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terity the noble deeds of the heroes of their times, each faithfully recited, but most commonly in detached fragments, and rarely brought together under one connected view. My principal aim therefore has been to collect and arrange, into one connected Memoir, the scattered notices, with a brief history of the life and character, the exploits and the general services of each individual Worthy, with specimens of his written correspondence, where such could be obtained, of which materials the old Chronicles are almost wholly deficient.

Disclaiming all pretension to authorship in the compilation of the present volume, I am still disposed to think it will not be found deficient in interest, or wanting in variety. The numerous copies of autograph letters, and other manuscript papers that have not hitherto met the public eye, cannot, I conceive, considering the many years that have passed away since the eventful period of which they treat, fail to be received as documents possessing more than ordinary interest; they may, at least, lay some claim to that which they certainly possess—novelty and originality: while, at the same time, they convey the sentiments and feelings of the writers, expressed in their own vernacular idiom of the age in which they were written. · I have nothing further to add, on my own behalf, than to avail myself of this occasion to express the lively gratification I feel in thus publicly acknowledging, with filial affection and gratitude, the able and willing assistance afforded to me, in the compilation of this work, by my most respected and esteemed father.

His extensive Services, but always as a subordinate Officer-

In great favour with Lord Charles Howard—Commands a

Ship of War in the Armada-With Drake to Cadiz–also to

Portugal--and also in other Expeditions . . . 316

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