Kings of the Internet: What You Don't Know About Them ?

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iUniverse, 20. apr 2012 - 228 pages

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The Internet is considered among one of those inventions of modern age which have just revolutionized the world. Its most powerful & versatile source of knowledge for every common man today. It has touched every aspect of our life. Be it some delicate medical condition, be it decorating your home and diet of your loving pets, be it finding the whereabouts of one of your dearest friend of your school, be it very personal problem in your life and many more; information pertaining to anything and everything that we can think of, can be obtained through the Internet.

In this book, You will be introduced with the masterminds who were behind the idea of creating a world at the back of a monitor screen. From just an idea, they have created technology that has brought about a difference in our lives. They who made our life easier by making our day to day work just a few click away. They who brought us close to our dear ones. They are referred to Kings of Internet. They are the ones who took the technology to common hands with the powerful tools they have invented and transformed Internet into huge market place. Here we are trying to honor those Kings with few sentences on their early life, their struggle, the achievement they have made and their future place for us.

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About the author (2012)

Mohammad Bahareth is one of Saudi Arabia's leading authorities on Subliminal Advertising And Social Media . He started to write at the age of 11 And loved writing ever since. a dynamic and entertaining speaker And YouTube Show host, motivated and inspired people worldwide, traveled to over 30 countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia And Australia Mohammad Bahareth has been consultant to some of the major corporations Worldwide & The Middle East. Working as on Subliminal Advertising, As Consultant And Social Media Expert. Sometimes he offer his services as a contribution to companies he likes, he is a well known champion of consumer's especially in Saudi Arabia where they tend to be ignored. His honesty and caring gives his voice a resonance which makes his opinions in the matter revered and worthy of careful consideration. He is one of the Top Rated TripAdvisor Reviewers. As well as the President of Youth Business Club in Saudi Arabia, a huge fan of Sci-Fi and From Babylon 5 & Star Trek to Stargate. An Enthusiast of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot. He wrote The Famous Novel Sherlock Holmes in 2012 : Timeless Duel his Best Selling Book. Ranked by FORBES As the #14th Most influential Twitter Activists in Saudi Arabia and Listed by Forbes Among the top 100 in Activists in Middle East.

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