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him most entertainment; and by this method, at fifteen he gained a ready habit in the learned languages, to which he soon after added the French and Italian. Upon his retreat to the forest, he became first acquainted with the writings of Waller, Spenser, and Dryden; in the last of which he immediately found what he wanted, and the poems of that excellent writer were never out of his hands; they became his model, and from them alone he learned the whole magic of his versification.

The first of our author's compositions now extant in print, is an Ode on Solitude, written before he was twelve years old; which, considered as the production of so early an age, is a perfect masterpiece: nor need he be ashamed of it had it been written in the meridian of his genius; while it breathes the most delicate spirit of poetry, it at the same time demonstrates his love of solitude, and the rational pleasures which attend the retreats of a contented country life.

Two years after this he translated the First Book of Statius's Thebais, and wrote a copy of verses on Silence, in imitation of the Earl of Rochester's Poem on Nothing. Thus we find him no sooner capable of holding the pen than he employed it in writing verses:

"He lisp'd in numbers, for the numbers came."

Though we have had frequent opportunity to observe that poets have given early displays of genius, yet we cannot recollect that amongst the inspired tribe one can be found who, at the age of twelve, could produce so animated an ode, or at the age of fourteen, translate from the Latin. It has been reported indeed concerning Mr. Dryden, that when he was at Westminster school, the mas ter, who had assigned a poetical task to some of the boys of writing a paraphrase on our Saviour's miracle of turning water into wine, was perfectly astonished when young Dryden presented him

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Poetical Works Mexander Pope, Eng


Vaal spark of heavnty Alame! Quit, O quit this mortal frame!

The Dving Christian to his out. p.166


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