watson, Holy-Rood-House, 1687, 4°. 1688. Britannia Rediviva; a Poem on the Birth of the Prince. fol. (J. Tonson: also reprinted at Holy-Rood-House 1688, 4°.)

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